Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/21/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Sandy is at Company and receives yet another message from the person tormenting him. The first message reads “thought you could run? Think again. I see you.” Sandy continues looking over his shoulder and types a reply wanting to know where the mystery writer is. The person on the other end of the computer tells Sandy that he is behind him. Sandy, freaking out, grabs a knife and turns around immediately coming face to face with Reva. Reva gasps wondering why Sandy has pulled a butter knife on her and makes a joke about the situation.

At the farmhouse Tammy, looking very hung over from the previous night grabs a bottle of aspirin and downs a few of them. When someone knocks on the door Tammy yells wanting to know who it is before she answers the door. It is evident that Tammy not only looks like crap, but is also in a crappy mood. It turns out Lizzie is at the door. Tammy opens the door to hear Lizzie tell Tammy that she looks like crap and like she is frightened. Tammy tells Lizzie she would be scared too, if Dinah was creeping around her house. Lizzie tells Tammy that they have enough security to take care of someone like Dinah, but that if she were Tammy she’d be scared too. Tammy retorts back, full of venom that she would have rather opened the door to Dinah than Lizzie.

Outside Company Buzz is thanking Coop for not telling ‘everyone’ when Buzz got out of the hospital. Coop jokes with his father that he didn’t realize that Buzz didn’t want the whole world to know and that it’s only a small party. Buzz tells him that jokes and cardiac patients usually don’t mix well. Coop agrees to help his father out, and not tell everyone. He also warns that if anyone comes after his family he’ll give them what they deserve. Buzz goes inside Company and when Coop offer to help out at Company Buzz emphatically tells him he doesn’t need the help. Coop also tells Buzz that he wishes he had come to Springfield a bit sooner. Buzz looks skyward and tells Jenna that he (Coop) is beautiful and that she must have known before him (Buzz).

Phillip is at the police station to visit with Alex in the interrogation room. Alex gives Phillip a hug and tells him that his legs look fine. Phillip looks confused and Alex explains that she thought that surely something must have happened to Phillip or he would have gone to visit her sooner. Phillip apologizes, but tells her that he’s been busy. Alex tells Phillip that she would like to be commended for doing the right thing and not fleeing to escape her punishment. Phillip laughs at the idea of her being applauded for doing the right thing. Alex looks at Phillip in the eyes and tells him that he looks ok; Phillip then picks up on the real reason he is there and tells Alex that he knows she has summoned him to simply see if he’s loony again. Alex tells him he’s right and asks him bluntly if he’s lost his marbles again.

In the Beacon lobby Bill calls and leaves what it seems like is another message of many for her. Harley comes up behind him and talks to him in her Ruth voice. Bill tells Harley that her Ruth voice is creepy and then she throws Ruth’s fake nose at him. They both laugh about how gross it is. Harley tells Bill how sometimes when she’s looking in the mirror she sees a face she doesn’t even recognize. Gus, who has walked up behind her proclaims that he agrees and knows the feeling. Bill and Harley look at Gus startled. Gus asks Harley how she and her father are doing and Harley answers with short and courteous one word answers, telling him that everything is fine and that he father will be discharged any day. Gus tells Harley that he is working on helping to save Company, and Harley tells him that she hopes he is doing it for the right reasons and not for her. Gus walks away and Bill asks Harley how long she is going to put him (Gus) through hell. Harley tries changing the subject to voting and the election and Bill brings the conversation full circle telling her that he wants an answer.

Bill tells Harley that she might want to lower her standards; Harley tells Bill that she won’t stand for lying regardless. Bill tells Harley that he can tell both she and Gus are miserable and he doesn’t understand why. Bill and Harley both discuss how they have given up on love, though Harley doesn’t look too sure.

Lizzie walks into the farmhouse and heads towards the fridge, she tells Tammy that she’s there to get Tammy to help with the ‘Rock the Vote’ thing. Tammy looks at Lizzie like she has lost her mind, and while Lizzie tries telling Tammy that she was hoping they could put the whole Joey thing behind them Tammy accuses Lizzie of coming to the farmhouse simply to see how thing were going between her and Lizzie. Lizzie, telling Tammy that she’s trying to be honest, informs Tammy that she loves Joey and that she would do anything for him. She also throws the fact that she and Joey spent ‘one incredible night together’ into Tammy’s face trying to enrage her. Tammy turns the tables on Lizzie and tells her that Joey doesn’t remember or care about the night she (Lizzie) and Joey spent together. Lizzie looks crushed.

