Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/15/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Reva is still on the phone with Jonathon’s school in Europe when Sandy over hears the conversation and grabs the phone out of her hand.

Bill phones ‘Ruth’ to make sure everything is ok and she tells him it is. Phillip comes in and tells Ruth he knows how she can make the perfect executive assistant.

Bill apologizes to Edmund on behalf of Dinah. Edmund tells Bill that if Dinah wants to do the right thing he should convince Dinah to stay away from Cassie & her family.

At the farm Tammy tells Cassie she doesn’t want to go inside the farmhouse because she remembers Dinah shooting Hart. Cassie tries reassuring Tammy and it doesn’t go too well.

Jeffery asks Dinah what it is he wants her to do and ends up kissing her.

Reva apologizes for interfering and Sandy tells her to stop messing around in his life.

Bill compares Dinah to Edmund’s past actions, which really makes him think about what he would do to protect those he loves.

Ruth tells Phillip that she left working for Slingshot Enterprises because of Olivia and he attempts to pay her off for information on Slingshot Enterprises.

Lizzie and Joey show up for work at the same time. Lizzie asks Joey to be patient with her.

Cassie is in the middle of telling Tammy that no one like Dinah can change, and that all it takes is for one thing to set them off when Edmund walks in.

Jeffery tells Dinah he wanted to show her how he felt, and he always comes back to her as she makes him feel alive. He tells her he wants her and wants to go away with her. Jeffery tells Dinah he needs to figure a way to spring her out of jail; Dinah tells him it’s a sudden change.

Tammy asks Edmund if he thinks Dinah could have changed, Edmund tells Tammy that he doesn’t know Dinah but that he needs to trust Cassie’s instincts. Tammy goes for a walk and Edmund tells Cassie that he’s worried about both her and Tammy.

Reva tells Sandy to put himself in her shoes. Sandy makes the mistake of telling Reva about Cross Creek.

Ruth tells Phillip she can’t accept his money, because she is not a gossip. Phillip tells her she has passed the first test, but has not yet been offered the job.

Lizzie offers to take Joey to lunch when Tammy calls. Lizzie rushes into Phillips office for help and sees Ruth.

Jeffery tells Dinah he would take care of her, she accuses him of wanting to protect Cassie and refuses.

Cassie catches RJ watching for his ‘imaginary friend’ and he tells her about all the time he spent with her. Cassie sends him upstairs to play with his cars; Edmund comes in and see an enraged Cassie slamming a sharp knife through some brownies. Cassie informs Edmund that Dinah is a dead woman.

Sandy tells Reva what he knows about Cross Creek, when Bill comes in. Bill tells Reva that Josh and Billy are taking care of things and not to get involved. Reva takes off.

Ruth introduces herself to Lizzie and then leaves Lizzie & Phillip alone. Phillip tells Lizzie that he will not tolerate Joey’s behavior, and Lizzie tells Phillip that he can’t get Joey in trouble. Phillip accuses Joey of pretending to be interested in Lizzie to get a job at Spaulding. Phillip agrees to help Lizzie ‘get this boy’ if that’s what she really wants.

Tammy goes to the police station to confront Dinah. Joey comes to Tammy’s rescue and Dinah tells Tammy that she’s lucky to have Joey in her life. Dinah also warns Tammy to beware of women like her that love too much, her cousin Lizzie being one of them.

Edmund takes the knife from Cassie while she tells him about the fact that Dinah is RJ’s imaginary friend. Edmund leaves, telling Cassie he has to run an errand. Jeffery shows up, and Cassie tells him that she’s made her mind up about Dinah and asks him if the state still has the death penalty.

Reva rushes into Phillip’s office and he tells her the thing with Cross Creek is not personal. Ruth pulls Reva’s arms behind her and tells her that Reva needs to do as Phillip says.

Edmund confronts Dinah about being RJ’s imaginary friend and Dinah tells Edmund she would never do anything to harm Hart’s son.

Cassie tells Jeffery what RJ told her, and Jeffery tells her that they don’t have proof but if she wants him to they can go after her, but that she needs to make sure she’s ready.

Ruth calls for security without Phillip knowing. Phillip sends Reva and Sandy out of his office and directs for Reva to be arrested. Sandy tries getting Reva out of being arrested and Phillip threatens to have him arrested as well. Phillip hires Ruth on the spot.

Lizzie calls her drug dealer and tells him that she can hook Tammy and him up the next day. She (Lizzie) also sees Joey & Tammy together and tells Joey that she took care of his leaving early.

Ruth shows up at the Beacon sees Bill and tells him that she was hired, but got Reva fired.

Jeffery tells Cassie that Tammy will need to testify in the case and that Dinah will be portrayed as the sad fiancée while Cassie & Hart will be portrayed as the adulteress that they were. He tells her he wants to make sure it will be worth it in the end.

Edmund calls someone and tells them that he needs a favor and that he wants it to be discreet.

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