Guiding Light Update Friday 9/17/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Lighthouse, Danny and Michelle kiss each other but Danny stops when he notices Michelle is distracted. Danny tells Michelle he doesn't want to force her to choose between being with him and going antique shopping with Tony. Michelle tells Danny she has already made her decision.

At the Beacon, J.B. and Lizzie continue to watch Joey and Tammy argue through the window. Joey tries to make Tammy understand that he doesn't remember sleeping with Lizzie. Lizzie tells J.B that he better leave from the side entrance so nobody will see him. When Lizzie turns around J.B. has already left.

At the police Station, Blake and Ross arrive to visit Dinah. Ross blames himself for Dinah's mistakes. Blake assures Ross that he didn't make Dinah shoot Hart so what she did isn't his fault. Ross tries to make Blake understand that nobody is all good or all bad and he thinks Blake of all people should understand that about Dinah. Dinah tells herself that she must get out of jail as she remembers a fight she had the last time she was in jail. Dinah vows she won't go through that again.

At the farm, Cassie thinks Edmund is only asking her to marry him because he is afraid to lose her or because he truly loves her. Cassie asks Edmund to explain why he wants to marry her now. Cassie also wonders if Dinah could be the reason behind Edmund's proposal.

At the Lighthouse, Michelle explains to Danny that she has gained a new prospective since living in the lighthouse. Michelle wonders what people think of her when they see her living there. Danny doesn't' think Michelle really cares what people think of her. Michelle smiles because Danny is finally getting to know her new personality. Michelle wonders when Danny began to accept her new personality. Danny tells Michelle he accepted her new personality when he realized all he wanted was her happiness. Michelle admits that when everyone was pressuring her to remember she wanted to run away on Tony's bike but now she is happy with her life. Michelle smiles and tells Danny that he is stuck with her.

At the Beacon, Tammy doesn't believe a word of Joey's explanation that he can't remember sleeping with Lizzie. Joey tells Tammy that Lizzie means nothing to him because he loves her. Tammy cries and yells that she doesn't want to hear another of Joey's excuses. Joey begs Tammy not to leave because they need to talk about the situation. J.B. watches the fight from another hiding place.

At the police station, Ross tries to keep Dinah and Blake from having a war of words. Dinah tells Ross and Blake that she sees things in a whole new light because of Cassie.

At the Farm, Edmund explains to Cassie that he has had the ring ever since she moved into the farm but has been trying to figure out the right time to give it to her. Cassie can't believe that with everything going on in their lives right now Edmund thinks this is the perfect time to give her the ring. Cassie continues to doubt Edmund's intentions. Cassie thinks Dinah's trial will cause a lot of stress in their lives and they can't possible think about getting married. Edmund admits to Cassie that Dinah was part of the reason he asked her to marry him.

At the lighthouse, Michelle explains that she wants to live in the moment and not think about the past or the future. Michelle tells Danny that feels a connection to Tony but that doesn't compare to the feeling she has for him. (Danny) Danny admits to Michelle that living in the moment might be difficult for him but he will try his best. Michelle goes to pick out some music. Danny hears a noise and catches the stalker coming in the lighthouse.

At the Beacon, Tammy can't understand why Joey slept with Lizzie even after Joey explains that the only things he remembers are going to the hotel suite having some champagne with Lizzie and waking up the next morning in bed with Lizzie next to him. Tammy screams that heir relationship is over and leaves the hotel. Joey shouts Tammy's name twice to stop her but she leaves anyway. Lizzie tells Joey to let Tammy go.

At the police station, Blake blasts Dinah for ruining her life as well as the lives of Cassie and Tammy. Blake tells Dinah that Cassie will make sure she pays for her crime. Blake refuses to believe Ross when he tells her Cassie is considering not going to trial. Dinah starts to cry a little bit and asks for a second chance. Ross thinks Dinah deserves a second chance and walks over to hug his daughter and tell her everything will be okay.

At the Farm, Edmund tells Cassie that Dinah made him realize how precious life is and that is why he decided to give Cassie the ring. Cassie thinks that is the craziest thing she has ever heard in her life. Edmund asks Cassie to take a leap of faith with him. Edmund tells Cassie he can't predict the future but it would be crazy for them not to take a chance at a happy ending. Tammy walks in crying and tells Cassie and Edmund that nothing will ever be the same in her life as long as she is around (Of course she means Lizzie) Cassie assumes that Tammy is upset because of Dinah. Edmund holds Tammy while she cries for a few minutes. Tammy stomps upstairs to cry some more.

At the Beacon, Joey blasts Lizzie because she told her friend about their night together and he told Tammy about it. Lizzie explains to Joey that anyone at the hotel could have seen them coming out of the room the next morning and told Tammy sooner or later. Joey is frustrated because he can't remember what happened between them that night. Joey vows to make Tammy understand and he makes it clear to Lizzie that he and Tammy belong together.

At the police station, Ross asks Blake to leave Blake is hurt that Ross once again takes Dinah's side. Blake asks Ross to accept that his daughter is a psychopath and belongs in jail. Blake tells Ross that if Dinah continues to come between them the next thing she will kill is their marriage. Ross warns Dinah that if she wants to destroy his marriage she won't be able to do it.

At the Lighthouse, Danny warns the stalker not to bother Michelle again. Danny suggests that he leave Springfield or he (Danny) will kill him if he sees him on the street. Danny explains to the stalker that Killing him and going to jail to protect Michelle won't matter to him because he would gladly die for Michelle's sake. Michelle is touched when she hears Danny's words to the stalker. Michelle can't imagine a love that is stronger then the love Danny feels for her. Michelle thinks she doesn't deserve such powerful love from Danny. Danny tells Michelle he would gladly fall in love with her again. Danny thinks he has already fallen in love with her again.

At the Beacon, J.B. thinks that Joey will never be Lizzie's boyfriend as long as Tammy is around. Lizzie is positive Joey will be her boyfriend. J.B. thinks the onl Joey will only be Lizzie's if she drugs him again. Lizzie is surprised to see Joey standing behind her.

At the farm, Cassie doesn't want Tammy to go through the pain of Dinah's trial. Edmund tells Cassiet they will helt Tammy through the trial together. Edmund gives Cassie the ring and explains that she doesn't need to take off the ring Richard gave her. Edmund explains to Cassie she is free to wear the ring on any finger she wants to wear the ring on. Cassie takes off her wedding ring and says she is going to give it to Sandy so he can give it to the woman he decides to marry. Edmund asks Cassie to marry him once again. Cassie says a tearful and happy yes and Edmund puts the ring on her finger. Cassie hugs Edmund and tells him there is something she needs to do before she can think about the future.

At the police station, Ross feels that Dinah's problems are partly his fault because she grew up without a father. Dinah explains that it isn't his fault. Dinah goes on to explain that she spent her whole life blaming other people for her problems but now she wants to take responsibility for them. Dinah persuades her father that she wants to redeem herself. Ross is determined to help his daughter have a second chance.

At the lighthouse, Michelle and Danny make love.

At the Farm, Edmund vows that Dinah won't ruin his relationship with Cassie.

Tammy looks at a picture of Joey.

At the police station, Ross tells Dinah he got a call from someone who can help her but the person wants to speak to her before they make a decision. Ross asks Dinah to walk into the interrogation room and tell the absolute truth because now is her chance to redeem herself. Dinah is surprised when she walks in and sees Cassie is the person who wants to speak with her.

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