Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/16/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Tony is at Company and calls Michelle to see how she’s doing. Michelle invites Tony over to help her with work at the lighthouse. Tony goes outside, finishes paying off some guy for a motorcycle and tells him that he didn’t buy it for himself. Meanwhile, at the lighthouse Danny walks in surprising Michelle with lunch and a kiss.

Lizzie meets up with her drug dealer at Company and tells him that she thinks there is a way that they can both get what they want.

Joey is at the farmhouse finishing his chores up before heading to his ‘real job’ at Spaulding. Tammy urges Joey to ignore Lizzie and the two agree to meet up later. Edmund walks in, and when Tammy and Joey leave a man walks out from the living room. Edmund shows this man a photo, the guy tells Edmund he recognizes her from the news and Edmund tells him that something needs to be done about that today.

Cassie is waiting for Jeffery at the police station. She tells him that she can’t stay away.

Reva is put in a cell with Dinah.

Lizzie is at Company and pretends to kiss the drug dealer as Tammy walks in. The drug dealer goes over to Tammy and tells her that he wanted to see what she was like.

Bill sees Tony buying a new bike and asks what woman he’s buying it for.

Danny tells Michelle that the lighthouse is coming along nicely and offers to help her with it. She refuses his help. Danny tells her that he’s never going to stop trying to find ways to get closer to her.

Edmund tells the man that his job is top priority and that it has to be done today.

Reva threatens Dinah and then tells her why she’s in jail. Dinah tells Reva that she’s had time to think about her mistakes and that she’s sorry. Reva tells Dinah that she doesn’t believe her and that she’ll do whatever it takes to protect Cassie.

Danny offers to call some guys for Michelle if she wants the added protection. Michelle tells him she doesn’t need them but appreciates that he asked about calling them.

Bill tells Tony that he and Danny fighting over Michelle can’t be helping matters and that no matter what Tony does Danny & Michelle will end up together.

Lizzie’s drug dealer flirts with Tammy, even though she tells him she has a boyfriend.

Cassie pulls Dinah into a private room and tells her that they need to talk. Cassie demands that Dinah tell her about the past few years that Dinah was impersonating her. Dinah tells her that she wanted Cassie’s life and that Cassie should know that.

Bill drops by to see Reva and asks where Dinah is. Bill sticks up for his sister and tells Reva that she’s trying to change. Bill tells Reva he’s going to bail her out and that charges have been dropped. Bill tells Reva that Dinah stayed with him for a while.

Tammy tells the drug dealer that she thinks he’s a scum for cheating on Lizzie. The drug dealer tells Tammy that he thought Tammy would want to get to know Lizzie’s guys since Lizzie knows Tammy’s so well. Tammy asks him what that’s supposed to mean and he asks her if she knows where Joey was the night of the storm. The drug dealer tells Tammy that Joey was with Lizzie the night of the storm and claims that he’s telling her because she looks like a nice person who doesn’t deserve to get played.

Danny and Michelle begin to get closer and Tony walks in. Tony throws some keys to Michelle and tells her he’s giving her some keys to freedom.

Tammy tells the drug dealer (JB) that he’s new in town and must be getting his people confused. Lizzie walks back in and Tammy asks her about what JB told her. Lizzie tells JB that she told him not to say anything. Tammy accuses Lizzie of lying. Lizzie tells Tammy that she never planned on telling her and that it meant nothing to either of them. JB apologizes for causing a scene, but thinks it is better that Tammy knows. As Tammy is leaving Joey walks in.

Tony tells Michelle that he’s sorry and that today must be a bad day for surprises. Tony leaves and Michelle and Danny kiss again.

Bill tells Reva that Dinah stayed with him for a day or two and then was supposed to leave. Reva warns Bill to watch out for Dinah.

Joey goes after Tammy, and asks her what’s wrong. Tammy tells Joey that they need to talk while JB and Lizzie watch on. Tammy tells Joey that she trusts Joey, but that she needs him to be honest with her. She asks him about the night of the storm and where he was.

Edmund is at home waiting for Cassie when she arrives. Edmund tells Cassie that he can’t wait any longer and proposes to Cassie. Cassie is shocked.

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