Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/2/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At Company Michelle thanks Danny for the mini-lighthouse & permit. Danny tells Michelle he doesn’t need anything but her.

Lizzie begs Alan to tell her who is going to win the intern contest, when a young man comes up to them and asks where he can find the Cooper’s. Alan tells him to check the hospital and the young man tells them that Buzz being in the hospital is the reason he’s here. Alan tells Lizzie that Tammy the finals are Joey & Tammy with Tammy in the lead.

Tammy and Joey are arguing over music while taking the actor to the Spaulding dinner.

At the hospital Marina & Harley visit Buzz. Gus shows up as well.

Cassie calls Jeffery and asks him to dinner on Edmond’s request. Jeffery agrees.

Marina & Harley try kicking Gus out telling him that the nurse told them to keep him calm and visitors to a minimum. Harley thanks Gus for coming and tells Gus that she wants him at the hospital, but it hurts her too much to have him here. The young man who was asking where the Coopers were turns out to be Coop.

Tammy & Joey argue visa vie the actor from the Sopranos. The actor tells Joey to kiss Tammy and get it over with. Meanwhile their car is stuck on the side of the road, due to the lightning storm.

Lizzie tells Alan that she likes Joey for liking her for her, and not treating her different because she’s a Spaulding. Lizzie tells her grandfather that Joey deserves to win more than Tammy. Another young man looks on as Alan tells Lizzie that she always gets what she wants.

Danny tells Michelle that after selling the house he paid off all his loans and has nothing left over, that he’s starting from the beginning and that it could turn out to be a very good thing. Michelle kisses Danny and thanks him for following here. Tony comes into Company.

Edmond tells Cassie that he hopes the hotel convention was all she hoped it would be. Edmond thanks Jeffery for saving Cassie from her imposter(s) and they shake hands.

Harley introduces Coop to Gus, and immediately Coop punches Gus in the face.

The actor from the Sopranos tells Joey & Tammy that they fight like people who want to be together. Lizzie calls Joey and invites him to meet her at Company. The actor from the Sopranos calls for his own help and tells them that they need to sit there and figure things out themselves.

Tony tells Danny & Michelle that the architect made some changes to the blueprints and that it can wait. Danny invites Tony to join them, but he refuses. Lizzie tells Tony she has a business proposition for him. Lizzie asks for drugs and Tony sends her away. The power goes out and the guy that was watching her earlier comes up behind her.

Edmond keeps alluding to the fact that Jeffery is a big hero. Jeffery wants to know what is up with Edmond and Cassie tells him that Edmond is just being nice. The power goes out and Jeffery and Cassie go off to get a flashlight.

Harley pulls Coop off Gus. Coop tells Gus he’s heard about what Gus did to his sister and what his family did to Frank’s career & Company. Coop tells Gus that one hit is barely a start. Gus tells Coop he is here to see Buzz because Buzz wanted him here. Alan shows up and finds out Coop hit Gus. Alan wants to call security on Coop. Alan tells Harley he wants to see Buzz.

Tammy tells Joey she hopes he wins. They both apologize to each other. Joey tells Tammy that he only loves Tammy, and that he’s sorry he led Lizzie on. Tammy & Joey kiss.

The kid behind Lizzie offers her some ‘party snacks’ to get people loosened up. Lizzie buys some drugs from him for $200.

Michelle is outside dancing and asks Tony to dance with her.

Cassie, Jeffery, RJ and Edmond play Monopoly. Jeffery offers to go outside to see if an old generator in the barn will start up. Edmond follows him, offering to help.

Michelle asks Tony a hypothetical question. Danny comes outside and calls Tony a wimp. Danny decides to dance with Michelle.

Tammy tells Joey that she wants to have sex with him, they start making out and Lizzie shows up.

Alan and Buzz talk together. Alan tells Buzz that he could intervene on Buzz’s behalf but he needs to let Phillip do what he feels is right. Alan comes out and asks Gus for a ride home.

Cassie tells RJ a story about pirates. RJ sees him imaginary friend outside the window and when Cassie turns around Dinah is gone. Jeffery is busy trying to get the generator started in the barn and Edmond thinks he sees/hears Jeffery boasting of how Cassie wants him.

Edmond picks up a shovel & knocks Jeffery over the head.

Marina comes into Buzz’s room and surprises him with Coop. Coop tells Buzz that Rocky is stuck in school. Coop tells Buzz how he hit Gus. Gus leaves his card with the nurse and tells them to send Buzz’s bill to him at Spaulding.

Joey tells Tammy he had an awesome time, and they agree to meet up later that night while Lizzie waits outside.

Edmond realizes Jeffery is out cold and there’s a fire lit near him.

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