Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/23/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At the lighthouse Blake is still looking for something. She talks aloud to herself, mad that she forgot a flashlight and wondering why she’s taking such a big chance for her father. As she’s cursing herself for forgetting the light Tony walks in and offers to let her borrow his. Michelle and Tony walk in, demanding to know why she is there. Blake tells them that she has a good explanation.

At the farmhouse Tammy returns with JB and is trying to convince him that he doesn’t want to come in. JB assures her that the place looks empty and Tammy thanks JB for the drive home and walk by the lake.

When JB and Tammy go inside they find that no one is home. JB hugs Tammy and spins her around declaring that he’s the one that has her. Tammy smiles and looks like she’s having a good time despite the fact that her head is spinning. JB offers to leave and Tammy asks him to stay.

Ruth is in her office and is on the phone with Bill wanting to know where Olivia is, she also informs Bill that she had to make things up for Phillip in regards to the ‘Harley Cooper’ project. Inside Phillip’s office Phillip is checking up on the progress with Olivia. The man he spoke with last week has returned to his office and is informing Phillip that Olivia is sharing a Danish jail cell with half of the working girls from Copenhagen. Phillip laughs and makes the remark that Olivia will feel at home. Phillip is handed the documents to clear up the misunderstanding with Denmark officials and Phillip says that he may need to sit on them for a while.

At the police station Dinah asks to speak with Jeffery, and though the cops she’s with refuses to let her Jeffery comes into the station and tells the police officer its ok. Dinah tells Jeffery that she wants her freedom, or she will talk and he will go down with her (Dinah). Edmund rushes into the police station, looking for Cassie who isn’t there yet. Dinah makes a remark about Jeffery’s star witness coming up missing and just as she’s (Dinah) hoping that Cassie isn’t going to show; Cassie comes strolling in. Cassie tells Dinah that what’s going on needs to stop. She tells Jeffery and Dinah about what happened at the farmhouse earlier, when she pulled a gun on Joey accidentally. Cassie tells Dinah that she needs to get out of Cassie’s head. Cassie tells Dinah that her obligation as a mother tells her that she needs to protect her children. Dinah butts in and tells Cassie that there are a few things that Cassie should hear before sending her (Dinah) off to a lethal injection.

Tony tells Blake that she’s not talking loud enough, obviously trying to intimidate her. Blake tells Tony to back off and Michelle tells them both to back off one another.

Blake tells Michelle that she’s at the lighthouse because she’s now a real estate agent. Michelle tells Blake she’s not getting rid of the lighthouse anytime soon. Blake then tries lying to Michelle about seeing some of the contractors doing window estimates and noticing that one of them was a fling she had while she and Ross broke up a few years earlier. Michelle tricks Blake into admitting that the ‘hot guy’ is a blue eyed guy named Jake who doesn’t exist. Michelle demands to know the truth from Blake and tells Blake that she’s sick of people breaking in to ransack the place.

Ruth has a run in with a young man, Derrick that she saw last week. Ruth gets him to do some grunt work to get him off of her back. Lizzie runs in and requests that Ruth make a phone call to Joey Lupo telling him that Phillip needs to speak with him about his scholarship. Ruth tries telling Lizzie that she doesn’t think Phillip has the time to talk to Joey and Lizzie threatens Ruth. Ruth makes the phone call.

JB gets beer and tells Tammy that they will help with the hangover. He puts the beer up against Tammy’s forehead and Tammy looks surprised. Tammy lets JB know that her mother will be angry if she walks in and finds out about the beer or JB. JB offers to head out the back door if he hears a car and offers to stay and talk with Tammy. Tammy decides to show JB where the back door is in case Cassie comes home. As the two (Tammy & JB) get off the couch we see Joey approaching the front door of the farmhouse, as he’s looking in the windows he gets a phone call from Ruth who tells him to come to Spaulding Enterprises ASAP because his scholarship depends on it. Ruth lets Lizzie know that she did as asked and Lizzie tells Ruth not to mention a word of it to her father. Phillip comes out of his office ushering the man who set Olivia up out and asks Ruth to come in so he can dictate a letter to the board. As they are walking in to the office Ruth hands a folder to Phillip with the information on Harley Cooper in it. Ruth tells Phillip that she wishes there was more dirt, but that the project is a work in progress. Phillip pops some pills and tells Ruth that he thinks she may be the assistant he has been looking for. Phillip dictates a letter to the board about a proxy vote and lets them know that the votes from Olivia Spencer Spaulding will not be counted as she is being held in Denmark for an indefinite amount of time. Ruth lets Phillip know she will type up a draft and get it back to him ASAP. Ruth offers to help Phillip out in regards to getting Olivia out of jail; Phillip lets Ruth know it is simply a case of mistaken identity and he has the papers all in order. Ruth offers to run the papers over to the correct people and Phillip tells her he has other jobs for her that are more pressing. Joey walks into Spaulding and Lizzie catches him at the elevator. Lizzie tells Joey that she hopes he’s calmed down a bit. Phillip, hearing the ruckus comes out into the hallway to see what is going on. Joey tells Phillip he has something to tell him about his daughter, and Phillip questions why Joey is even in the building after hours. Meanwhile inside Phillip’s office Ruth is trying to break into Phillip’s briefcase.

