Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/30/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Buzz is inside Company saying goodbye to his restaurant when Harley walks in and wants to know hwy the rest of them should bother fighting if he’s ready to give in.

At Towers Phillip offers to buy Gus a celebratory drink. When Gus inquires as to what they’re celebrating Phillip tells him that they need to commemorate the fact that Gus came up with the injunction that saved Company. Gus tells Phillip that he wasn’t saving Company, rather he was trying to save face for Spaulding and that he didn’t want Spaulding to have to face another lawsuit. Gus also thinks that the bird thing may only be a reprieve, and Phillip informs him that he’s given up on Company for good. Phillip lets Gus know that he shouldn’t have let his personal life affect his professional life and that it’s time to move on.

Sandy is on his computer again and finds more hate mail from Jonathon. In this email Jonathon indicates that he’s met Reva and that she seems ‘vulnerable.’ Reva soon shows up and tells Sandy that she got a lead on a story from an anonymous source about ‘corporate greed’ and that the source wants to meet later for an exclusive interview. Sandy expresses his concern over Reva going to meet a complete stranger alone and she shrugs it off, telling Sandy that stories don’t usually just fall in your lap. Sandy asks Reva not to go.

Tammy goes to the bar, looking for JB and in talking to herself says that she hopes Reva didn’t scare him off, prompting him to leave town. JB pops up behind her and tells her not to worry about Reva, and that she’ll never come between them.

Inside the Lighthouse Danny is ecstatic. He tells Michelle that he’s finally got a job interview and that they called him. He asks her to come with him, as his interview is at Towers and that they can get a drink afterward. She tells him she can’t because someone is coming over to discuss the lighthouse. Someone knocks on the door; Michelle answers it and finds Sebastian on the other side. He tells her how glad he is to have finally met her and how he was good friends with her mother. Danny asks Sebastian how he knows Claire and Sebastian tells Danny & Michelle that he didn’t know Claire, but Maureen Bauer. Danny tells Sebastian that it shocks him as he’s never heard of Sebastian before. Sebastian tells Danny & Michelle that his friendship with Maureen was from many years ago and that he regrets not having seen her towards the end of her life. Michelle tells Sebastian that she has a ‘memory thing’ so that if he’s here to talk about old times then she can’t help him. Sebastian tells Michelle that he heard about the accident and that was one of the reasons he stopped by – to check on her. He goes on to tell her that he was interested in the lighthouse because he’s always dreamed up fixing it up and opening it to the public. When Michelle tells him that her business partner, Tony isn’t around Sebastian offers to come back later and Michelle tells him to pitch his idea to her. Danny leaves for his job interview and Michelle walks him out. Sebastian stays inside and looks around.

Tammy tells JB that Reva is just overprotective since Cassie is out of town. JB brings up Sandy and tells Tammy that perhaps Reva should spend more time with him. Tammy tells JB to forget her family. JB offer to get them some beers and Tammy opts for a soda. JB makes fun of her, and she tells him that she’s not used to drinking so early in the day, Tammy then thinks JB doesn’t like her because she’s not drinking and he claims that they may not have the connection that he originally thought they had.

Reva tells Sandy to calm down and tells him that she’s used to this sort of thing, considering she is a reporter. Sandy bring up that they got hate mail recently and that he should go with her, she refuses and tells him that she will have her cell phone on. Sandy tells her that he doesn’t want anyone or anything to come between them, and she tells them that they have a bond that will last forever.

Harley tells her father that throwing in the towel will make him more mad at himself later on and that they can’t let Phillip win. Buzz tells Harley that they need to give Company the send off she deserves before she is reduced to a pile of rubble. Together Buzz and Harley toast Company and what it gave them – a place to come together again. Harley tells her father that they may have lost the battle but that they HAVE to win the war. Buzz questions when it will end for her and Phillip and asks whether or not it’s worth it.

Phillip gives Gus his official letter to the state signed and notarized and tells him that by the end of business Company will no longer be condemned. Phillip and Gus agree that they’re both doing the right thing. Phillip asks Gus to take care of the Company issue as he’s meeting someone, and Gus takes off with the paperwork while Phillip looks on with a grin upon his face. Phillip utters that Gus will either be with him or not and that divided loyalties don’t work.

Michelle is on the phone arguing with someone about roofing materials. Sebastian is looking around, exploring the Lighthouse. When Michelle gets off the phone Sebastian asks if everything is ok and tells Michelle she has guts to pursue the Lighthouse project, especially since most clubs/restaurants don’t turn a profit until the end of the second year. Michelle tells him that she can’t wait that long to turn a profit and Sebastian offers to help and buy the lighthouse from her for cash. Michelle looks shocked.

