Guiding Light Update Monday 9/20/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Danny asks Michelle if she’s sure she wants to be with him. Michelle tells him that it feels right and she doesn’t want it to stop.

Tammy goes into a bar, dressed to kill and orders a rum & coke. The bartender asks her for ID and she plays it off as though she never gets asked anymore, she reaches for her ID and the bartender tells her he doesn’t need to see it anymore. Tony happens to be there, witnesses the whole thing and tells Tammy that her bluff is a good one.

Dinah tells Cassie and Blake that she thinks her father brought her to the wrong room. There is a knock on the door and Blake & Cassie go outside of the interrogation room where Reva and Ross are talking. Reva tells Ross that he’s very brave to put his reputation on line for her. Reva and Cassie step aside and talk about how Reva is going to play the ‘good cop’ because she’s the only one who can at the moment. Cassie wonders if the trial will be worth what she has to put her family through. Reva asks Cassie what she is going to do if Dinah ‘passes the test’ and Cassie tells Reva that she doesn’t think that they’re going to have to worry about that. Reva asks Cassie is she (Cassie) is willing to let Dinah go if she has changed, Cassie doesn’t know and tells her that they’ll “just have to find out.”

Sandy is sitting at his computer trying to figure out who sent him the postcard that said “I saw you” when he gets another message, this time in the form of an instant message on his computer that says “you let him die” over and over again.

When Tammy gets her drink, Tony tells her that she was supposed to tip the bartender. Tammy, acting indignant tells Tony that she will when she settles her tab; Tony makes fun of her calling her a “woman of the world” and tells her he’s in a bad mood. Tammy laughs and lets him know that it wasn’t hard to figure out. Tammy sits next to Tony and tells him he asked her to join him when he started talking to her. Tony orders a shot and then calls Tammy a kid and tells her he has enough of his own problems without being a babysitter. Tammy is intrigued and pressures him to tell her about his problems.

Michelle and Danny continue to make love, with Michelle giggling about the fact that she can’t remember ever having had sex with anyone before, so it kind of makes her a virgin. Michelle asks Danny to be patient with her and tells him that she’s wanted to be with her for a long time. Danny tells her he misses her and she tells him, that although she has no memory she missed him as well.

Cassie, Reva and Blake ask Dinah about her recent change. The three (Reva, Cassie & Blake) pretend that Reva is convinced of Dinah’s change. Cassie and Blake tell Dinah they don’t believe her, while Reva plays devil’s advocate and tells them that Dinah DID save RJ & Cassie and that has to count for something. The three probe Dinah for answers as to why she shot Hart. They press her, almost answering their questions themselves.

Sandy is freaked out and has closed his laptop. He goes back over to the computer and has a flashback of being on the ledge and trying to save Jonathon. Sandy types back to anonymous person who messaged him and asks him/her how they knew Jonathon.

Tammy asks Tony if the motorcycle outside is his, and when he tells her he bought it for someone else. Tony tells her that one day his mystery girl will want the bike, Tammy lets Tony know that she thinks predicting what the opposite sex wants is a waste of time. Tony interrupts her and tells her he’s not interested in her story. Tammy goes to order another drink and Tony goes over and takes it away from her. Tony threatens to call her mother. Tammy breaks down and tells him not to call Cassie because she can’t explain to her mother all that she is going through, the fact that Joey cheated on her and that she’s still having nightmares about Hart’s death.

Sandy gets a reply message with the text “wouldn’t you like to know.” Sandy gets a phone call to head to the bar to help his cousin.

Michelle hears something and Danny goes to check it out.

Jeffery asks Ross what’s going on in the interrogation room.

Blake tells Dinah that Hart never loved her half as much as he loved Cassie. Dinah tells them that she tried figuring out why he loved Cassie more and as much as she tried she couldnít figure it out, and that she had a hard time knowing that she was alone because of Cassie.

