Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/24/04

By Elizabeth

Tony walks into the lighthouse to see Michelle asleep on the couch. Tony confronts her about walking out on Danny. Tony wants to know why they’re splitting up and Michelle mentions Danny selling the house.

Blake is showing the house and tells Danny it might be easier if he wasn’t around. He tells her he’s fine with selling the house and then yells when prospective buyers touch a photo of him, Michelle and Robbie.

Phillip is looking at his town model when Alan makes the comment that Phillip really likes the new project. Phillip tells him that he’s planning on turning Springfield into the city it was meant to be. Alan tells Phillip that he should keep the model under wraps so that no one sees it until the plan is underway. Olivia walks in on them and the two do their best to stand in front of the model so she can’t see it.

In the hallway Lizzie is looking at an airline ticket with her name on it to NYC. Joey walks in and asks what her message was about.

Dinah wakes up wearing Edmond’s shirt and Edmond tells her she could have worn a pair of his pants as well. Dinah thanks him for his kindness and Edmond tells her he wasn’t doing any great thing, only what needed to be done. Dinah tells Edmond that Cassie is lucky to have him, and he tells her that he’s not sure about that.

At the farmhouse Cassie calls Edmond’s room and Dinah answers not saying anything. Cassie apologizes on the phone, thinking that Edmond is still mad at her and ignoring her. Jeffery comes inside the farmhouse telling Cassie he needs coffee and a massage. Dinah overhears Jeffery through the phone. Dinah hands Edmond the phone, Cassie apologizes again and Edmond apologizes as well. Cassie tells Edmond that she went to the farmhouse and that they got the imposter, who is being sent back to Washington DC. Edmond wants to know the name of the imposter and where they are holding her in DC. Cassie tells him that she doesn’t know and that Jeffery is meeting her at the farmhouse later in the morning to discuss everything. Edmond is ecstatic by the news thinking it means that Jeffery is going to leave Springfield. Dinah tells Edmond that he shouldn’t be so sure about that. Jeffery confronts Cassie about lying to Edmond. Cassie tells Jeffery that she told Edmond what was important. Jeffery tells her that there could be more accomplices when Tammy walks in wanting to know what danger they’re talking about.

Lizzie hides the tickets to NY from Joey. Lizzie invites him to go to NY with her, and mentions that it may help Joey’s career. Joey tells Lizzie that he has to finish work for the day, ok it with his mom and meet her there later.

Phillip tells Olivia that he and Alan were discussing a meeting with select shareholders for later in the day.

Danny apologizes for yelling at the prospective buyers. Danny tells them that it’s just a bit weird for him to have strangers in his house. The buyers decide that the house is not for them. Blake tells Danny that the next time she shows the house that he needs to lock himself in the garage until she tells him to come out.

Michelle tells Tony she wants to stay in the lighthouse until after the house is sold and then they’ll see where things stand, and that in a way they need to start from scratch. Michelle tells Tony that their permit got denied thanks to Danny and Ross. Tony tells her that he’ll take care of it, goes outside and makes a phone call closing out a Cayman account because he needs the cash.

Dinah tells Edmond that she’s glad his life is working out.

Jeffery tells Tammy about the imposter and how she was in the farmhouse. Tammy wants to know who and where she is. Tammy asks where Edmond is when Joey shows up. Joey asks if he can take a few days off and Cassie gives the time off to him. Tammy tells Joey about the imposter and how she broke into the house. Joey asks if one of the times she broke in was a few days ago and mentions that he met her.

Phillip tells Olivia she won’t be invited to the shareholders meeting. Olivia warns him that it may cause a rift in Spaulding when they need to come together. Phillip tells Olivia he was trying to spare her, as what she learns at the meeting could in no way affect what she and Bill decide to do with Slingshot Enterprises as that is illegal. Lizzie walks in wanting to borrow Phillip’s platinum card for her trip to NYC. Phillip gives it to her and Alan tells Phillip that he’s spoiling her. Phillip says that he’s not spoiling her, simply teaching her about ‘entitlement.’ Olivia leaves to get Emma and Phillip questions where she’s taking her, and decides to send a servant with her. Olivia tells Phillip that she and Emma have a bond and he shouldn’t fight that, after she leaves Phillip makes a comment about that bond becoming useful in the end.

