Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/7/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Cassie sees Dinah in the barn, accuses her of setting the fire and tells her that though she (Dinah) may hate her that she simply wants to save RJ. Dinah tells Cassie she would never hurt Hart’s son.

Alan walks in on Phillip working by candlelight at Spaulding Enterprises. Alan tells Phillip it may be time for him (Alan) to put his foot down.

Lizzie tells Joey that the two of them should celebrate. Joey tries telling her about him and Tammy, while Lizzie doesn’t allow him to get a word in and tells him that she loves him.

Olivia and Bill have sex.

Reva tells Sandy she thinks they should take a trip together to San Cristobel. He refuses and walks off.

Jeffery wakes up on the couch and wonders what happened.

Dinah gives Cassie the choice of her and RJ living or Cassie living. Cassie tells her to save RJ.

Jeffery asks what happened and Edmond tells him that the roof must have caved in and caused Jeffery to fall from the barn loft. Jeffery asks how he got in the house and Edmond tells him how he saved him.

Jeffery laughs and says that Edmond could have left him there to die and Edmond tells him that the thought crossed his mind.

In the barn Dinah is calling out to RJ, and trying to climb up to the loft to save RJ. Dinah can’t see RJ, so she tries to find him that way. Cassie tries hollering to Edmond & Jeffery for help.

Bill tells Olivia that he doesn’t want the bedroom to affect what happens between them in the boardroom. Bill leaves telling her they have to get up early for their meeting in the morning and he doubts he’ll get much sleep at her place.

Reva apologizes for bringing up Sandy’s family and tells him she still thinks the trip would be good. He still refuses. Reva tells him to think about it and offers to take him to the islands without him seeing his family.

He tells her he will never return there. Harley walks into Company and asks if everything is ok.

Dinah sees RJ, grabs him and tries to figure a way out of the loft.

Jeffery laughs at Edmond saving him and asks where Cassie is. Edmond heads upstairs to make sure that’s where Cassie is.

Harley tells Reva & Sandy that she heard that some parts of the town have their power and as she says that the power flickers back on. Harley asks Reva if she would be willing to do a TV show on the fact that Company is being torn down and Reva tells Harley that she already tried and her boss killed it.

Harley asks why Holly would do that and Reva tells her that her new boss is Phillip. Harley leaves, letting Reva & Sandy take care of things at Company for the night. Reva asks Sandy if he’s ready to take on Phillip Spaulding. Tammy walks in telling Reva that she left her wallet there. Reva offers to make her coffee and Tammy tells her she can’t be late. Reva rushes out after her and asks why she looks so happy. Tammy tells her that she and Joey are back together. Reva figures out that Tammy & Joey are meeting at the Beacon and asks how Tammy & Joey plan to spend their time together.

Joey tells Lizzie that he and Tammy got back together just tonight. Joey tells Lizzie that he loves Tammy and not Lizzie. He apologizes for leading her on, and tells her that someday she will make another guy very lucky.

Alan tells Phillip he saw Buzz at the hospital earlier and that perhaps if things had happened differently in their youth that he and Buzz may have been friends. Alan tells Phillip that he’s (Alan) to blame for the “road you’re (Phillip) is going down now.”

Phillip tells Alan that he’s never been happier.

Dinah saves RJ, and Cassie thanks her.

Cassie asks Dinah to save her. Dinah refuses to help Cassie as RJ hollers after his mother.

Reva tells Tammy that she’s not going to preach to Tammy because she’s all grown up. Reva asks her if she’s prepared and Tammy tells her that she’s thought about it a lot.

Lizzie asks Joey if dating Tammy is really what Joey wants. Lizzie tells Joey he needs to have a drink of champagne to celebrate and puts the drugs in his glass.

Olivia tells Bill that she worried about their trip tomorrow and that she thinks she should go alone. Bill offers to go with her and she refuses. As Bill is leaving Harley shows up at the door.

Cassie continues screaming for help. Dinah arrives at the farmhouse with RJ in her arms and tells Edmond she needs his help. Dinah tells Edmond that Cassie is trapped beneath the staircase in the barn.

Harley reports to Bill & Olivia that Phillip has bought WSPR. Bill tells Olivia he thinks they should tell Harley what they’ve learned about the small profile stockholders. Olivia doesn’t want to show them to Harley. Harley asks Oliva what is going on with her (Olivia) and Bill. Olivia tells her its just business and that feelings aren’t involved.

Sandy gets a postcard that reads “I saw you.”

Phillip tells Alan that he spent his entire life in turmoil and that he had a hard time deciding who he wanted to be. He tells Alan that the reason he ended up in a mental hospital was because of his indecision. He tells Alan that all he has is his family and his children will grow up knowing what they are and what they want. Alan and Phillip leave together.

Joey tells Lizzie that the champagne is strong and she makes him sit down. Lizzie tells Joey she needs to make a confession and that she let her grandfather win the contest. He asks her why she would do that. Lizzie tells him that she did it for him, even though he gets angry with. Lizzie kisses him.

Reva tells Tammy she wants her first time to be safe and wonderful because she loves her. Tammy tells Reva that she thinks that perhaps she should wait a bit.

Joey begins to feel the effects of the drug and Lizzie makes him sit down. She continues kissing him telling him that she loves him.

Cassie calls out and Edmond and Jeffery move the staircase so that Cassie can escape. Once outside Cassie thanks Dinah and Edmond is shocked to find out that ‘Dee’ is really Dinah. Cassie tells Edmond & Jeffery that she is Dinah Marler. Cassie accuses her of setting the fire. Jeffery pretends not to know her and places her under arrest.

Tammy tells Reva that she’s going to wait a little while longer. Reva goes insides to see that Reva has left.

Joey passes out and Lizzie makes the decision to let Joey think they have had sex. She undresses Joey and lays next to him.

Harley tells Olivia that she wishes that she was as strong as Olivia. Olivia tells her she can’t trust anyone but herself. Harley agrees to meet up with Bill the next day to keep the ball rolling and wishes Olivia a good trip.

Edmond takes RJ upstairs for a bath. Jeffery has Dinah arrested and Cassie tells Dinah she will pay for all she has done.

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