Guiding Light Update Monday 9/27/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At Company Harley yells to stop a construction worker from condemning Company. When confronted he tells her that he has his orders from Spaulding. The worker chains the doors shut and leaves, as Harley is yelling after him, making quite the scene Bill arrives wanting to know what is going on. Harley tells Bill that Ruth faxed some paper to the Governor and that she thought she could get to Company in time. Bill tells her that he knows what to do, hugs her and suddenly we see Olivia who is watching them.

Sandy yells out and enters what he says is Bill’s apartment. He sees Bill’s computer out and checks his email, and stares at the photo of Jonathon. Reva walks in and wants to know if Sandy gave him the information about Cross Creek.

At the farmhouse JB is looking at a photo of Sandy & Reva and asks Tammy who they are. While lighting candles Tammy tells JB that it’s her aunt and cousin, she then switches the subject by asking what music JB would like to listen to. He tells her he doesn’t care and puts the picture back facedown. JB tells Tammy that he doesn’t need all the candles and music. Tammy tells JB it’s her first time and he tells her that all she has to do is let go, he then asks her if she’s sure she’s ready.

In the car Edmund is warning Jeffery that if Cassie is hurt that he (Jeffery) will pay. Jeffery deflects the blame telling Edmund that he can’t blame it on him (Jeffery).

On the ledge Cassie tells Dinah that she has already taken too much from her (Cassie) and she won’t let her do it again. Still pointing the gun at Dinah Cassie tells her (Dinah) that she has 10 seconds to live. While talking about how Dinah didn’t give Hart any choice and shot him in cold blood Dinah rushes toward the gun and get into a physical struggle. The gun is dropped and the two wrestle around on the ground. Eventually Dinah picks it, and pointing it at Cassie tells her she’s made a huge mistake. Dinah asks her how it feels and then grabs the gun back from Dinah, points it at her (Dinah) and shoots the gun. We see Dinah fall back to the ground.

At Company Bill notices Olivia and tells her that they’re glad that she’s back. Bill asks Olivia how the trip went and Olivia tells them that she did so well that they may want to change their name to Goliath Enterprises. Harley points out the chained doors at Company and tells Olivia that Phillip won’t even let them go inside to get their personal belongings out. As they’re talking Zach runs up to his mother, shouting her name and is followed by Buzz and Coop. Zach tells his mother that his grandfather has promised to show him how to make a burger, Olivia offers to take Zach for dinner at the Beacon and Coop tells Zach that he’s come to the rescue. Coop picks up a brick, smashes it through a window and announces that Company is now open for business. Everyone goes inside while outside Harley tells her father that they have until Friday. Buzz takes the news with a grain of salt and tells Harley that its time to eat.

Sandy tells Reva that he was checking his email and she (Reva) jokes that Sandy has an online girlfriend. In an attempt to change the subject Sandy asks where Josh has been and Reva tells him that he went straight from Cross Creek to Bosnia to spend some time with Shayne. Reva gives Sandy a file and tells him that she came over to put that in the stuff to leave for Bill. Sandy, wanting to rush out the door is stopped when Reva asks him again if everything is ok. Sandy tells Reva that there are some things that even a mother shouldn’t have to know about.

Tammy tells JB that she’s more than ready and the two continue to make out. JB tells her she talks too much, Tammy tells him that she’s with him and JB asks if he’s with her all the way. Tammy nods.

Reva tells Sandy that nothing could shock her; Sandy asks if him telling her that he killed someone would shock her.

JB tells Tammy that she barely knows him and he wouldn’t blame her if she wanted to stop. Tammy tells JB that even though they just met he seems to always know what she’s thinking and that she really wants to be with him. JB tells her that’s all he wanted to hear and moves toward her, continuing to kiss her.

Reva asks Sandy if he did kill someone and Sandy tells her that it was just an example that he’s been on his own for years. Reva tells her that she wants to make up for lost time and Sandy tells her that he has everything under control.

Tammy asks JB if he brought protection.

Reva tells Sandy that she’s going to have to trust him.

JB tells Tammy to trust him.

Reva tells Sandy that trust is what a family is all about.

JB tells Tammy that he’s not ready to have a family yet, either.

Sandy tells Reva she should call one of her other kids and mess with them, that he’s leaving.

JB and Tammy continue to get closer.

Reva asks Sandy to go out to the farm with her to check on Tammy, as she’s been alone at the farmhouse all day. Sandy agrees to go.

JB pulls out a condom.

Sandy tells Reva she hates the idea of Tammy being out there all by herself, especially knowing how freaked out Tammy is about the Dinah situation.

JB and Tammy continue to make love.

At the cliff Cassie asks Dinah if the shot frightened her and tells her that she wanted to make sure that the gun was working. Dinah calls Cassie crazy and stands up. Cassie tells Dinah that she’s killing for her family and tells Dinah that unfortunately she won’t get to say ‘hi’ to Hart where she’s (Dinah) going. Dinah pleads for her life and Edmund shows up telling Cassie not to shoot. Cassie admits to Dinah, Edmund and Jeffery that she kidnapped Dinah and is going to kill her.

Inside Company Buzz goes around talking about all the work he did personally around Company. Buzz announces he’s going to be making a Greek feast and after thanking him sends Coop out to clean up the broken glass. As Coop is cleaning up Lizzie comes along and demands to know if Joey and Tammy are inside. Coop tells Lizzie he has no idea who those people are and Lizzie tells Coop that he should be friendlier. Coop tells Lizzie to leave and that Spaulding’s are no longer welcome at Company. Lizzie, in an effort to get at Coop brings up the fact that Coop wasn’t even in Springfield until his father had a heart attack.