Michelle is at the lighthouse and has flashbacks of spending time with Robbie.

Danny tells Blake he won’t be around for the next buyer, and Blake tells him that it’s too late as she has a buyer heading over with cash now that just called. Danny tells her he’s willing to sell ASAP so that he can get on with his life. Tony walks in, tells Blake he doesn’t need to see the house but to simply give him the contracts and tell him where to sign. Danny tells Tony he can’t buy the house. Tony tells Danny that by him buying the house at least keeps it in the family and that Danny can stay there as long as he wants and when Michelle and he get back together and on their feet financially Tony will sell him back the house at fair market value. Michelle calls telling Danny that she misses him and Robbie. Danny tells her he’s closing the deal with a prospective buyer. Michelle invites him to the lighthouse to celebrate. Danny agrees to the deal with Tony.

Alan tells Phillip that entitlement is another word for selfishness. Phillip tells him that similar to when Alan was a young man they’re entering another golden age of business and his children will reap the rewards.

Jeffery tells Joey that it doesn’t matter if he saw the woman or not, that she’s in a jail cell in Washington DC. Cassie tells Jeffery that it matter to her and questions Joey about what she looked like and said. Joey tells Cassie that she seemed to know the house well. Tammy is creeped out by everything. Joey asks Cassie if he can bag his chores for the day to take care of Tammy, she agrees. Cassie notices the bullet hole in the wall and questions Jeffery about it.

Phillip tells Alan that he doesn’t have time for friends. Alan tells Phillip he should have a beet with Rick and Phillip tells him he doesn’t have time. Alan tells him he’s proud of what Phillip is doing for Springfield and Spaulding Enterprises, but he hopes he’s not doing it to make up for something missing from his life. Phillip tells him that nothing is missing from his life. Alan tells him that he never thought he would hear him say that. Phillip tells Alan that he was wrong when he used to try and discredit Alan and that the only people he has to please live in the Spaulding Mansion.

Olivia calls Bill and wants to meet with him, telling him that Phillip has something planned. Bill tells Olivia to call Harley, Olivia agrees but reminds Bill that it is the two of them who are running the show.

Blake is finalizing the house sale with Tony. Blake makes a comment about it being a ‘take over’ now that he’s the head of the family. Tony assures her that he’s doing it for all the right reasons.

Danny arrives at the lighthouse and is surprised that he’s seeing a home instead of the beginnings of a club. Danny asks Michelle why she didn’t tell him about the lighthouse before. Michelle tells Danny that it’s funny – now that they’re apart that they both just want to find a place that feels like home.

Cassie questions Jeffery about the bullet hole and he assures her that he’ll have it fixed. Cassie wants to know who had the gun, Jeffery doesn’t tell her and Cassie tells him she’s glad he’s ok. Dinah is peering in through a window watching them hug.

Danny asks Michelle to dinner and she accepts.

Tony wanders through the house and moves some photos around.

Joey tells Tammy that there’s nothing he’d rather do than hang out with her. He heads outside to get something and calls Lizzie telling her he can’t make it to NY. Lizzie overhears Tammy in the background and gets angry, throwing her phone across the room. Tammy and Joey go to leave when Edmond arrives at the farmhouse ecstatic about the news. Edmond meets with Jeffery at the door and thanks him for catching the imposter. Edmond asks if there’s anything keeping him in Springfield and Jeffery tells him that there’s not. Jeffery tells Cassie and Edmond he’s going to be heading to Washington DC after tying up some loose ends.

Dinah is going through the phone book calls the Springfield Inn and makes a reservation for Jeffery.

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