Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/29/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Sebastian and Blake are at together at Towers they are talking about Roger; how others viewed him and times they spent with him. Blake is obviously upset and Sebastian is trying to comfort her when Holly comes rushing in. Holly wants to know why they should believe a stranger.

Phillip is looking over his model of “New Springfield” hearing in his mind Zach’s word of not wanting to spend time with his own father when Ross strolls in wanting to know what it was that Phillip wanted. Phillip tells Ross that he his ‘dispute’ with Company is causing Harley to ‘poison’ his son against him. Ross laughs at the fact that Phillip has downplayed what is happening to a mere dispute, tells him he’s not going to help him, and that he (Ross) has Phillip’s best interests in mind. Just then Alan walks in telling Ross not to be so hypocritical, that the three of them are fathers, and that if he can help a murderer get out of jail he can help Phillip with Zach.

Edmund wants to know what Dinah is doing at the farmhouse and Dinah simply tells him that she wanted to see him. Dinah wants to know who she is bothering as Cassie is out of town and the children aren’t around. Dinah tells Edmund how it felt to be staring down the barrel of a gun and tells him that she was hoping something good could come of it. Edmund wants to know what that good thing could be and she answers that it could be them. Edmund gives her a confused look.

Blake tells her mother that she didn’t want to believe Sebastian as well, but doesn’t understand how someone would make something up so mean. Sebastian offers to let Blake and Holly hear the letter from Roger and they accept. Holly demands to know where Roger is going to pop up, still refusing to believe that Roger is dead. Sebastian tells them that Roger wanted to reach out and ‘touch’ everyone he came in contact with. Holly still refuses to believe Sebastian. Sebastian continues to tell them that towards the end Roger found peace and he wanted Chrissie & Holly by his side while he was dying however that the two of them (Chrissie & Holly) might not be open to the fact that he had changed. Sebastian hands a paper to Holly who sees that it’s a death certificate and that he died of natural causes. Sebastian then reads aloud a note to Chrissie and Holly from Roger. In the note Roger apologizes to Holly for mistakes he made years ago and to Chrissie for not being around as he should have been. He also tells them that his idea of what was good and others ideas of what was good never seemed to mesh. He also tells Chrissie that he loved her, that he shall live on in her children, and that although she will make mistakes she has to be able to forgive herself and not let it diminish her passion for life. Roger also pens to Holly that he knows that she both loved and hated and as long as there are stars in the sky that they belong there. He also wrote that the best of him has always been Holly and Chrissie. Holly and Chrissie hug one another crying as Sebastian finished reading the letter.

Inside Phillip’s office Ross tells Alan that he doesn’t need to take orders from them. Alan then brings up the money that Spaulding donated to Ross’s mayoral campaign and Ross laughs. Ross and Alan begin fighting and are interrupted when Phillip brings Ross and Alan back to the subject of Zach. Ross tells Phillip that his personal advice to him is to “get over it,” whatever ‘it’ may be. Alan wants to know what would happen if they re-opened the custody case. Ross tells them that full custody would be hard to claim, and Phillip tells Ross that he doesn’t want full custody. Ross tells Phillip he doesn’t understand and Phillip tells him that he doesn’t need to understand simply to send the divorce papers over by the end of the business day.

Edmund tells Dinah that he’s off limits, and Dinah plays coy telling Edmund that she simply meant that she wanted them to be friends.

Ross wants to know why it is so black and white with the Spaulding’s. Both Phillip and Alan bring up that they don’t blame Ross for protecting Dinah. Ross to counter their argument brings up that Lizzie killed someone a long time ago too and Phillip tells Ross that it’s not the same thing. Alan breaks up the argument and tells them that at least they all agree on one thing – that they believe in protecting their children at all costs. Alan goes on to ask Ross to help a father (Phillip) with his son (Zach). Just when Ross is asking what the case would entail his phone rings with Blake on the other end. Blake tells Ross that her father has died and hands the phone over to Holly. Holly tells Ross that they need to go through some things without him right now. Ross tells Alan and Phillip that Roger is dead. Alan gets a Cuban cigar to celebrate that he is dead, Ross tries sticking up for Roger and Phillip laughs. Ross reminds Phillip that at the rate he (Phillip) is going that people will be celebrating his death as well. Phillip laughs it off.

At Towers Sebastian tells Holly & Blake that Roger wanted his ashes to be scattered from the tallest point in Springfield, to rain down upon the town that loathed him. Sebastian reads aloud a beautiful poem while Holly and Blake spread Roger’s ashes.