Inside Company Bill asks Olivia how many more signatures that they need to get rid of Phillip. Olivia tells him and Harley that they only need a few more, but that she’s not sure they can get them by Friday. Olivia tells them that she was impressed that they (Bill & Harley) got her Visa cleared and asks them how they did it. Harley looks like she’s going to tell Olivia about Ruth, but Bill downplays it; telling Olivia that it was Harley’s detective skills at work. Olivia gets up to make a phone call and Harley points out that Bill didn’t tell her about Ruth. Bill tells Harley that he’s going to tell Olivia about Ruth when Olivia is less jet lagged and Harley calls his bluff. Harley claims that Bill doesn’t trust Olivia.

At the farmhouse Reva knocks on the farmhouse door, interrupting Tammy and JB. JB tries convincing Tammy to ignore the knock, but Tammy gets up and starts throwing clothes back on anyway. JB goes to hide and Tammy answers the door. Sandy wants to know what is up with the candles and music, Tammy tells them that she was reading and had must have fallen asleep, that the other stuff was meant to help her relax. Reva asks Tammy to come back to her house with her and Sandy. Tammy refuses and claims that she wants some time alone.

Edmund tries getting Cassie to put the gun down and not shoot Dinah. Jeffery tells Cassie that she should shoot Dinah.

Bill claims that he trusts Olivia, but that she may not think Ruth is a good idea. Harley asks Bill how he can be with a woman he doesn’t trust. Olivia comes back to the table and Harley leaves to go get some food. While Harley is gone Olivia mentions that perhaps in the grand scheme of things saving Company isn’t something that can easily be done. Bill tells Olivia that perhaps they should discuss the list of supporters that Olivia to overseas at Bill’s place. The two leave and run into Coop and Lizzie who are still arguing outside. Lizzie tells Coop that he’s rude and Lizzie tells Coop that he barely knows the people he’s defending. Coop tells Lizzie that she needs a man in her life.

Jonathon, who is watching Reva, Sandy and Tammy is laughing calling them a ‘perfect family’ and then says ‘the party is over Sandy.’ Reva tells Tammy that she’s glad that she’s taking care of herself. Reva offers to set up Tammy with some boys she knows. Reva tells Tammy that she’s acting just like her son, Sandy. The two leave and JB overhears Sandy telling Reva that he wants Tammy to be safe. JB says that it’s “too late” as far as Tammy’s safety is concerned.

Jeffery continues to egg Cassie on, prodding her to shoot Dinah. Edmund tells Jeffery he’s mad. Jeffery claims that Cassie won’t get in trouble with the DA and that they can all lie. Dinah is yelling at Jeffery to shut up, and then tells Cassie that Jeffery will turn the situation on Cassie. Jeffery tells Cassie that the decision is her call and that none of them can stop her.

Bill and Olivia are at his apartment, making out when Olivia stops to get the list of names she got while overseas. As she’s reading them aloud the two start getting closer.

Harley apologizes to Buzz for not being able to have yet save Company. Harley starts going off on how she’s ready to fight Phillip when Buzz points out that Zach is there listening. Harley looks disappointed with herself. Outside Coop claims that Lizzie can probably ‘buy’ any guy she wants, but he doesn’t really think she can ‘get’ any guy she wants. Coop goes inside as Reva and Sandy come along. Reva asks Lizzie if she’s the one who broke the window, Lizzie says ‘no’ and immediately asks bout Tammy claiming that she thinks something happened with or to Joey. Reva assures Lizzie that Tammy is fine and that Joey is no longer Tammy’s problem. Lizzie takes off and Reva comments on how Lizzie, though she’s had a tough life is turning out to be one of those people you “steer clear of.”

At the farmhouse Tammy tries calling Joey, claiming that she’s only going to give him one chance. She finds out that the line has been disconnected when JB knocks at the door.

Cassie utters that she needs to shoot Dinah for her children, Jeffery screams at her to do it and Cassie decides that she can’t shoot Dinah because she’s not like Dinah. Edmund rushes over to Cassie and tells her they should leave. Dinah and Jeffery are left to talk. Dinah wonders out loud what it is in her that brings out the worst in people. Cassie is shaken by what has happened and Edmund tells her that she did exactly what he thought she would do, she put down the gun. Cassie tells Edmund that she wants to go home.

Bill rolling over in bed tells Olivia that they’re back in business. Olivia, talking to herself says that she missed Bill.

Harley is at Company trying to explain what’s going on to Zach in simple terms. Outside of Company Sandy is looking at his laptop and tells the picture of Jonathon on his screen that although he doesn’t know how he survived he will find him.

At the farmhouse Tammy wants to know what prompted JB to come back and he tells her that he always finished what he begins. He and Tammy begin to kiss again, JB asks Tammy to show him her bedroom. She tells him that she’s not ready and that she was fooling herself. She tells him he can stay but that she’s not ready for sex. JB offers to stay with her and tells her he will wait in terms of sex.

Edmund tells Cassie that she needs a vacation and that they need to go home. Cassie stares down Dinah and then leaves. Dinah wants to know what was up with Jeffery, and why he egged Cassie on. Jeffery remains silent and leaves. Dinah is left alone in the woods. Dinah threatens all of them after they leave, telling them that they’ve all messed with the wrong girl.

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