Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/9/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Phillip catches Harley breaking in and tells her she made a big mistake. She tries telling him that she was waiting for him to arrive when Bill shows up.

Danny is packing up to move and Tony reminds him that he doesn’t have to leave. Danny tells him tat he’s not sharing his house or wife with Tony.

Michelle is at the Beacon being watched.

Blake tells Ross that she understands, and that perhaps it is all for the best. Tammy overhears that Dinah is back in town and is shocked.

Jeffery tells Edmond that Cassie followed him to DC and that there was nothing he could do. Edmond tells Jeffery that he knows he used to impersonate Richard.

Cassie shows up and tells Dinah she was waiting a long time to confront her. Cassie accuses Dinah of setting the fire and Dinah shows Cassie that she still has a weapon on her – the dagger from the auction in Italy.

Tammy demands to know where Dinah was and what happened. Blake & Ross tell Tammy about the barn fire and goes to drive her home.

Dinah tells Cassie tat her days of wanting to hurt people are over and turns the dagger over to the police. Cassie tells her that she doesn’t believe that she has changed.

Jeffery tells Edmond he has no choice but to put Dinah on trial for murder as there is no statute of limitations.

Bill tells Phillip that he knows about Cross Creek and Phillip tells him that itís all business. Phillip calls Bill a hillbilly and Bill goes after Phillip.

Harley stops him and tells the two of them she has an idea.

Michelle arrives at the house and mentions heading to a place north of Springfield for antiques. Tony tells her he’s up for it, and then gets a phone call. Danny tells her that moving out is tough as he thought he would spend the rest of his life there. Michelle and Danny kiss. Danny questions what the kiss means and Michelle tells him that it means it was good and that was all. Tony sees them together, leaves and then the guy that was watching Michelle in the Beacon is outside of the house.

Harley tells Bill & Phillip that perhaps they can compromise. Harley asks Phillip what it is he wants/needs to give up Cross Creek & Company. Phillip tells Harley the one thing he can think of to make it work would be if Harley gave them their son, Zach.

Tammy walks in and wants to know where Cassie is and why they didn’t tell her. Blake tells Jeffery that she wants Jeffery to put her behind bars for good. Tammy realizes Cassie isn’t in her room.

Cassie tells Dinah that she ruined part of her kidís lives as well. That Tammy had to walk in and see Hart on the floor and that RJ never even knew his father. Cassie tells Dinah sheís looking forward to a nice long trial.

Dinah tells Cassie that impersonating her was an escape from reality instead of an obsession. Dinah tells Cassie that she thought saving RJ would even things up a bit. Ross walks in on the two of them talking and tells Dinah she needs to finish some stuff up with the policemen. Ross tells Cassie that he has a favor to ask of her.

Edmond and Jeffery take off looking for Cassie.

Harley is mad that Phillip would consider Zach and “accommodation.” Harley tells him ‘no’ and tells Phillip how much she hates him and wants to kill him. Phillip brings up Buzz’s heart attack as well.

Michelle shows Danny some of their plans for the lighthouse. Tony accuses Danny of only wanting the lighthouse project to work so that Michelle will come back to him.

Tammy talks to Blake about the night that Hart was shot. Blake tells Tammy that she needs to see Dinah and know that her whole family is safe.

Ross asks Cassie to show some mercy towards Dinah and think about how Dinah has changed. Ross tells Cassie he believes that Dinah has changed. Cassie tells Ross that she’s not willing to go easy on her because if gets out of jail and hurts someone else in her life again.

Tony and Danny fight over Michelle again. Michelle walks in and asks Danny if Tony is right and questions whether or not Danny is trying to buy her.

Michelle yells at Tony for trying to buy her off and then is grabbed outside by the man that was following her earlier. .

Phillip tells them to get out and mentions the custody agreement to Harley. Phillip makes a phone call and moves up to demolition date.

Dinah tells everyone that she’s ready to make a statement and shoots a ‘look’ at Jeffery claiming she wants to come clean about everything.

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