Back at Company, Reva tells Sandy that she thinks he owes her an explanation for the butter knife, as none of the rest of her children have ever done that to her. Sandy tries playing off the incident as a joke and changes the subject to their work at the TV station. Sandy tells Reva that he thinks they should do a segment on ‘Rock the Vote’ and getting the younger population out to the polls. Reva tells Sandy that before they discuss work she wants to make sure he’s ok. Sandy maintains that he is fine and tells her again to butt out of his life and that he will stay in Springfield.

At the counter at Company Coop wants to know from Buzz why he (Buzz) won’t let him (Coop) work there. Buzz tells Coop that the place simply ‘isn’t him’ and that for someone who has traveled the world being a short order cook doesn’t sound too thrilling. Coop tells Buzz that he is where he wants to be, and if he wanted to leave no one would be able to stop him. Buzz tells Coop that he can’t want to work at Company because he’s never been ‘here’ [Springfield/Company] before.

In the police interrogation room, Phillip asks Alex why she thinks he’s gone off the deep end. Alex tells Phillip that she doesn’t think he’s completely lost it, but that he’s lashing out because a lot of things have happened to him and his family. Phillip asks if Buzz has visited her, and then tells her that she shouldn’t be worried about him. Alex asks Phillip about compassion and love, Phillip tells Alex that he tried things that way and the only thing he has to show for it is his children.

Phillip tells Alex that he’s going by Alex and Alan’s motto – “protect thine own” when Gus walks in. Phillip figures out that Alex has invited both of them to the police station to mend some broken fences. Phillip maintains that he and Gus are family and that Gus simply hasn’t decided which part of the family he’s on. Gus tells Phillip that he’s on the good side and that only leaves the other side for Phillip.

Coop tells Buzz that he can see where the conversation is going. Buzz tells Coop that he sent him away so he could be raised better than he (Buzz) ever could. Coop tells Buzz that no matter where he was in the world he knew where his family was and that he could always come home. Buzz asks Coop why he never came home then, when Reva comes over to talk to Buzz & Coop.

Buzz introduces Reva to Coop and she remarks on how much he has grown and asks if Coop is registered to vote. Coop promises to register to vote tomorrow and finish some stuff up in the kitchen at Company today and walks off. Reva remarks to Buzz how much Coop looks like Jenna and asks Buzz how he is doing. Buzz tells Reva that he is trying to figure out how to parent a kid he hardly knows.

Harley questions Bill about his and Olivia’s relationship. Bill tells Harley that its uncomplicated, just what he needs. Harley’s phone rings and its Zach on the other end. Harley looks confused.

Gus tells Alex that he has accepted his role and that he and Phillip are too different. Phillip gets a phone call from Harley and she warns him to not act like a jerk but more of a father. Harley tells Phillip there is a problem with Zach and Phillip immediately looks worried.

Buzz tells Reva that his son is not cut out to be a waiter, at the same time Coop tells Sandy the same thing. Coop and Sandy begin talking about returning to parents after a long time. Reva tells Buzz that Sandy tried running away; Buzz tells Reva that she’s doing a better job parenting than she gives herself credit for. Reva asks Buzz if he’s asked Coop to stay and we find out via Coop to Sandy that Buzz hasn’t asked him. Sandy tells Coop that Buzz hasn’t asked him because Buzz will be more hurt if Buzz asks Coop to stay and he leaves. Coop asks Sandy if he’s thought about running away and Sandy tells him that it’s the coward’s way out.

Tammy tells Lizzie to dry her eyes that no one is going to feel sorry for her and that she doesn’t even want to be with Joey after what he did to her. Lizzie tells Tammy that she hopes they can someday be friends again when her phone rings. Lizzie picks it up and it’s JB on the other end. JB, hearing Tammy on the other end telling Lizzie to leave the farmhouse wants to talk to Tammy. When Lizzie tells him to lose her number JB tells her to come down the Farley’s Bar and he’ll make it worth her while.

At the bar as we see JB walk off, we see Joey seated at a table.

At the Beacon Phillip sits down with Harley and Ms. Mendez. Ms. Mendez tells Phillip that Zach has recently began to hit people and wants to know the motivation behind it. Harley gives Phillip a look. Harley brings up the fact that Zach is seeing his father trying to crush his mother and her family each and everyday. Phillip looks at Harley with disbelief and anger.