While standing by the window at Spaulding Alan claims to get ashes in his face. Phillip blames it on the cigar.

Dinah tells Edmund that he was kind to her, and that she isn’t there to blackmail him. Edmund lets her know that he doesn’t believe her. Dinah tells Edmund that she gets him and he gets her, so that she’s not going to rat on him. Dinah reminds Edmund that they’re pretty similar, and Edmund slams the door in her face.

At Towers Holly is mad and upset at Roger’s death. Sebastian gets choked up reading the poem, and tells Chrissie and Holly that he’s going to miss Roger as well. Holly asks when Sebastian came into Rogers life and he tells him that he came into Roger’s life late, but luckily not too late. Holly looks confused by this until Sebastian tells the two of them that Roger was his father. Holly tells Sebastian that this whole situation is insane. Blake wants to know why he didn’t tell them before. Holly apologizes, hugs him and removes a strand of hair conspicuously from his jacket. Holly mentions that Sebastian seems to know so much about him. Sebastian tells the two that the moment that let his ashes go, was a beautiful moment and that perhaps they can learn to love and be kind from that moment. Holly tells Sebastian that she’s going to remember him as he was when he was a failure of a man. Sebastian tells Holly that Roger told him everything, and that is how he got to know and love his father. He also lets them know that he wants to finish what his father began.

At Spaulding Alan announces that he doesn’t think there is anything greater than outliving someone you truly hate. Ross is visibly upset for Blake and asks that they lighten up on the excitement over Roger’s death. Ross tells them that he’s going to get going, and both Alan and Phillip pressure to know where the funeral is, claiming that they want to pay their respects to Holly & Blake. Ross tells them that he doesn’t think they’d be welcome.

Edmund sees that Dinah is still outside the farmhouse and goes out to see why. She tells him that she’s bee afraid to move, as it feels like someone is walking over her grave. Edmund agrees that Dinah was right earlier, that they would both do whatever it takes to protect themselves and those that they love. Dinah tells Edmund that she wants to be his friend and informs him that what happened in the barn with Jeffery will remain their secret, and that they need to trust one another. Edmund aggress that he guesses that they do need to trust one another to some point.

Ross makes Alan and Phillip promise to ‘behave’ for the sake of Blake & Holly while they’re in an elevator. . Phillip and Alan continue to joke about Roger’s death.

Chrissie tells Sebastian that she hasn’t notices until now that he has the same fire in his eyes that Roger had and that like her father he seems to have the ability to see what other can not seem to. Holly interrupts the two asking what he meant when he said he came to finish what Roger had started and informs him that most people in Springfield would consider it a threat. Sebastian tells her that it’s a promise he made to his father about a loose end that was left undone and that he wants his father to be remembered for what he loved as well as the best part of him.

Ross tells Alan and Phillip that they need to promise to respect Holly & Blake and once again they laugh. All of a sudden the elevator comes to a jolting stop, and a second thrust. Ross tells them that perhaps that will teach them to speak ill of the dead. Ross tells them that he was joking, and that they’re going to be ok. Alan and Phillip are both claustrophobic and rush him to get help. When Ross tries calling for help, it appears that it is out of order.

Edmund warns Dinah to stay away from Cassie & her family, and lets her know that if she does that perhaps they can co-exist. Dinah tells him that she’s not so bad once you get to know her and they shake on their new agreement. Edmund tells her that the “staying away from one another can now commence.”

Sebastian gets on the phone and calls Michelle. He tells her he’s on his way to see her despite her attempts at telling him she has plans. .

Phillip and Alan are freaking out. Alan is coming up with ideas such as putting Phillip on Ross’s back and climbing out the escape hatch, while Phillip is complaining that it’s a sauna inside the elevator and takes his jacket off. Ross tries calming them both down, but to no avail. Phillip makes the comment that “if Roger can get us out of this elevator I would kiss him on the mouth” and suddenly the doors open. Ross gives Blake a hug and tells her he would have been there sooner if it hadn’t been for the elevator mishap and the fact that Alan was already cranky from ashes getting in his eye. Blake and her mother exchange a quick look.

Alan sitting next to Roger’s urn tells the ashes that he hopes there will never be another one like him. At the bar Phillip gets a package, looks at the contents and comments that it is not over for Harley.

Blake and Ross hug one another tightly and Blake tells her husband that she can’t believe it’s over. Holly flashes back to some memories with Roger and then she, Ross and Blake hug one another.

Outside of Towers, Sebastian looks out and says “he is not dead, just away.”

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