Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/14/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Harley is nursing Buzz back to health, informing him that he’ll have to stay in the hospital a few more days. Buzz, who thinks he sees Gus & Harley (instead of Bill & Harley), tells them to be happy with one another.

Gus is busy working at Spaulding when Beth comes in and tells Gus that he should stand up for what he believes in.

Phillip fires his assistant and Alan asks him if he’s read this mornings paper. Phillip tells him that he hasn’t but he’s sure he won’t be happy about it and that he’s got to get the family on the right track.

Joey is reassuring Tammy that she is safe now that Dinah is in jail. Tammy tells Joey that she’s glad they’re back together and that nothing happened between Lizzie and Joey; as she says that Lizzie walks in.

Reva calls Cassie while waiting for Sandy at the Beacon. Outside Sandy calls to confirm a flight to Switzerland. Reva comes out and asks if she pushed him too hard, and he tells her that he simply needs to get some things done. She wants to know where he’s going and he tells her that he’ll call her when he gets there. Reva demands to know where and why he is leaving.

Lizzie sits down with Tammy & Joey and tells Tammy that she’s lucky to have Joey since he loves her so much. She also tells Joey that she’ll see him the next day as they’re going to be working together at Spaulding. Outside Company the guy that Lizzie bought the drugs from approaches her.

Beth tells Gus that Phillip is out of control and that they need to stop him.

Alan tells Phillip he’s proud of him, but that he can’t forget that Alan is the head of the family. Alan tells Phillip that he shouldn’t forget that the Coopers & Spaulding’s are tied together for life.

Harley apologizes to Bill for Buzz thinking that he’s Gus. Bill tries to make Harley understand what position that Gus was in when he lied to her. Harley tells Bill that Gus made his choice and that as far as she is concerned he can go down with the rest of them.

Lizzie tells the drug dealer that she didn’t use the drug. As Joey comes out she shoves the drug dealer away. Lizzie is sitting on a bench and Joey asks her if she’s ok. Joey apologizes and tells her that he never lied to her and whatever happened meant nothing.

Bill shows Harley an ad from Spaulding looking for people to help out with the development project. Bill comes up with the idea of planting a mole at Spaulding and Harley goes for the idea.

Phillip tells Alan that he’s not only seizing Cooper property as well as Lewis property and that he thinks it may now be time for him to buy the newspaper.

Beth tells Gus that she doesn’t see the side of Phillip that is nice to people anymore. Gus tells Beth he isn’t telling Harley about what he’s doing because he’s doing it for Buzz and because it’s what’s right. Alan tells Gus that he will support him every step of the way and Gus asks what will happen if he goes against Phillip.

Sandy tells Reva he needs some space. Reva asks if he’s in some sort of trouble.

Harley tells Bill that ‘Ruth Karloff’ can be Phillips personal assistant. Bill & Harley decide that they need to make Phillip think that they’re stealing Ruth from Slingshot Enterprises.

Alan tells Gus that he doesn’t take sides in family issues. Gus has to run into the boardroom. Alan thanks Beth for taking an interest in Gus and she rushes to tell Alan that nothing is happening between the two of them.

Reva tells Sandy that she wants to help him, and he tells her it’s something he needs to handle on his own.

Harley and Bill scheme up a plan so that Phillip can watch ‘Ruth’ quit her job for Bill. Ruth is of course Harley in disguise. Phillip takes the bait and offers his help to ‘Ruth.’

Beth tells Gus that perhaps Phillip got out of Ravenwood a little too soon and she and Gus talk a bit about having Phillip committed again.

Lizzie tries paying off the drug dealer, which doesn’t go over well. The drug dealer tells Lizzie that he wants her to introduce him to Tammy.

Phillip decides to take ‘Ruth’ on a tour of Spaulding Enterprises and tells her that he’s hiring.

Gus isn’t too keen on committing Phillip, although Beth is gung ho for it especially since Phillip threatened her mother.

Reva begs Sandy to do whatever it is he needs to do in Springfield. Sandy agrees, Reva goes through his things and calls his old school wanting to find out information when Jonathon was there.

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