Guiding Light Update Monday 8/30/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Edmond is upset that Jeffery has admitted he has feelings for Cassie, and continues to question him about why he took Cassie’s case. Edmond warns Jeffery that Cassie is with him and it will stay that way.

Dinah tells RJ that it’s important that they still remain secret friends and Dinah sends RJ back to the nanny.

Buzz is still in surgery and Harley is getting antsy. Harley wonders where Gus has gone.

Meanwhile, Gus is at Company getting egged by the protestors.

Tammy tells Joey that things were great until Lizzie called. Joey tells Tammy he had fun being with her, until she started questioning them. He also tells Tammy that he and Lizzie are more than friends.

Sandy asks the guy at the bank why they think Sandy is not Jonathon. The man at the bank tells Sandy that the signature they have on file does not match Sandy Foster’s. Reva gets on the phone to use it. Sandy tells Reva that he’s on the phone and then proceeds to tell the man at the bank that “they” already know that Sandy is not Jonathon, that Sandy and Jonathon were friends, Jonathon is dead, and that they need to keep everything strictly confidential.

Reva brings out a cake for Sandy and blows out the candles, opening his card that says ‘son’ Sandy and Reva tear up.

Frank arrives at Company to see what all the commotion is about. Frank sees Gus get rid of the bulldozers, and crew.

At the hospital Harley is still angry that Gus left the hospital. Cassie tells Harley that she needs to let go of the anger and worry about what’s really important.

Jeffery tells Edmond that he may have made a mistake in allowing himself to get too close to Cassie and agrees to go to Washington DC and forget about Cassie. Edmond leaves the hotel room and gets phone call from Dinah. Dinah lets Jeffery think she’s in Finland, even though she’s standing outside of Company.

Remy, Tammy and Joey get text messages from Alan Spaulding to recruit a celebrity to come to the dinner where Alan will announce the winner of the Intern Contest.

Frank and Gus return to the hospital. Gus plays down where he was even though Frank tries to tell Harley where he was. Edmond also arrives at the hospital and tells Cassie that Jeffery is headed to Washington DC to question the imposter. Cassie tells Edmond that she’s glad the authorities caught the imposter and Edmond tells her that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to protect her. Rick comes back with good news, letting them all know that the entire blockage has been cleared.

Dinah calls Cassie and tells her that she hopes the cape will look good on Cassie and that she wants to meet her in person but that she needs bail money first. Dinah tells Cassie she will see her soon as she has good lawyers.

Joey tells Tammy that he doesn’t want to lead her on and that she’s reading into things too much. Tammy tells Joey she wishes she could understand what Joey likes about her.

Edmond asks Cassie what the phone call was about and she lies to him, telling him that it was a woman from the National Hotel Convention. Cassie tells Edmond that she’s got to go to Baltimore for the convention and she will see him later.

Alexandra shows up at the hospital to see Buzz. Alex tells Gus that Alan got her a day pass to see Buzz. Buzz decides to see Alex and she tells him that he scared her. Alex tells Buzz she wants to help him. Buzz tells her that its payback time. Gus tells Frank he needs to handle things his way. Alex tells Buzz she loves him and he tells her the same. Buzz tells Alex that Gus and Harley belong together and she needs to help them get back together. Alex promises him that she’ll make it right and then she has to leave.

Sandy thanks Reva for his birthday party. Reva questions him some more about his childhood and Sandy brushes the questions off.

Edmond returns to the Springfield Inn and Dinah arrives. Edmond yells at her for planting suspicions in her mind. Edmond tells Dinah it’s over and that Jeffery is headed out of town and she should follow him. Edmond goes through her purse and finds photos of Cassie & Richard together.

Cassie sits next to Jeffery on the flight to Washington DC and tells him that he’s stuck with her, and that she wants to be there while he interrogates the woman who was impersonating her. Cassie tells Jeffery that her impersonator called her and Jeffery seems surprised.

Alex thanks Gus for stopping the bulldozers at Company. Alex tells Gus that she’s sorry that he got caught in the web of lies she created. Gus tells her he’s responsible for his lies and now he’s got to play catch up. Alex leaves.

Reva presents Sandy with a scrapbook of birthday cards for the years she wasn’t around. Reva gets a phone call from Josh and rushes off to meet him at Company.

Jeffery tries getting Cassie off the plane and Cassie tells him she HAS to see the woman who stole her life.

Edmond asks Dinah what she is doing with the photos of Cassie & Richard. Dinah tells Edmond that even in San Cristobel Richard had a double.

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