Guiding Light Update Friday 9/24/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Sandy is sitting at Company when he receives new email from someone who wants to know “why did you let Jonathon die?” complete with a photo of which we only see the top portion of. Reva rounds the corner at Company, asking Sandy what he’s doing, to which he slams his laptop screen down.

At the farmhouse Joey tells Tammy that he needs to talk to her, just as he’s getting close to her he notices that she’s been drinking. Joey looks around to see if Tammy was drinking with someone else and Tammy tells Joey she had a few beers. Tammy tells Joey that regardless of her drinking he came to her house to talk about them and she wants to be the one with the first word.

Outside of Company Blake calls her father again and is leaving a message. In her message she tells her father that she tried calling Amanda, only to find out that she (Amanda) moved to Italy four months ago. Blake tells her father that was probably a good move and asks if he is still planning on returning to town today.

At the police station Jeffery asks Edmund what he is doing still hanging around. Edmund makes a comment about how quickly Ross drove out of the police station driveway. Jeffery lets Edmund know that he probably did it for Dinah’s own good. As the two are discussing Ross & Dinah, each of them confronts the other about what information Dinah was holding over their heads. Suddenly Ross shows up wanting to know where Dinah is. Edmund and Jeffery tells Ross that he has her, as he picked her up and drove away with her. Edmund tells Ross he saw the car himself. Ross assures them that he just arrived at the police station.

In Cassie’s car Dinah demands to know what Cassie is doing. Cassie asks Dinah if she really thought it was all over after she made the statement to the police.

Ross tells Jeffery and Edmund that he’s driven around the block and Dinah is no where to be found. Edmund tells Ross and Jeffery that it seems odd that they can’t find Dinah and that Cassie is not answering her cell phone. Jeffery questions Edmund as he originally said that he saw Ross pick Dinah up. Edmund confesses that he simply saw the taillights o the car and assumed Ross was behind the wheel. Jeffery tries calming the rest of them down. Edmund decides to call the farmhouse and see if Cassie is there. Tammy picks up the phone and tells Edmund that she’s not there. Tammy wants to know what is wrong and Edmund smoothes everything over, telling her the planned an overnight trip. Tammy thinks s that it’s weird. Jeffery decides that they need to come to possibility o the idea that Dinah may have kidnapped Cassie. Dinah is freaking out wanting to know where Cassie is taking her. Cassie tells her not to worry but that they have some things to work out. Cassie tells Dinah that they need to go somewhere where they can speak openly and she needs to make sure she’s doing the right thing.

Tammy is wondering why Edmund was freaked out, and begins to worry herself about her mother. Tammy tells Joey that part of the reason she’s so screwed up is because of what Joey did. Tammy tells Joey she doesn’t want to hurt anymore.

Reva tells Sandy that if he wants her to back off she will, but he needs to come to her with some o his problems. Reva begins discussing the two shows, the Rock the Vote shows as well as the adoption show. JB watches on outside of Company as Sandy and Reva get to work.

Tammy tells Joey that as mad as she is, she can’t hate Joey. She tells him that she hates his actions, but not him. Tammy lets Joey know that Lizzie is very manipulative and mentions to Joey that she may believe that Lizzie set him up. Joey thinks back to the argument he had with Lizzie outside o Company. Tammy pleads with Joey to give her a reason to blame Lizzie instead of Joey. Joey thinks back to Phillip’s warning.

Jeffery sends Ross to check the Beacon or Dinah or Cassie. Edmund gets angry with Jeffery and blames him for Cassie’s decision to not go to trial or Hart’s death. Edmund grabs Jeffery and threatens that if Cassie is dead he will have to return the favor.

Cassie and Dinah are outside and Cassie tells Dinah how it is the perfect place to clear the air, there are no houses for miles and no one knows where they are. Dinah tells her that he woods give her the creeps, and Cassie pulls a gun on Dinah. Dinah tells Cassie that she thought she (Cassie) wanted to work things out and Cassie tells Dinah that she lied.

Joey looks like he’s contemplating what to tell Tammy. Joey tells Tammy that he slept with Lizzie of his own accord, and that he remembers every minute o that night. He tells her that he knew what he was doing and what he originally told Tammy about not remembering was a lie. Joey goes on to tell Tammy how he wanted someone experienced and that person was definitely not Tammy. Joey informs her that he’s going to school at BU and that they weren’t meant to be together anyway. He leaves the farmhouse telling her to take care, and is visibly upset as he leaves. Tammy smashes some bottles and is in tears.

Reva and Sandy interview a woman with an adopted son. Sandy thinks he sees that Reva telling the woman with the adopted son that she knows Sandy isn’t Jonathon and how Sandy has some sob story about a bad home life. Reva snaps Sandy back to reality by asking him if he’s sure he’s ok.

Ross breaks up the fight between Jeffery and Edmund. Ross wants to know why Edmund is blaming Jeffery. Edmund decides to go to the farm and Jeffery tells him he’s going as well.

Dinah assures Cassie that she will steer clear of Cassie’s family. Cassie tells Dinah that she can’t believe her, so they obviously can’t coexist. Cassie explains that if she kills Dinah she doesn’t have to worry about looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life. Dinah laughs at Cassie, telling her that she doesn’t believe that Cassie will be able to shoot her, because that would be ‘sinking’ to her (Dinah)’s level.

Edmund rushes into the farmhouse, sees broken beer bottles and can’t find Tammy.

Ross finds Blake inside o Company. Ross tells Blake that Dinah was released and that she is now missing. Blake is convinced that Dinah has kidnapped Cassie and that she is planning to kill her. Blake tells Ross that if her father was here that wouldn’t have happened. Ross asks Blake if that is who she is waiting to hear from. Ross demands to know if Blake called Roger about Dinah.

Reva walks the woman with the adopted son out so that Sandy can get some work done on their recent interview and then run some papers about Cross Creek over to Bill. Sandy opens his computer and looks at the photo that was emailed to him. He gets s shocked look on his face. JB watches on from outside of Company. Tammy shows up outside of Company and wants to know why JB left. She also informs JB that she has the house to herself tonight.

Blake tells Ross that bringing up Roger and calling him are two different things. Blake tells Ross that she didn’t call Roger about Dinah.

JB asks Tammy if she is inviting him back to her house and she says that she is. JB tells her he might have other plans and she kisses him, telling he may want to change those plans. Meanwhile, inside Company Sandy see the photo, which is of JB and reads the note attached to it “back from the dead. You old pal, Jonathon.” JB and Tammy take off, and JB utters the words ‘how could I say no, cousin?’

Jeffery tells Edmund that Cassie’s car was spotted on route 22. Jeffery assures Edmund that Cassie can protect herself. Edmund shows Jeffery the empty box that he and Cassie kept the gun in.

Cassie tells Dinah that everyone will believe her, as opposed to Dinah.

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