Guiding Light Update Monday 8/23/04

By Elizabeth

Buzz and Frank are moving into Harley’s. Phillip goes to pick up Zach as it’s his night with him and Harley tells him to leave.

Danny wants to know why Michelle is leaving him and she tells him she’s not leaving him, but thinks they need some time apart, especially if he’s going behind her back to Ross to stop something she finds important.

Edmond is tossing and turning in his sleep dreaming about Cassie and Jeffery together. Edmond is tossing and turning in his sleep dreaming about Cassie and Jeffery together. He awakes to see Cassie on the phone, he assumes it’s with Jeffery and rips the phone out of her hands. Cassie tells him that it was the kids on the phone and Edmond tells her he doesn’t believe her.

Dinah is shocked that Jeffery set her up, intentionally rips her own shirt and then tells Jeffery that if the cops come in she’s going to accuse him of rape.

Michelle tells Danny that just because she wants to live separately doesn’t mean that she wants to leave him. Michelle tells Danny that he has to believe that they’ll find their way back to each other.

Gus is talking to Beth and tells her about Harley’s proposition and asks her if she thinks it’s fair. Beth tells him that he shouldn’t have to leave his family for Harley, but that he can’t deny he still loves her.

Phillip tells Harley that his deal with Company has nothing to do with their custody agreement and warns her not to go backwards. Zach comes running downstairs and tells his father he wants to eat at Company. As Phillip is leaving Harley tells him the conversation isn’t over and Phillip tells her it most certainly is. Frank tells Harley that as much as he hates to admit it, that Phillip does have rights. Buzz, who is upstairs, drops something and Frank goes upstairs to help. Olivia knocks on the door and tells Harley she’d rather her not work with Slingshot Enterprises against Spaulding.

Cassie challenges Edmond to hit redial to prove she was on the phone with the kids.

Jeffery tells Dinah he’s not afraid of her and asks her who people will believe – Dinah, the crazed killer or him? Jeffery tells Dinah the cops outside are not ‘real’ and Dinah waves a fireplace poker at him. Dinah picks up a cell phone.

Cassie tells Edmond he’s being ridiculous when the phone rings. Edmond tells her he’s sure its Jeffery. Cassie picks up the phone and no one is there. At the farmhouse Dinah tells Jeffery she has Cassie on the other end and that with a push of a button Cassie will hear everything. Dinah warns Jeffery that she will tell Cassie everything – about her impersonating Cassie and Jeffery pretending to be Richard. The cops outside use a megaphone to see if everything is ok with Jeffery. Dinah gives Jeffery a choice – call the cops off or Cassie will know everything.

Danny tells Michelle that he does believe in them, but he doesn’t see a need for them to be separated. Michelle tells Danny that what they’re doing isn’t working and that she needs to ‘find herself.’ Danny asks her if it has anything to do with Tony.

Olivia tells Harley that she doesn’t have it in her to go to head to head with the Spaulding’s, that Harley is too nice and has too much on her plate. Harley offers to give up Harley’s Angels. Mel shows up and Olivia urges Harley to tell Mel ASAP.

Jeffery tells the ‘cops’ outside that it’s a false alarm and to leave.

Edmond starts getting ready to leave and is convinced that it was Jeffery on the other end. Cassie maintains that she was talking to the kids and asks Edmond what is wrong with him and why he doubts her love for him. Edmond tells her he has to leave, Cassie tries to stop him by grabbing her and he throws her arm off of him.

Dinah tells Jeffery she will leave town if that’s what he wants, Jeffery pulls a gun on Dinah and tells her it’s too late and shoots the gun.

Michelle tells Danny that Tony, unlike Danny doesn’t try and make her know who she was; he likes her for who she is now. Danny brings up Robbie, and Michelle tells Danny that she wants to explain things to him and will spend as much time as possible with him.