Buzz tells Harley that the fighting between her and Phillip isn’t good for Zach or for Jude because they’re being caught in the middle. Harley tells her father that she’s not trying to put him in the middle. Buzz tells her that she won’t be able to help what they pick up, that he kids are lucky to have her and perhaps there is some value in maintaining the peace. Harley tells her that she can’t turn the other cheek. Buzz goes outside for some air and Harley looks at Ruth’s wig. Outside Gus delivers the good news to Buzz and Buzz thanks him. Gus lets him know it was the Springfield Wildlife Society and it is obvious Buzz doesn’t believe that he had nothing to do with it.

Tammy tells JB that they do have a connection and the two begin kissing. Tammy changes her mind and orders a rum and coke.

Reva thanks Sandy for being protective of her by asks him to use it for someone who needs it, like Tammy’s new friend. She describes JB to Sandy and he looks like he’s getting worried. Sandy gets up, gets on the phone and calls Tammy. He asks where she is and who she’s with and she hangs up on him. Sandy figures out that she’s in a bar and takes off, leaving Reva alone for lunch. Reva gets off her phone call with Billy and takes after Sandy.

Michelle tells Sebastian that the lighthouse is not for sale. Sebastian quotes her a price, and she seems shocked that the lighthouse isn’t even going to be worth it after the restoration is complete. He even offers to restore the place to her specifications and name it after her. Michelle tells him no and that she can’t explain it. Sebastian offers her his card in case she wants to talk again and wishes her the best of luck with the lighthouse. After Sebastian leaves Michelle is sitting down and thinks out loud to herself that her mother had a secret admirer of her own.

At the bar, JB hollers to some people he knows and introduces them to Tammy. Tammy meets Rocco and Jake, who ogle her. While JB gets them some drinks she asks them how they know JB, and they tell her that they don’t think anyone really knows JB.

Gus tells Buzz that he should be inside celebrating, and Buzz tells him he wants to put out some bird feed. Buzz tells Gus that he should break the news about Company to Harley. Gus tells Buzz that he shouldn’t be around and that he wants his name kept out of it. Buzz runs inside and shows the paperwork to Harley who can’t believe it. She hugs her father while Gus looks in from outside. She asks how it happened, Buzz tells her that Gus delivered it and Harley rushes outside. She asks if he saved Company, and he denies it all. She obviously doesn’t believe that he had nothing to do with it. He tells her he needs to go and she thanks him. She heads inside where Buzz is putting Company back together. Sandy comes in looking for Tammy and he congratulates him and heads out. Reva is outside and still following him.

JB’s friends tell her that they’re business associates of JB’s. They all agree to dance and JB passes her off to dance with his friends while he goes outside. Tammy looks around for JB and gets panicked when she doesn’t see him.

Phillip apologizes to Zach about what happened to them yesterday and shows him his teddy bear that he got from ‘mommy’s house.’

Meanwhile inside Company Harley gets a phone call, gets upset and rushes out, telling Buzz that she has to go home.

Tammy tells Rocco and Jake that she doesn’t want to dance with them. Meanwhile Sandy is outside questioning the bartender about JB. The bartender lets Sandy know that Tammy is still inside and that JB took off.

At the lighthouse Michelle tells Danny that she sent Sebastian away, and he’s glad that she turned his offer down. Danny tells Michelle that he instantly distrusted Sebastian. Danny tells Michelle that he doesn’t think the job will work out and suddenly gets a phone call. Once off the phone Danny tells Michelle that he has an interview in New York for job. Danny takes off.

At Towers Sebastian is with another man who asks if Mr. Santos went for it. Sebastian tells him that he did and now Michelle is all alone, just as he needs.

While Phillip and Zach are eating ice cream together Zach asks if his mother was home when Phillip went to pick up ‘Teddy.’ Phillip tells him that she wasn’t but that he’s sure she’ll find out soon enough.

Harley finds her house ruined and wonders what happened. Buzz who is with her tells her that Phillip happened.

Tammy tells Rocco and Jake to leave her alone and runs outside. Sandy comes in and leaves through the back exit looking for Tammy, who is outside yelling for JB. Reva goes inside the bar following Sandy. Sandy sees Tammy who it looks like is about to be hit by a car. Sandy hollers out for her just as Tammy screams.

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