Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/22/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Michelle and Tony are on the side of the road/in the woods and have just gotten off their motorcycles. Michelle tells Tony he’s crazy for buying her the bike, but excited at the same time. Tony tells Michelle that there is nothing he wouldn’t do for her and he simply wanted her to have something of her own. Dancing with joy and euphoria Michelle realizes that they are in the same place Tony took her after the Bauer BBQ. Tony tells her that the reason he brought her to this place was because that night was the start of something and now they need to talk.

In the Beacon lobby, Blake is holding the letter she received from her father and is on the phone with someone at his office trying to locate him. She also indicates that she received an email from him as well. She leaves a message with whomever it is she is on the phone with, asking them to have her father call her back.

At Company Danny is on the phone setting up some interviews while Marina is waitressing. She comes over and asks him if he needs anything else and pesters him a bit. Danny asks Marina if there is anything he can do for her, and Marina asks if he will help her with stopping the Spaulding’s. Danny comes out and asks Marina, with a smile if she wants him to find her a hit man. Marina looks a bit shocked.

Outside of Company we see Lizzie walking away from Joey who is following her, with the drug in hand all the while questioning whether or not she drugged him. Joey explains to Lizzie that he didn’t want to be with Lizzie that night, so he doesn’t understand how he ended up in bed with her.

Lizzie refuses to answer him until he threatens to walk away and never come back. Lizzie admits she drugged him and apologizes.

Outside the farmhouse Edmund is standing in the dark thinking of Dinah and how she knows that he he’s the one who started the fire at the barn. Edmund looks angry and then we flash to Cassie in the kitchen who is chopping vegetables. The radio is on and we hear an announcer talk about Dinah Marler, her trial date and that she killed Hart Jessup; Cassie’s chopping gets quicker and harder.

Cassie goes to turn off the radio and then hears RJ’s voice, she looks up and thinks she sees RJ and Dinah together, when in reality it’s Tammy and RJ.

Tony begins talking with Michelle and why they left the night of the BBQ. Michelle tells Tony that was the night she felt like people were closing in on her and they needed to get away. Tony asks her if she realizes what started that night and Michelle tells him that she understands – they were both feeling alienated and that’s why they left.

Tony tells her that she’s wrong and Michelle tells him they shouldn’t relive the past, and while taking her shoes off says she wants to simply have fun. Tony tells her its much too cold to go swimming like they did in July and after much teasing Michelle races towards the water, with Tony following we see him say that he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to tell her he loves her.

Back inside Company Marina tells Danny that she doesn’t want the Spaulding’s dead, but that she wants them ‘roughed up’ a bit. As she and Danny are talking about this Coop comes over and Marina and Danny get really quiet. Coop tells Marina he needs to go pick some cups up for Company and she tells him to take his time, which gets her a strange look. Marina introduces Coop to Danny and when he hears Danny’s last name he offers to stay around. Marina tells Coop that Danny is an old family friend. Danny tells Marina that in order to intimidate the Spaulding’s you have to be willing to back it up, and he doesn’t think she is. He also tells her physical intimidation doesn’t work with the Spaulding’s.

Lizzie tells Joey she slipped the drug in his drink, but she did it for fun not to erase what they did. Lizzie tries telling Joey that she loves him and that he was tender with her that night. Joey looks at her and tells her that she is as crazy as her father. Lizzie looks crushed.

Edmund walks in as Cassie drops a bowl and offers to help her with it. Cassie brushes him and his help off announcing that dinner will be ready soon. Cassie tells Tammy she should invite Joey over and Tammy simply tells her mother and Edmund that he’s busy. Tammy then tries to change the subject by telling Cassie that dinner smells great and wonders what the occasion is. Cassie and Edmund exchange looks and Tammy immediately thinks something is wrong. Edmund tells Tammy that the have good news and that they’re engaged. Tammy is excited and when she turns to tell RJ he has a newspaper in his hand with Dinah and Jeffery’s photo on it. He wants to know what his father and his new friend are doing on the paper and what it says. Trying to help Edmund offers to play a game of tag with RJ outside before dinner. Tammy picks up the paper and rips it to shreds, Cassie watching the whole thing asks Tammy if she now feels better. Tammy tells her that now their celebration dinner is ruined. Cassie tells Tammy that together they will get past this and Tammy maintains that ‘women like Dinah’ always get away with it. Cassie becomes enraged and yells at Tammy telling her not to say anything like that again.

Lizzie tells Joey that he should be flattered that she went to the trouble she did to get him. Joey, getting more and madder by the second tells Lizzie that if it had been the other way around and he had drugged her that he would be in jail and he would deserve it. He tells her that he knows she didn’t drug him because she loved him, but because she wanted to spite Tammy because he picked her. Lizzie tells Joey that he didn’t leave so she thought he wanted her; Joey tells her that thanks to her he’ll never know what he thought that night. He also tells her that he probably felt sorry for her and that’s why he stayed. Lizzie slaps him and tells him to never talk to her that way again.

