Guiding Light Update Friday 10/1/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Edmund and RJ are outside of Company talking about what they’re going to eat inside when Dinah comes up to them, telling RJ that she has something for him. She gives him a bubble gun and then gets a hug from him; Edmund looks upset but doesn’t say anything in front of RJ.

At Harley’s rubble of a home she and her father stumble through the wreckage. She picks up a few things from the ground, all the while crying. She’s worried about the children, and that they will come back and see the house falling down. Harley ‘knows’ that Phillip ruined her home.

At the Spaulding Mansion Phillip is on the phone with someone making sure that ‘everything is on schedule’ and tells person on the other end that it is a shame, but that Harley can stay at Company or the Boarding House and Zach & Jude can stay with their fathers. Beth comes in and hears part of the conversation. She lays into him for having Harley’s home destroyed, and tells him that she hopes he’s insane just so that he’s not hurting people for the fun of it.

Outside the bar Sandy sees the car rushing towards Tammy and takes after her, pushes her out of the way and the two land in some piles of garbage. Tammy thanks Sandy for saving her, and all of a sudden Sandy seems hurt. He starts writhing on the ground, and not being able to talk. Reva comes rushing out of the bar’s back door and kneels beside Sandy. Reva tries talking to him, and finds out that the car ‘grazed’ him. Tammy calls the ambulance and Sandy tries standing up, regardless of Reva’s pleadings not to. Reva notices the blood and gets him back on the ground.

Edmund tells RJ that he can’t accept the bubble gun, as he and Cassie don’t like toy guns. Edmund tells RJ that he won’t be able to see Dinah anymore as Dinah will be too busy trying to make a life for herself. RJ is a bit upset until Dinah explains to RJ that Edmund is right and it doesn’t mean that she won’t be thinking of him. She also tells him that when she has kids one day she hopes that they are like him, and then gives Edmund a ‘look.’

Beth wants to know what is going on in Phillip’s mind to make him behave the way he is. He claims that he’s thinking of things from a business standpoint. Phillip lets Beth know he’s tired of being weak and railroaded. Beth tries explaining to him that the breakdown wasn’t him being weak nor does hurting other people prove he’s strong. Out in the hallway Lizzie tries calling Joey only to find out his phone has been disconnected.

Harley gets a phone call from Phillip, and she tells him that she despises him. He tells her that he had most of her things put in storage. She reiterates that she thinks he’s sick & crazy. Phillip tells her that the house was his and if he has any questions that she can ask Gus, as he’s the one who did the paperwork on it. Harley looks shocked, and Phillip tells Harley that he will keep Zach until Harley finds a new place to live. Beth is still standing there and looks completely shocked at what Phillip did. Harley tells her father how proud Phillip was, suddenly Gus shows up asking if Harley is ok. Harley punches him in the gut. Gus asks her what her problem is; Harley claims that Gus had something to do with tearing down the house. Gus tries telling her that he wouldn’t tear down the house he had so many good memories in. Buzz tells them he doesn’t know what to believe anymore and that he’s going to go to the Boarding House to make up some rooms for them. Harley tells Gus that Phillip told her he (Gus) was involved. Gus denies it.

Beth wants to know what ‘going down this road’ will accomplish when Lizzie comes in and wants to talk to her father. He asks Lizzie if she thinks he’s a good father and she tells him that he’s the best father she knows of and that she still needs to talk to him. Lizzie tells her mother that she hates the Coopers because they hate the Spaulding’s.

Edmund gets rid of Dinah and tells her to leave and suddenly gets a phone call from Tammy. He tells her he’ll be over in a minute and will meet her at Cedar’s. Dinah offers to come with Edmund and help him and Edmund refuses.

Sandy is rushed into the hospital, and taken behind closed doors while Reva and Tammy watch. Dr.Rick Bauer says that the liver is lacerated and needs Reva to sign some paperwork. Sandy tries talking to Reva and tells her he needs to tell her something in case something happens to him. She assures him he will be fine and she’ll be here for him when he gets out. Sandy tries telling Reva that he’s not her son, and she doesn’t understand so he pulls her closer. The doctors wheel Sandy away and Tammy rushes over to her aunt wanting to know what he said. Reva tells her that she couldn’t hear him. Tammy is crying that Sandy saved her and calls the doctor over to tend to Tammy’s bruises. Reva runs to the phone and tries dialing some numbers, she tries a few times, obviously upset when Edmund comes over takes the phone out of her hand and tells her that he’s here for her. She tells him that no one is around no Josh, Cassie, Marah, or Shayne. He tells her that Sandy is his family as well as hers and that he wants to help her.