At the bar, Lizzie demands to know why she is at the bar and offers to pay him off. JB tells Lizzie that Tammy was at the bar last night talking to Tony Santos. JB offers to buy Lizzie a drink and takes her up to the bar, while he does that Joey sneaks over to JB’s bag and grabs a vial of the same drug JB sold Lizzie out of it.

Sandy asks Reva how she takes her mind off of things and Reva demands a better explanation. Sandy tells her he’s talking about work and informs her more about ‘Rock the Vote.’ Reva looks at his computer screen to go over the numbers for the 20 million loud/ Rock the Vote stuff and she tells him that he’s really special. Reva begins to make the comment that “if she died tomorrow” when Sandy shuts her down and tells her not to tempt fate. Reva tries assuring him she’s fine and he still tells her that there’s no reason to use that expression.

Buzz tells Coop that he thought being a waiter was somehow beneath him (Coop) and that it can’t be as he’s a lousy waiter. Coop and Buzz talk about how they’re going to kick Phillip “around the sandbox.” Coop tells Buzz that he came to Springfield to help his family beat Phillip Spaulding.

Phillip tells Ms. Menendez that Harley is right in so far as their families are having a bit of a disagreement, but that Harley is a bit overdramatic.

JB tells Lizzie that Tammy left the bar with another guy and describes him to Lizzie. Lizzie tells JB that Sandy is Tammy’s cousin and calls him a moron. Joey calls Lizzie’s cell phone and asks her to meet him at the Beacon as he has to tell her something he can only do in person. Lizzie agrees to meet Joey there.

Phillip tells Ms.Mendez that he doesn’t want her to get the wrong impression about Zach’s home life and that generally he and Harley provide a united front, but that lately they are having some disagreements on a variety of issues. Ms. Mendez tells Phillip that whatever is going on is having an impact on Zach and that the reason that Zach gave for hitting was that “it is ok to hit as it is ok to hate someone and that his Daddy hates both his Mommy and Grandpa and that he was just acting like his Daddy.” Phillip tells Ms.Mendez that they will deal with what is going on. Phillip accuses Harley of poisoning Zach’s mind, and Harley tells Phillip that Zach simply sees what is going on. Phillip threatens to bring Zach back to where he belongs, with him. Harley warns Phillip that if he doesn’t stop what he is doing that Zach will turn on his father just as Phillip turned on Alan when he was younger. Phillip threatens Harley not to come between him and his son and leaves.

Alex questions Gus about how he and Harley can’t survive considering how much they love one another. Gus tells Alex it’s because he’s too much like the Spaulding’s and Alex disagrees with him, telling him he is completely different from the rest of the Spaulding’s. Alex offers to help Gus get Harley back, if that is what he really wants.

Tammy, sitting at home picks up a photo of Joey and wonders why and how Joey could choose Lizzie over her. She contemplates how Joey could not remember anything.

At the Beacon Joey holds a vial of the GHB and asks Lizzie if it looks familiar. Lizzie plays stupid and pretends to not know what he’s talking about. Joey tells Lizzie that the only way she (Lizzie) could have gotten him into bed was if he was drunk or dead and that the only thing he can figure out is that Lizzie drugged him. Lizzie begins crying.

After looking at Sandy’s computer screen Reva tells Sandy that she doesn’t think that there is anything to worry about when it comes to the emails. Reva offers to take the computer to the police station to track who ever it is that is bothering him. Sandy tells Reva that there isn’t anything the police can do that he can’t, and that the person emailing him keeps finding backdoors into his system. Reva realizes just how spooked Sandy is by this guy.

Coop and Buzz take off to put sugar in Phillip’s gas tank, because as childish as it is still getting at Phillip.

Alex tells Gus that Phillip’s Achilles’ heel is Beth and that in the end he always listens to her. That she (Beth) may be the only person he truly loves.

Harley tells Bill what happened between her and Phillip, and warns Bill that Phillip is going to blow soon and that someone will get hurt. She also assures Bill that she wants to press on in her conquest to stop Phillip.

Back at the Beacon Phillip tells someone that he wants him to watch over Zach and see what influence the Coopers are having on his thinking. Phillip also tells the same guy that Olivia is overseas trying to rally support for her cause and that not only does he want this man to make some phone calls about that that he wants her detained at immigration.

When the man asks Phillip how long he wants her detained for, Phillip tells him that he doesn’t care if Olivia ever steps foot on US soil again. Phillip then calls Ruth and tells her he wants her to dig up as much dirt as possible on Harley Cooper.

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