Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/1/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Phillip is sitting in Company waiting for someone to arrive, while the staff there ignores him. Josh shows up and questions why Phillip wanted to meet there of all places. Josh questions Phillip about why he was in Oklahoma, and tells him to forget about trying to take over Cross Creek.

Sandy is practicing the signature of ‘Jonathon Randall’ when Reva and Hawk walk in to surprise him.

Jeffery is laying awake thinking about the argument he had with Cassie the night before when she wakes up.

Edmond is dreaming about Jeffery and Cassie together. Edmond awakes to a knock on the door and sees Dee/Dinah. He throws her against a wall and demands to know what she is doing to him.

Cassie and Jeffery talk about how the imposter situation is over with, and how her family is safe.

Dee/Dinah tells Edmond that he looks horrible and asks if he was having nightmares about Cassie/Jeffery. Dee/Dinah tells Edmond to focus on the present and getting back together with Cassie. Edmond throws Dee/Dinah out of the house when he hears Tammy coming downstairs.

Edmond tells her there was a delivery and when Tammy tries to eat one of the muffins that Dee/Dinah left, Edmond flips out grabbing the muffin from her.

Hawk, Reva and Sandy talk about ‘Shayne Stories.’ Hawk tells Reva he has to leave soon and Reva doesn’t understand why he came all the way to Springfield for a day trip; Reva accuses Hawk of hiding something.

Phillip tells Josh that he’s taking Spaulding in some new directions and Josh shouldn’t take offense to that. Josh questions why Phillip & his goons were hassling Hawk and Phillip shrugs it off.

Josh asks Phillip to return the paperwork that Hawk signed and Phillip tells Josh that the corporation may have bought the land if it was butting up against a site that they planned to make into an industrial park. Josh accuses Phillip of going after ‘Lewis Land’ because a Lewis took away his wife. Bill and Olivia walk into Company.

Tammy tells Edmond Cassie might have sent the muffins to apologize for not showing up last night. Edmond tells Tammy that Cassie is much too busy to do that. Edmond tells Tammy to always fight for what she wants.

Dinah calls Jeffery and tells her Venice is beautiful in the fall. Cassie comes out of the bathroom and thinks Jeffery is on the phone with the airport.

Bill tells Olivia they can’t get any work done with Phillip sitting in Company with them. Phillip tells Josh he doesn’t want Olivia back anymore than Josh wants her back. Josh then tells Phillip he’s being a bad parent as Phillip is doing everything in his power to crush Zach’s mother and grandfather. Phillip maintains that it is all business and nothing personal. Josh reminds Phillip that his (Josh’s) parents are buried at Cross Creek and that he and Reva were married there and that it would be wise for Phillip to let it go unless he’s up for a “good old fashioned Lewis-Spaulding drag out knock down fight.”

Hawk tells Reva he came all the way to wish Sandy a Happy Birthday. Reva goes into the other room to get some cake and Hawk asks Sandy is he is a real Shayne. He then accuses Sandy of “funnin’ us.”

Jeffery hangs up on Dinah and Cassie wonders why he hung up on the airport. Cassie tells Jeffery she lost her phone at the Springfield airport, and needs to call to see if they found it. Jeffery tells her he needs to shower and for her to get them a car to the airport.

Edmond goes to leave and Tammy tells him she needs a ride to the airport to try and convince an actor that is flying into town to come to the Spaulding dinner with her. Cassie calls and Edmond tells her he wants to spend the day with her and she tells him she’ll meet him at the farmhouse. Edmond then offer to pick her up at the airport and she tells him he doesn’t need to do that either. Cassie lies to Edmond about being in the hotel room alone.

Tammy meets an actor from ‘The Sopranos’ at the airport, pretends to be his Springfield liaison and is ready to take him to his hotel when Joey arrives tells the actor that he (Joey) will be his limo driver.

Sandy asks Hawk if he’s accusing him of something and Hawk tells Sandy he was just kidding. Josh arrives at the house and he and Hawk go outside to talk. Josh tells Hawk he was right about Phillip going after Cross Creek. Sandy overhears Josh tell Hawk that no one goes after the Lewis’s and gets away with it and begins to look worried.

Olivia wonders what the meeting between Josh & Phillip was about. Bill has a date with Cheryl, a nurse who works at the hospital.

Tammy and Joey argue about the actor some more, while Edmond sees Jeffery and Cassie get off the plane. It turns out when he’s mistaken about who he sees.

The actor makes Tammy and Joey tell them the truth.

Sandy goes outside and tells them that he overheard enough of the conversation to know that there is trouble. Josh and Hawk begin tells Sandy about Phillip wanting to take over Cross Creek.

They all agree to not tell Reva. Reva comes outside and Josh tells her he needs to go out of town.

Cassie and Jeffery say goodbye at the airport and Cassie thanks him for protecting her. Edmond watches the whole thing from behind a column.

Tammy and Joey tell the actor about the Spaulding dinner & needing a celebrity. Tammy & Joey trick the actor into going by mentioning that Steven Seagal is going to be there.

Reva tells Josh she wants to go with him, and he tells her she can’t and that Sandy needs her to be there.

Phillip makes a phone call telling someone that Josh took the bait is out at Cross Creek and that now is the time to snatch up all the vulnerable properties in town.

Cassie gets her cell phone back from the Lost & Found and Edmond surprises her.

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