Harley tells Gus that she doesn’t believe a word out of his mouth, and he tells her to stop doubting him so much. He tells her that he’s not capable of that, and if she wants to believe that he doesn’t know who she is anymore. He gets ridiculously angry and tells her that he’s sick of her and that he gives up. Harley tells her that it works for her and leaves. Gus stays and throws some of the wrecked house around.

Beth tells Phillip that Zach is affected by the Spaulding’s vendetta against the Cooper’s. Beth also brings up what happened to Gus, Phillip tells Beth that as soon as he’s (Gus) over Harley the happier he will be. Beth yells and tells him that he shouldn’t decide what will make others happy and decides to go over to Harley’s to see if the Coopers need anything. Beth tells Lizzie she is coming with her and Lizzie says that she would prefer to stay with her father, Beth looks disgusted and Phillip smiles at Lizzie.

Outside of the hospital Tammy tries calling JB wanting to know what is going on. Dinah is standing by, watching on. Edmund tries calling Josh again for Reva and offers to call Alfred, Marissa and Olivia. Edmund and Reva wait together with one another. They both talk about how neither of them like waiting. Reva tells Edmund how this reminds her too much of Richard and Shayne. Reva says that she hopes Josh was there, and Edmund tries to tell Reva the things that Josh would say to her. Edmund offers to move away from her and Reva asks him to stay. Outside Tammy calls JB again and leaves him a message. We see JB elsewhere ignoring the calls. Edmund rushes outside and hugs Tammy. She blames herself, and tells Edmund what happened. Edmund wants to know what was bothering her enough to be in a bar drinking. Edmund acts shocked by all the new things that are happening with Tammy that he didn’t know about. Inside the Hospital Dinah goes up to Reva and tells her that she knows that if she got a second chance that Reva will too. Dinah see Lillian and they hug. Reva tells Dinah that she has nerve showing up and asks her to leave. Rick comes out and tells Reva that Sandy is stabilized, but that they needed to remove the right lobe of Sandy’s liver. Rick tells them that they need someone who has a compatible blood type as they’re going to try and do a liver transplant. Dinah, who is still there claims that she want to do it to help make up for the pain she caused their family.

Phillip is on the phone while Lizzie sits on the couch crying. Lizzie wants to know why Phillip tore down Harley’s house. He tells her he had a good reason and she tells him that’s all she needs to know. Lizzie hugs her father and thanks him for always being there for her. Phillip asks her to tell him what’s bothering her and she tells him that she did something bad. He tells her it’s ok and that she should just tell him. Lizzie tells him that it was something to do with Tammy and that it was really bad.

Harley is at Company with Buzz and obviously upset. She tells her father that she wants to kill Phillip and she doesn’t know what she’s going to tell her kids about the house. Buzz tells her that he doesn’t blame her, but that she shouldn’t be foolish since he’s looking for something to use against her so that he can take the kids away. Buzz goes inside the kitchen to make something to eat while Harley pulls out Ruth’s wig & glasses and tells herself that she will indeed be smart.

Gus is still inside Harley’s destroyed home when Beth shows up. Gus tells Beth that Harley left and Beth apologizes to Gus for all of them.

Buzz comes out with food for Harley, only to find her missing.

Lizzie tells her father that she tried hitting the breaks and hands Phillip the car keys. Phillip notices that they are her car keys and she tells him that she followed Tammy thinking that she might see Joey. She tells her father that she floored it, because she thought that Tammy saw her. Phillip tells her she needs to tell him everything.

Reva thanks Dinah for offering to help her son, and tells her to take the test. Tammy takes Dinah aside and wants to know where she was when the car was headed toward her. Dinah tells Tammy that she was with Edmund, which is how she found out about the accident. Reva asks Rick if she can see Sandy and he tells her that she can, but only for a short time. Inside Sandy’s hospital room JB is standing over him.

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