Guiding Light Update Friday 8/27/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Sandy is forging his passport for Jonathon Randall when Reva walks in. Reva starts annoying him about going to the bank to get his trust fund and Sandy tells her that he doesn’t want to and he’s already told her that.

At the hospital, Gus is holding back Harley from attacking Phillip. Harley grabs Phillip and blames Phillip for Buzz being in the hospital, calls him sick and tells him he should be locked up.

Phillip tells Harley that he was ready to put an end to it all and give Buss the papers that relinquished his rights to Company, but now he won’t. He tears the papers up in front of Harley.

Jeffery escorts Dinah onto a plane headed for Europe, sits her down and Jeffery leaves right before the plane takes off.

At Springfield Inn Cassie awakes as Edmond as getting dressed. Edmond & Cassie agree to forget about their previous fights. Edmond leaves to get champagne and Cassie tells him she’ll be in the shower waiting for him.

Gus asks Phillip to be a decent person. Phillip tells them he didn’t go to the hospital to be spat upon, and blames Buzz & Company for his clogged arteries. Harley goes to attack Phillip again when Blake and Rick show up. Harley warns Phillip that she will do what she has to hurt Phillip. Phillip brings up Zach and Harley tells Phillip that he doesn’t deserve Zach’s love. Blake takes Harley away and when Rick asks Phillip what is wrong Phillip simply tells Rick that he “has a penchant for collecting nutty ex wives.” Rick and Phillip get into an argument about what is going on with Phillip. Harley yells at Gus and tells him to leave as well. Rick tells Harley there is no change with Buzz.

Reva continues to nag Sandy about the trust fund when the phone rings for Reva and it is Shayne.

As the plane is ready to leave the gate, Dinah and Jeffery kiss and Dinah tells Jeffery that Cassie is waiting for him at the Springfield Inn. Jeffery informs the flight attendants that Dinah is not to move from her seat. As soon as Jeffery leaves a lady carrying cooler boards the plane, and Dinah asks her where the hell she has been.

Gus approaches Phillip who blames Gus for defending Harley. Phillip tells Gus he doesn’t wish Buzz any harm as long as Buzz doesn’t harm him.

Phillip tells Gus he is as much as Spaulding as he (Phillip) is. Gus tells him he’s nothing like Phillip. Phillip challenges Gus to think about who he really is. As soon as Gus leaves we see that the paper Phillip ripped up inside that was supposed to be legal papers relinquishing his rights to Company is nothing more than a menu. Phillip calls someone and tells them that the alternate plan to move the schedule up is in place.

Reva thanks Sandy for having Shayne call her and Sandy tells Reva that as he knew Shayne was calling he didn’t want to leave the house and that’s why he didn’t want to go to the bank for the trust fund stuff. Marina, Tammy, Joey & Remy arrive for Sandy’s birthday dinner.

Reva asks Tammy if she and Joey are back together and Tammy tells her that they’re not but she doesn’t know why they’re not.

Jeffery arrives at the Springfield Inn, walks in the room and Cassie comes out of the bathroom in a towel thinking it is Edmond. Edmond walks in with the champagne, Cassie tells them both about Buzz’s heart attack and Edmond offers to stay to hear what Jeffery has to say.

On the plane someone else has put a wig on and taken Dinah’s seat that looks very similar to her. We see Dinah dressed up as an airline employee leaving the plane.

Gus tries getting Harley to give him another chance as per Buzz’s wishes. Harley tells him she was trying to make her father feel better. Rick tells Harley & Frank that they’re going to determine how much blockage Buzz has in his heart and if need be he’ll have angioplasty. Harley & Frank go in to see Buzz before he goes in for the tests. Gus gets a phone call that the demolition date has been pushed up to today.

Tammy and Joey talk about music while Sandy comforts Marina about all the recent changes in her life. Sandy asks Marina why she didn’t go with Shayne and she tells him that it’s because Bosnia is Shayne’s passion not hers. Tammy asks Joey why he’s hanging around with her – if it’s out of love or because he’s worried about her. Sandy thanks Reva for the party and for being so great since he’s moved back to Springfield.

Edmond questions Jeffery about Cassie’s imposter & why Jeffery wanted to meet with Cassie in a hotel room. Edmond tells Jeffery he wants to meet with the imposter and Jeffery tells him he can’t. Jeffery tells Edmond not to be jealous and that he was doing the case because he got assigned to it. Edmond confronts Jeffery with the news that he heard Jeffery was on leave of absence from the FBI. Jeffery offers to come clean with Edmond and tells him he’s not going to like what he hears.

Marina leaves Sandy’s party and all the kids offer their support to Marina. Marina tells Sandy he has Reva’s eyes. Joey tells Tammy not to get worked up. Lizzie calls Joey from NYC.

Cassie arrives at the hospital and Harley asks where Gus went. Cassie tells Harley he ran out of the hospital mentioning something about Spaulding business.

Joey tells Lizzie about Buzz’s heart attack and Lizzie tells Joey to give Marina her condolences.

The bank calls, gets Sandy on the phone thinking it is Josh and tells him that the bank believes that boy pretending to be Reva’s son is an imposter.

Buzz leaves for his procedures and tells Harley & Gus to remember what he said about not wasting their time on the small stuff. Harley is extremely mad that Gus isn’t there by Buzz’s side.

Gus is at Company trying to stop the bulldozers from coming and is attacked by picketers. Meanwhile, inside RJ is with Mrs. Chitwood who needs to take a call and leaves RJ alone for a minute. Dinah arrives at Company and talks with RJ, convincing him to go away with her.

Jeffery tells Edmond that the whole imposter thing was blown out of proportion because he wants to be with Cassie. Edmond wants to know why Jeffery is admitting it to him, and Jeffery tells Edmond that he’s sick of looking over his shoulder & seeing Edmond. Jeffery tells Edmond that he will do whatever his desires tell him to do where Cassie is concerned.

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