Dinah admits that she hated Cassie because Cassie was everything Dinah couldnít be. Cassie challenges Dinah to go and confess. Dinah tells her she canít confess and that she no longer wants to hurt Cassie. Cassie throws it in Dinahís face that she and Edmund are engaged and living on Hartís farm.

Ross tells Jeffery that he had no choice but to protect his daughter. AS the two are talking they hear a noise and rush toward the interrogation room.

Danny goes to the front door and finds out that the noise they heard was Terry, the contractor for Light. He tells them he was just double checking some measurements so that he can start working on the lighthouse the next day. Michelle pulls the contractor inside and tells him that she has some ideas she wants to go over with him. She tells Danny that they’ll finish what was going on between them later.

While waiting for Sandy to arrive Tony gets a phone call from Michelle asking him to go over to the lighthouse ASAP. Michelle tells him that she has a surprise for him. Tony rushes off and tells the bartender to give Tammy some coffee. Tammy decides to order another drink.

Dinah is on the floor and Ross goes over to make sure she’s ok. Dinah pretend to be confused and tells Ross to go to Blake. Jeffery and Reva go off and talk about the women ‘feeling’ Dinah out. Meanwhile Cassie imagines Dinah standing next to her, bothering her. When Cassie starts yelling she realizes she is yelling at air, Reva takes her out of the interrogation room and Cassie tells Reva that she doesn’t think she will ever be free of Dinah.

Tony runs into Danny on the lighthouse stairwell. Danny accuses Tony of calling the contractor and sending him over. Danny warns Tony that Michelle is his wife and that she will always be with him.

Michelle happens to overhear.

Tammy is at the bar telling her problems to the bartender when Sandy shows up. Tammy tells Sandy that she wants to be a bad person like Dinah & Lizzie so that she can hurt people before they hurt her. Sandy tells Tammy that she is perfect the way she is and Tammy breaks down. She and Sandy hug and are being watched by someone.

Michelle asks Tony what took him so long to get to the lighthouse and he tells her that he ran into Danny on the stairwell. Tony tells Michelle that instead of celebrating with Danny he wants to run some ideas by her. Tony tells Michelle that he wants to take her to the bar and show her some ideas while Danny stays behind to field questions from the contractor.

Blake tells Ross that he is blind to all her faults and Ross asks Blake to put her in his shoes. Blake tells Ross that Dinah is crazy and that she doesn’t understand why he just blindly stands by her. Ross tells Blake that she of all people should understand as Blake has always stood by her father, regardless of all the horrible things he’s done.

Dinah watches as Cassie and Reva talk. Cassie tells Reva that she believes that when the three of them laid into Dinah that she (Dinah) actually remained resourceful and that Cassie doesn’t know what to do anymore. In the interrogation room Jeffery asks Dinah if she was really crying or just faking it. Dinah tells Jeffery that it’s not as easy as it looks to be hated. Dinah tells Jeffery that Cassie is engaged to Edmund just to rub it in.

Danny asks the contractor whether Michelle should be living in the lighthouse alone or not. Tony tells Michelle that she can have the motorcycle they were riding on, and that he bought it for her. Michelle makes Tony get back on the bike so that he can show her how to ride it.

The bartender asks Sandy to get Tammy out of the bar, as they leave we see that JB was watching them.

Blake tells Ross that Dinah is much worse than her father and then changes her mind when it comes to attending a dinner with Ross. Blake checks her mail and finds a letter from her father that says he’s coming back to town (September 28th, 10am). Blake calls her father and tells him that she needs him.

Reva tells Cassie that she needs to do what feels right for her and that she needs to make sure she can live with whatever decision that she makes. Jeffery tells Dinah that he’s happy for Cassie. Reva tells Cassie that she will be happy for Cassie in her engagement to Edmund as long as Cassie is truly happy. Jeffery looks on. Dinah remembers the day that Jeffery told her that they had to stop impersonating Cassie/Richard and how the reason that Jeffery stopped the façade because he was worried about her obsession with Cassie.

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