Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/31/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Michelle is spending some time with Robbie at the lighthouse trying to make it homier and telling Robbie stories of how she used to enjoy the lighthouse as a child with her father when Tony shows up.

Reva wants to know why Josh wants to meet her at Company and he tells her he has a surprise for her. Josh and Reva discuss how surprised they are that Sandy isn’t more excited to be getting his trust fund.

At the house Sandy calls the bank president at home, pretending to be Josh and tells him that the issue of Sandy Foster not being Reva’s real son is a family matter that they are dealing with in their home.

Tammy walks in and overhears Sandy telling someone that ‘no one needs to know.’

Jeffery is coaching someone named ‘Paulson’ on how to approach Cassie. Cassie meets her “imposter.”

Dinah/Dee tells Edmond that Jeffery helped Richard infiltrate a drug ring with the help of the US Government, in the form of Jeffery O’Neill. She also tells him that Jeffery would pretend to be Richard to protect both San Cristobel and Richard’s family and that included time spent with Cassie while she was married to Richard.

Cassie yells at her “imposter” and Jeffery imagining that Paulson is Dinah yells at them to stop.

Sandy tells Tammy he was talking to Mr. Duncan at the bank telling her that he was telling the bank that he doesn’t want the money.

Tony questions Michelle and whether her memory is coming back. Michelle tells him that her memory isn’t coming back and that she heard the story from Rick and thought it would be nice to share with Robbie. Michelle tells Tony how she wants things to be normal for Robbie and he tells her he thinks she’s doing a great job. Mel & Rick walk in watching Tony help Michelle hang a picture on the wall. Michelle gets Robbie’s stuff together so that he can go with Mel & Rick. Tony asks Rick about Michelle’s chances of getting her memory back and Rick accuses Tony of not wanting Michelle to remember anything so that he can ‘have Michelle to himself.’

Tammy asks Sandy why he doesn’t use his real name, and when Tammy calls Sandy a ‘good guy’ he tells her that he may not be the man she thinks he is.

Josh gives Reva 2 tickets to Cross Creek and tells her that he thinks that when they get there they should paint Sandy’s name on the stone bridge where Marah and Shayne’s names are. As they’re talking about how lucky they are that Sandy has come into their lives Hawk walks in and motions for Josh to meet him outside.

Cassie tells Jeffery she didn’t have enough time with her “imposter.” Cassie yells at Jeffery, and he tells her she had enough time with her. Jeffery tells her to let it go and Cassie accuses him of keeping something from her.

Edmond demands to know everything Dee/Dinah knows about Jeffery impersonating Richard. Edmond then wants to know why he should believe her, and then he realizes that Dee/Dinah is up to something.

Tony & Rick fight over Michelle’s well being. Rick tells Michelle that he doesn’t like her life choices because they never end well and always end up with her in danger.

Sandy tells Tammy that he’s not perfect and people need to stop expecting him to be.

Jeffery tells Cassie there is nothing more to tell. Jeffery call the front desk and after talking to them they have to keep the room, as all flights have been cancelled due to an electrical storm and there are no more rooms available.

Edmond refuses to let Dee/Dinah leave and demand to know the truth about who she is. Edmond accuses Dee/Dinah of being Cassie’s real imposter.

Hawk tells Josh that a few weeks ago someone came around claiming to want to write a book about the Cross Creek area and made him sign what he thought was a release to be in the book. Hawk then tells Josh that he saw the man get into a car with Phillip Spaulding. They agree not to tell Reva about it and Reva comes out of Company excited to see him. Hawk tells Reva he came to see his new grandson on his birthday.

Cassie calls Edmond and leaves a message for Edmond that her flight has been cancelled. While she and Jeffery are in the hotel room together Jeffery makes a comment about her not sleeping well in strange places. Cassie asks him how he knows that and he brushes it off.

Dee/Dinah tells Edmond that she posed as Princess Cassie because Jeffery made her do it because he had something on her. Dee/Dinah tells Edmond that Jeffery is the one who kept it alive, and that she was working for the US Government. Dee/Dinah warns Edmond that if he tells Cassie about her then she’ll tell Cassie she slept in his bed.

Hawk wants to meet Sandy and tells Reva he’s going to be here as long as it takes to get to know Sandy.

Sandy and Tammy agree to go out and Sandy tells Tammy he has to leave a note and he’ll meet her in the car. Sandy calls someone, pretends to be working for Harley’s Angels and requests information on accident reports on John Does.

Michelle tells Tony that they need to think of a way to celebrate their partnership. Tony tells her not to tease him. Michelle receives flowers from Danny.

Jeffery and Cassie talk about Cassie’s childhood in foster homes and pretending to be another person.

Edmond calls Cassie and hears Jeffery pick up the phone.

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