Joey tells Phillip that he was told to come to Spaulding in regards to his scholarship, Joey looks confused and looks back inside his office and closes the door. Joey tells Phillip that Ruth called him and Lizzie lets her father know that it was her who called Joey. Phillip demands to know what’s going on. Lizzie tells her father that she made a mistake and drugged Joey’s drink so that Joey would stay with her the night that he (Joey) won the Spaulding intern contest.

Tammy thanks JB for staying and listening to her whine about Joey, her head and all of her problems and tells JB that she’s curious to learn about him. JB tells her that he’s a work in progress and tells Tammy that she worries too much about what people think. He tells her that she should live in ht moment and let what happen to happen. JB and Tammy exchange a look.

Cassie is inside the interrogation room and Jeffery brings Dinah inside. Cassie tells Dinah that she has to hear what she (Cassie) has to say.

Cassie tells Dinah that is she sends her to jail that its not going to help anyone. Cassie tells Jeffery to let Dinah go because she wants it all over. Dinah thinks that Cassie is joking that she’s not going to testify. Cassie tells everyone that if Dinah goes on trial there will be appeal after appeal and one day Dinah might be free, but she will be free with more hatred of Cassie and her family than she does right now. Cassie deems the shooting of Hart was an accident. Cassie tells Dinah that she’s going to believe Dinah when she says that she’s changed and that she (Cassie) needs to save her family from a long and painful trial. Dinah tells Cassie she doesn’t know what to say and Cassie walks out. Dinah and Jeffery stand in the door of the interrogation room and look on as Edmund hugs Cassie, comforting her.

Blake tells Michelle that she doesn’t know anything about anyone else being at the lighthouse. Blake lies to Michelle and tells her that Ed gave her a key and wanted her to look out after Michelle. Michelle tells Blake to just call next time. Blake questions Michelle about finding old stuff around. Michelle is very vague about what she found. Blake leaves and Tony asks Michelle why she didn’t tell Blake about the coin she (Michelle) found. Michelle tells Tony that she thinks it’s a good luck charm and shows it to him. This time it’s around her neck on a chain. Out in the stairwell, Blake holds a coin she found in the lighthouse in her palm and tells herself that she made a promise to her father to take care of some things before he gets to Springfield.

JB tells Tammy that her problem is that she thinks too much. JB offers to take off with her and Tammy tells him no. JB picks on her for thinking too much and goes to get another beer. Tammy holding her head thinks that she shouldn’t have had the last beer, and passes out on the couch. JB comes back and makes a comment about the only virgin in Springfield needing her beauty sleep. He then grabs a vial of the drugs he had sold Lizzie and holds it.

Ruth is still trying to break into Phillip’s briefcase. Phillip asks Lizzie and Joey to explain what happened. Lizzie explains to her father that she loves Joey and just wanted to be with him. Phillip turns to Joey and asks him what happened. Joey tells him that he can’t remember and Phillip warns him that what he’s saying happened are serious accusations. Phillip tells Joey that he doesn’t think Joey is mad because of what happened but because he thinks he lost Tammy because of it. Phillip tells Joey that he needs to not talk about what happened and that perhaps he should head east to school. Phillip offers to make phone calls to all the top schools in Boston, and when Joey protests and tells Phillip that Lizzie should be shipped off to school Phillip reminds Joey that his mother’s mortgage is managed by a bank that Spaulding Enterprises owns. Phillip tells Joey that if he doesn’t leave town and agree to never say another bad word about Lizzie that he will make Joey’s mothers life a living hell. The whole while Lizzie is screaming that this is not how it was supposed to happen. Phillip tells Joey to pack his bags and that he will have his assistant book him a flight. Phillip leaves to take a phone call from Amsterdam. Lizzie apologizes to Joey and he tells her he needs to take care of something once and for all. Ruth has figured out the combination to Phillips briefcase (Phillip and Beth’s anniversary) and opens it just as Phillip walks in.

Michelle lights some candles and puts some music on. Michelle tells Tony that she thinks of the lighthouse as a magical place.

Dinah is on the phone with her father telling him how she can’t believe what Cassie is doing. Edmund comes over to Cassie to let her know that Tammy is not answering at home or on her cell. Cassie decides that Tammy can’t find out about this any other way than from her and sends Edmund to look for her. Cassie tells Edmund that she wants to be alone. Edmund tells her he’s not sure if that’s the smartest thing, but that he will support her. Jeffery tells Cassie that he doesn’t understand it. As Cassie leaves Jeffery asks Dinah what she’s going to do now that she has no one left to hate.

Michelle tells Tony that she’s overwhelmed and that she knows that they can make ‘Light’ work. Michelle tells Tony she can handle it.

JB tries waking Tammy up, hears a car and takes off. Joey comes knocking at the door and tells Tammy there is something she needs to know.

Phillip is angry that Ruth broke into his briefcase and Ruth tells him that she tried reaching him by phone, but he left it inside his office. Phillip wants to know what couldn’t wait, and Ruth tells him a 6pm deadline. Ruth tells Phillip she saw the note on his desk and wanted to help him. The two rush over to the fax machine and send something to the governor. Phillip later tells her that it is the appropriate paperwork sealing up Spaulding’s hold on Company.

Jeffery warns Dinah not to step out of line because the file will still be open. Edmund threatens Dinah and Jeffery claims he doesn’t hear anything.

Dinah goes to leave the police station and jumps in a car, thinking that it is Ross. It turns out that Cassie is behind the wheel, Cassie tells Dinah to sit back as they’re going to take a ride.

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