Guiding Light Update Monday 9/13/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Harley storms into Company with Bill still angry from Phillip wanting to use Zach as a pawn in his game. Bill tries to calm Harley down and then receives a call from Ross that Dinah has been arrested. Ross tells him not to go to the police station just now. A contractor comes into Company and tells Harley that he’s there to tear down the structure. Harley kicks him out.

Lillian gives Buzz the good news that Buzz will be able to get out of the hospital tomorrow. Frank, Coop and Marina visit Buzz who tells them he doesn’t like feeling as though he’s “being put out to pasture.”

Sandy visits Father Ray about a ‘Rock the Vote’ idea when Phillip walks in.

Danny accuses Tony of manipulating & staging the argument. Tony walks outside and catches the man trying to accost Michelle. Danny pulls Tony off of the guy and they both race after him as he runs away.

Tammy meets up with Cassie at the police station. Cassie tries reassuring Tammy by telling her & Blake that Dinah saved RJ. Blake confronts Ross and tells him that although Dinah is his daughter she wants her (Dinah) to get what she deserves, because Hart was her brother. Dinah, escorted by Jeffery walks through the police station and claims she is ready to make her statement. Both Ross and Jeffery advise her against it. Dinah apologizes for her mistakes.

Michelle is angry at Danny for letting the guy go.

Sandy tells Phillip that perhaps WSPR should help out with the ‘Rock the Vote’ Springfield campaign, Phillip tells Sandy that it’s a noble idea and encourages him to write the ideas up and put them on his desk. After Sandy heads out Phillip laughs and tells Father Ray that he will do it as it is great publicity and that he cares about the future. He also says that the future is what has driven him to make some of the decisions he has as of late; Father Ray offers to listen if Phillip is ever conflicted about his decisions and Phillip shrugs off the help.

Harley calls Frank and tells him that the bulldozers are there. Buzz tries convincing Coop to take him to find a phone. Harley & Bill handcuff themselves to Company. Gus shows up and tries convincing Harley to take the handcuffs off. When Harley refuses Gus tries to send the bulldozers away. Phillip shows up, tells Gus to join Harley or to do what he is being paid to do. Buzz shows up at Company.

Tony and Ray toast to Tony and Michelle. Ray asks him what he means – he thought that Tony bought the house to help Danny & Michelle get back on their feet.

Danny tells Michelle he isn’t trying to buy her, but help her. That he wants her to be able to count on him.

Cassie doesn’t believe Dinah’s statement. Ross tells everyone that he knew Dinah was in town and protected her. Dinah warns Jeffery she can destroy him at will.

Tony tells Ray that he’s going after Michelle because he wants to.

Buzz challenges Phillip to mow down Buzz in front of the whole town. Phillip tells them that they have the law on his side. A WSPR camera shows up, doing a story on Company and Spaulding, Phillip tries sending the cameras away by telling him that it would be a one sided story. Lillian shows up and agrees to stay at Company to help take care of Buzz and makes a statement on air that she supports Buzz & his family. Phillip gets angry and sends the bulldozers away.

Tony tells Ray that he loves Michelle; Ray asks him if he loves her enough to rip the whole family apart. Danny & Michelle make up. Michelle asks Danny to try and get along with Tony.

Dinah tells Jeffery she wants her freedom or she will tell everyone about him (Jeffery) impersonating Richard. Jeffery tells her that she’s on her own.

Blake yells at Ross for putting her & Cassie at risk by not telling everyone that Dinah was back in town.

Gus congratulates Harley. Phillip warns Lillian not to stand in his way ever again. Phillip tells Gus that everything is far from over.

Ray tells Tony to put his feelings on the back burner. Tony tells him that he’s going after what he wants.

Michelle & Danny say goodbye to their house.

Ross tells Blake he’s going to petition the governor so that he can pardon Dinah.

Cassie & Tammy tell Jeffery and Edmond that they’re ready for the fight to make sure Dinah gets what she deserves.

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