Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/26/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Harley tries to revive Buzz while Gus calls the ambulance. Tony and Michelle arrive at Company and shortly thereafter the ambulance does as well. Gus calls Frank to let him know about Buzz while Harley goes to the hospital with her father.

Sandy and Reva have a meeting with Phillip about the adoption show and Phillip agrees with Reva that they should do the show.

Mel, who is at the hospital, offers to go to Company and take care of things while Remy watches the kids and Harley stays at the hospital. Harley blames Phillip for her father’s heart attack.

Dinah dyes her hair brown and shows Edmond. Edmond leaves to take a call and Dinah calls Cassie and tells Cassie to meet Jeffery at the Springfield Inn. Dinah tells Edmond that what’s going on between Jeffery and Cassie isn’t over, and that they’re at the Springfield Inn together right now.

Cassie waits for Jeffery at the Springfield Inn.

Edmond asks Dinah if she like playing games with people’s live and she tells him she’s not playing games and to check at the Springfield Inn. Dinah calls Jeffery and tells him to meet her at a bar on Harper St.

Phillip asks Reva for her endorsement and to do an interview on ‘The Reva Lewis Show.’ Phillip tells her she has to if she wants to stay on the air. He informs her that the cameras are already set up. Sandy uses Philips computer.

Rick assures Harley that Buzz is hanging in there, and that Buzz has the best cardiac surgeon. Gus tries comforting Harley and she tells him to stay away from her, blaming Gus & his family for Buzz’s condition.

Sandy is on the computer and Reva walks in on him.

Mel enlists Tony and Michelle’s help in closing up Company. Mel tells Michelle that ‘Light’ might be better if she had some legitimate backers.

Dinah meets with Jeffery at the bar and he is socked at the hair color change. Dinah tells him that she wants to tell him how to make Cassie fall in love with him as a parting gift.

At Springfield Inn Cassie fall asleep on the bed and has nightmares about her imposter trying to kill her and calls out his name for help. Edmond walks in and sees Cassie calling out Jeffery’s name in her sleep.

Harley tells Gus to leave as Frank and Marina arrive at the hospital. Rick comes out and tells everyone that Buzz did have a heart attack, but can’t tell them how much damage was done to his heart. Buzz requests to see both Gus and Harley.

Buzz tells Gus & Harley that there have enough mistakes, that he & Frank shouldn’t have shown Harley the tape, and makes the two of them (Gus & Harley) to promise him that they’re not going to throw their relationship away. Buzz tells them that ‘love is it’ and to give each other another chance. Harley & Gus tell Buzz that they’ll work on it.

Michelle stands up for Tony as Mel, tells Michelle that Tony is taking advantage of her. Tony overhears the entire thing, gets mad and tells Mel that he’ll not be Michelle’s partner.

Sandy tells Reva he’s not hacking into the computer and that he’s helping Reva do research for her show. Marina calls Reva and tells her about Buzz’s heart attack. Sandy agrees to meet her there as soon as he shuts down the computer & tells Phillip where Reva has gone.

Jeffery tells Dinah he doesn’t want Cassie to fall in love with him and the two of them (Jeffery & Dinah) kiss.

Edmond wakes Cassie and she hugs him and tries to tell him about her dream. Edmond asks her why she at the Springfield Inn and Cassie tells Edmond about her phone call.

Edmond tells Cassie that this is his breaking point and he can’t stand by and watch them, he also tells her to “remember to call out the right name while in the throes of passion – because it’s Jeffery, not Richard.” Cassie slaps Edmond.

Jeffery tells Dinah its time for her to walk away from her obsession with Cassie and she accuses him of being obsessed with her as well.

Dinah pretends to poison herself.

Cassie and Edmond continue to argue about Jeffery. Cassie tells Edmond she loves him and Edmond tells her that she’s drawn to Jeffery. Cassie accuses Edmond of wanting to run out every time there’s a problem and challenges him to walk out if that’s what he wants.

Gus asks Harley if what she told Buzz was just to humor him. Harley tells Gus that she can’t get what she wants, and that she needs to be able to count on him before she can ever trust him.

Michelle haggles Tony until her admits that he wants ‘Light’ to happen as much as she does. Michelle receives a mini lighthouse along with the permit for the lighthouse in the mail. There is a note that says it is from Danny. Michelle goes to call Danny to thank him.

Dinah awakes herself and Jeffery tells her she isn’t being funny.

Edmond tells Cassie he’s going to fight for her and the two make love.

Sandy fakes a passport for Jonathon Winslow.

As Buzz is going to have some tests done he tells Reva to take care of his family if something goes wrong.

Phillip comes to the hospital with flowers and asks if there is anything he can do for Buzz.

Harley attacks him and has to be held back by Gus.

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