Gus offers to take out Beth for a drink, and Beth tells Gus he should deal with what’s going on without pulling her into it. Phillip brings Zach into Company, and Beth asks why he’s there and if it’s appropriate. Phillip gets a phone call, and tells the person on the other end that “the tenants need to be out of there tonight because the bull dozer is coming tomorrow. Turn off the power and water if you have to.” Beth is shocked when she overhears this. Gus tries giving Zach a hug and Zach moves far away from him.

Mel returns one of Jude’s stuffed toys and Harley tells her that she wants to take an indefinite leave of absence from Harley’s Angels. Mel tells Harley to take care of herself and that she understands. Mel leaves and Olivia compliments Harley on her getting out of her Harley’s Angels commitment. Harley tells her that the last time she jumps through hoops for Olivia. The two shake hands on being partners and Buzz watches from the stairway.

Dinah is shocked and tells Jeffery that he could have killed her. Jeffery warns Dinah that he can kill her at anytime and he will if he ever sees her again. Dinah leaves.

Edmond apologizes to Cassie. She asks him to talk to her and tell her what he’s thinking. He tells her that he’s under a lot of pressure and confused. Edmond tells her that he’s the problem and he needs to figure it all out – alone. Cassie offers to help him and he tells her she can’t. He asks her to please be patient, and she tells him she’ll leave if he really wants to be alone. Cassie tells Edmond that she’ll go to Reva’s and be back in the morning before the kids wake up.

Michelle packs a few things and tells Danny that she’s going to stay at the lighthouse. Michelle tells Danny that she’ll call him in the morning, and he tells her he wants to keep it all low key. Danny assures Michelle that she’ll be ok, and she tells him he’ll be ok as well.

Gus tells Zach to sit down and asks what is wrong. Zach tells Gus that he’s mad because Gus was supposed to “marry us.” Beth confronts Phillip about the phone call she heard. Beth asks Phillip when became Alan. Phillip decides not to eat at Company and asks Gus if he’s coming to work at Spaulding. Gus tells him he is and Phillip tells him to make sure his loyalties lie where they’re supposed to.

Harley tells Olivia she’ll leave the boardroom maneuverings to her. Harley tells Olivia she’s got her sources too and proves it to Olivia by telling her some personal things that Harley found out about her (Olivia) from her sources. Olivia leaves telling Harley that she hopes everything will work out. As soon as Olivia leaves Buzz asks Harley if she’s lost her mind.

Cassie arrives at the farmhouse and asks Jeffery what was up with the ‘all clear’ message. Jeffery tells Cassie that the imposter took the bait, showed up at the farmhouse and is now in custody. Cassie tells Jeffery she wants to go to the police station and meet the imposter.

Dinah shows up at Edmond’s room and tells him that Jeffery tried to kill her.

Phillip shows Zach the diorama of ‘New Springfield’ and tells him that one day it will all be his.

Beth asks Gus if he’s working at Spaulding simply to make sure Phillip crashes and burns and he tells her he’s not.

Buzz tells Harley she can’t team up with Olivia. Harley tells them that she knows how to make people look bad, knows their weaknesses and simply wants the power that Spaulding has to be scattered to the wind when it’s all over. Buzz asks Harley about Gus and she tells him that if Gus gets in the way he’ll wish he hadn’t.

Edmond gives Dinah a drink and she tells him that Jeffery tried killing her. Edmond tells her she’s being ridiculous and Dinah plays the conversation she recorded on her phone for him. Dinah tells Edmond that Jeffery won’t stop until he has Cassie and that she thinks it will be soon.

Cassie asks Jeffery why the impersonator chose her and what not, Jeffery can’t offer any answers and Cassie sees a scratch mark on Jeffery’s neck. Jeffery tells Cassie that the impersonator is a troubled person and they may never know why she did what she did.

Edmond tells Dinah he believes her.

Cassie tells Jeffery she’s scared, he hugs her.

Dinah asks where she can stay that she’ll be safe and Edmond tells her to stay with him.

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