Cassie and Tammy sit down on the couch and Cassie tries telling Tammy that everything is going to be ok and work out. Tammy tries getting her mother to talk about the wedding and Cassie tells her she wants to talk about what’s going on with Tammy’s life. The phone rings and Cassie decides to let the machine get it, telling Tammy to help her with dinner so they can talk. When the message that is left is one from a radio station Cassie rips the phone out of the wall and decides that there’s no more interruptions and she wants to know what’s going on with Tammy. Tammy decides to go to her room and hang out for a while before dinner. Outside on the porch RJ and Edmund talk about how they’re glad to be part of the same family. Edmund tells RJ about the stars and how he (Edmund) wishes they could be together forever without a worry in the sky, but that he doesn’t know a place like that. Suddenly something dawns on Edmund and he rushes inside. He sends RJ up to his room and tells Cassie that he can fix everything. That they can all walk away without worrying about the trial or Joey or anything…that they can all walk away and never look back all they have to do is hop on a plane and leave.

At Company Marina apologizes to Danny and he tells her it’s ok that once people have an opinion of you it’s pretty much impossible to change it. He then attributes that to his problem finding a job. Marina tells Danny that he should use the misconceptions of others against them. Marina asks Danny if he misses the fear and power that came with simply having the right last name. Danny tells her that he does miss it, but he would never jeopardize than safety of Michelle and Robbie for it.

Michelle and Tony get out of the water freezing and shaking. Michelle thanks Tony for being crazy with her and tells him that he never disappoints her. She tells him that he’s been great to her, that she hates it when he and Danny fight and when he decided to simply up and leave but that overall he’s been great to her. Tony remarks that she’s probably the only one in his life that can say such nice things about him. They reminisce about the times they’ve spent together and Tony looks like he’s falling more and more in love. Tony tells Michelle he has to tell her something, she interrupts him and tells him she wants to talk first. She tells him that their relationship is really important and that she knows she can always count on him. She also tells him that she thinks they’d be really good together in a lot of different ways, but that she doesn’t think they’re ever going to find out. She tells Tony that there’s something there with Danny that she needs to explore and that she’s starting to realize why she loved him.

Blake calls Roger and leaves him another message asking what his trip to Springfield has to do with Michelle. Blake walks into Company and seeing Danny sitting at the counter goes over to him. Blake lets Danny know she was looking for him and mentions that she has some houses he might be interested in. He tells her can’t afford that and Blake presses him to move in with Michelle to the lighthouse noting all of its attributes. Danny tells her that he doesn’t know what he’s going to do and she needs to lay off.

Lizzie begs for Joey’s forgiveness and he tells her to leave. Lizzie tells Joey that he could learn to love her; he tells her that she disgusts him and he could never be with her.

Tammy is at Farley’s and it looks like she’s waiting for someone. JB goes over and tries talking with Tammy. Tammy tells him that she wants to be alone. JB tells Tammy that he only told her about what Lizzie and Joey did, and it’s not his fault Joey cheated on her. Tammy maintains that it only happened once and JB plants in her mind the seed of doubt that it could have happened more than once. Tammy tells JB that she thinks that Lizzie may have tricked Joey into bed; JB informs her that guys don’t work that way.

JB then calls Tammy cute and she gets angry telling JB she isn’t cute or sweet or nice but can be as bad as the next girl.

Cassie and Edmund are in the farmhouse kitchen dancing slowly together. Edmund tells Cassie to think of being some place far away enjoying themselves being relaxed, safe and happy. He tries telling her that it doesn’t have to be a fantasy and that they can go anywhere in the world. Cassie brings up the hotel and Reva as reasons to stay in Springfield. Edmund presses her to say yes and she tells him she can’t run away. Edmund tells Cassie that if they’re going to stay in Springfield that he needs to tell her the truth. Cassie thinks she hears something, runs into the living room and grabs a gun. Cassie tells Edmund that Dinah must have escaped from jail and be back.

Tony tells Michelle that it’s getting cold and he wants to leave. Michelle tells Tony she wants Tony to understand and doesn’t want him to back away. Tony gets on his bike with Michelle following behind.

Blake presses Danny for information and asks if Michelle has found anything interesting at the lighthouse. Danny wants to know what it is Blake is looking for and she runs off to pick her kids up from the sitter.

Coop, sees Lizzie sitting on the bench and crying outside of Company, he makes a rude joke about Spaulding’s and she asks if he’s surprised she has feelings. Lizzie walks off.

JB tells Tammy that he does whatever he wants whenever he wants and that he knows chicks like her to claim to be bad, but really aren’t. JB then offers her drugs, and Tammy tells him she doesn’t do drugs, but that she wants him to get her a beer.

Cassie tells Edmund to turn off the lights and has a gun aimed at the door, she thinks she sees Dinah and warns ‘Dinah’ that if she takes another step that she is dead.

‘Dinah’ turns out to be Joey. Edmund takes the gun from Cassie and Cassie apologizes to Joey. Cassie admits to Edmund that she thought she saw Dinah and takes off. Edmund offers to go with her, and crying, Cassie tells him she has to go alone.

JB asks Tammy what she wants to do, and Tammy tells her that she wants to do something no one would think she would be doing. Joey calls her cell phone and she refuses to answer. JB asks Tammy if she wants to get out of the bar and she agrees.

Coop offers Lizzie a Kleenex and tells her he was almost feeling sorry for her until she opened her mouth about how the tissues were hard.

Blake is rummaging through what appears to be the lighthouse in the dark. While rummaging Michelle and Tony get back to the lighthouse and discover they have company, though they don’t know who it is.

Cassie goes out and looks for answers by talking to herself/Hart. She expresses her concern that the trial will be hard on her family and how she (Cassie) is no longer rational and tired of being afraid. Cassie decides that it all has to end, and tonight.

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