Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/8/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Phillip has breakfast with Beth when Rick shows up and asks to join them. Phillip tells them that he smells a set up and Rick says that he’d prefer to call it an intervention.

Harley tells Bill she has the perfect insider to help them figure out what else Phillip is up to – the only catch being that Bill needs to approach this person.

Tammy tells Marina about how she and Joey were supposed to have sex last night and how Joey blew her off.

Joey wakes up next to Lizzie who tells him that he was amazing last night.

Edmond thinks back to all the times he’d talked to ‘Dee.’ Cassie wakes up and takes off wanting to question Dinah.

Jeffery asks Dinah why she had to come back ‘home’ when she could have gotten away scot free.

Phillip tells Beth & Rick that he’s lost his appetite. Rick and Beth tell him that they’re worried about him.

Bill tells Harley her plan isn’t going to work and Harley tells Bill that it will because ‘she’ knows Phillip better than anyone.

Phillip tells Beth & Rick that everything he’s doing is purely business. Phillip refuses their help and Beth gets a phone call from Bill requesting her to come upstairs to talk to him. Rick asks Phillip to leave the Cooper’s alone.

Marina tells Tammy that Joey not showing up is weird. Tammy tells Marina that she’s trying not to freak out about it.

Lizzie tells Joey that he shouldn’t be worried, that they used protection and that it was nice. Joey tells her that he can’t remember anything that happened. Lizzie acts hurt that he can’t remember what happened.

Bill tells Beth that he’s concerned about Phillip’s moves and that he’s trying to round up some shareholders to get Phillip out. Beth tells Bill she’s more loyal than that and doesn’t appreciate him trying to use their past for his personal gain. As Beth is walking out she runs into Harley.

Cassie tells Edmond he can’t understand, Edmond tells her that he will go find out what Dinah wants and takes off.

Dinah tells Jeffery that he has to get her out of this mess or she will talk. Jeffery begins to threaten her when Ross comes in.

Ross tells Dinah he came as soon as he could and he couldn’t stay away from his daughter.

Tammy tells Marina that she thinks she’s being too needy and that she needs to trust him.

Lizzie asks Joey what last night meant to him, and that for her it was a big mistake. She tells him that she wants him to be happy and therefore won’t tell Tammy and that she will leave it to him.

Phillip maintains that what he is doing is about the future. Rick tells Phillip that he thinks he’s trying to prove that he’s stronger after his breakdown.

Beth asks Harley how Buzz is doing. Harley tells Beth that she’s worried about Buzz and Phillip, and that there is now something scary about Phillip. Beth admits that Harley is right to some degree. Beth tells Harley that Phillip isn’t mental and that when he wants to handle stress he takes a walk. Harley runs inside to tell Bill.

Joey shows up at the Beacon and he apologizes to Tammy for not showing up.

Jeffery shows up at the farmhouse and Cassie tells him that she wants to strangle the life out of Dinah. Cassie thinks that Dinah is the imposter and wants to know why Jeffery protected Dinah and set up the meeting in DC. Ross gets a phone call and has to leave. Edmond walks in to visit Dinah and Edmond tells her (Dinah) that he will tell Cassie about his friendship with Dinah if she ever comes after Cassie again. Dinah tells Edmond that she knows he’s the one that caused the barn fire.

Coop and Marina talk about whether or not he’s going to stay in Springfield, and then about how they hate the Spaulding’s.

Lizzie shows up and accuses Marina of not wasting times finding someone new after Shayne left town.

Tammy presses Joey for the truth and nothing more, claiming that no matter what happened they still love one another. Joey tells Tammy that he got drunk at the reception and passed out.

Tammy tells Joey that she thinks that maybe they should wait before having sex.

Phillip shows up at Bill’s suite and Harley runs to hide in the bathroom. Bill calls Phillip crazy.

Jeffery tells Cassie that the woman in DC must have been covering for Dinah. Jeffery blames himself and Cassie tells him that Dinah simply must be punished. Jeffery tries to leave and Cassie asks him to leave.

Dinah explains how the fire began in detail to Edmond. Dinah tells Edmond that she’ll keep his secrets if he keeps hers.

Marina tells Lizzie that Coop is her uncle and Lizzie calls Frank out of control and says that the Cooper’s don’t have class. Coop has to hold Marina back from attacking Lizzie. Coop agrees to stick around just so the Spaulding’s get what they deserve. Lizzie walks into the Beacon to see Joey & Tammy hugging.

Phillip tells Bill he doesn’t care what others think. Bill antagonizes Phillip so that he leaves, and then he and Harley follow him.

Dinah asks Edmond to convince Cassie to admit that when she shot Cassie she wasn’t in her right mind and that if Cassie could testify to that it would help her out. As Edmond comes home he finds Jeffery and tells him how he knows that he and Cassie spent the night together in DC and that he wants to know everything.

Tammy wants to hang out with Joey and he blows her off to go home. Lizzie approaches Tammy, tells her that she knows Joey loves Tammy and that she’s going to back off.

Phillip is in a room at Towers looking at his model of ‘New Springfield’ and makes comments about Josh & Reva’s house coming down along with Lewis Company and Bill’s apartment building. Harley breaks in the room, receives a phone call that Phillip bought Cross Creek and walks away.

Phillip walks back in catching Harley in the room.

Cassie arrives to see Dinah.

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