Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/19/04

By Elizabeth

At the Beacon Reva is conducting an interview of a TV star that is being difficult. Sandy comes over and Reva tells him that the TV Station is under new ownership and that they want more ‘sizzle’ that will attract a younger crowd. Reva offers him a job at the station, where he would be getting paid to come up with ideas for getting a younger audience.

Tammy’s taking a walk along the beach when she imagines seeing Lizzie and Joey together on a blanket kissing. Joey breaks her out of her daydream when he comes up behind her.

AT the police station Lizzie goes to visit Alexandra. Once in a private room Alex tells Lizzie to tell her what it is she needs and Alex will tell Lizzie what is it that she wants as well.

At Company Olivia and Bill are excited that their new company, Slingshot Enterprises is now official. Bill tells Olivia that he’s glad she’s been loyal and thinks that the partnership is going to be worth it.

At Spaulding Enterprises Phillip enters Alan’s office telling him he doesn’t appreciate being summoned like a ‘low level office clerk’ when Gus stands up telling Phillip that it was in fact he who called for Phillip. Phillip tells Gus that he could use him. Gus mentions Company, and Phillip tells Gus that he’s simply trying to get Spaulding Enterprises back where it belongs and that the family needs to stick together. Gus tells Phillip that the Coopers are off limits and asks Alan to back him up.

At Company Frank and Buzz are talking about Alex and her trial and Buzz mentions that it is only a week before Company is destroyed. Harley walks in, telling her father that it will be over her dead body.

Sandy tells Reva he has no TV experience. Reva tells Sandy he wouldn’t be in front of the camera, giving his creative input and learning. Sandy tells her that he’ll think about it. Reva asks for some ideas that would appeal to younger viewers.

Tammy asks Joey how his dinner with the Spaulding’s was. Tammy tells Joey that she thought Joey and Lizzie were supposed to spend some time together after dinner and Joey tells her that was never the plan. Joey and Tammy talk about the good times they’ve had together. Tammy tells Joey she regrets not having slept with Joey when she had the chance.

Lizzie tells Alex about the family dinner with Joey and how Tammy showed up. Alex asks if Lizzie trusts him and she says she does. Alex compares Buzz and Joey as good, solid, straightforward men and tells Lizzie to run and not to look back. Lizzie looks confused.

Frank welcomes Harley home. Harley tells Frank she couldn’t find Gus, and she knows what he’s going to say anyway. Buzz tells Harley that the one thing he still believes in is love, despite everything that has happened. Harley is talking about taking down the Spaulding’s when Bill approaches her and asks where he can sign up to help. Olivia looks shocked.

Alan tells Phillip that Gus is simply curious as to why a popular local restaurant is in the way and why he can’t find another piece of land for his project. Phillip asks Gus why he’s “sticking up for those people.” Phillip tells Gus that lying for his family is honorable. Gus tells Phillip that he is “sick” and Phillip laughs. Phillip tells Gus he’d rather be sick than lovesick and that Harley doesn’t deserve Gus’s loyalty. Gus asks Phillip if he (Phillip) deserves his loyalty and Phillip tells him that he’s his family. Gus tells Phillip that he trusts Harley and not Phillip. Alan tells Phillip that perhaps he should rethink the site, and Phillip tells him no. Gus then tells them that if they’re going to crush Harley then they have to crush him as well and then leaves to find Harley.

Sandy tells Reva that he thinks she’s trying to make Sandy take Shayne’s place. Reva tells Sandy that she’s not trying to pressure him.

Tammy tells Joey that she really wanted to be with him. Joey tells her that the circumstances were wrong. Tammy tells Joey that it’s never too late and kisses him.

Alex tells Lizzie that they are different from other people. Lizzie calls Alex a frightened, bitter, lonely, old woman. Alex agrees and then tells Lizzie she will help her get Joey.

Harley asks Bill why he wants to take on the Spaulding’s and he simply tells her that it’s a new hobby, and tells them about his and Olivia’s new company aimed directly at taking down the Spaulding’s. Olivia pulls Bill aside and asks him what the hell he is doing. Bill talks to Olivia convincing her of how much Harley hates the Spaulding’s and how it would be beneficial to their company to have her on board. Bill goes to Harley telling her that there is strength in numbers when Gus shows up. Frank and Buzz try throwing Gus out. Gus tells Buzz that he doesn’t want Company torn down. Bill tries talking to Gus, when Olivia pulls him out of Company. Harley agrees to give Gus 5 minutes of her time.

Alex tells Lizzie that the next time she talks to her father to convince him to come and see Alex in prison. Alex tells Lizzie to beat Tammy she has to know Tammy’s selling points. Lizzie admits to Alex that like Tammy she is ‘untouched’ and that she doesn’t know why she told Tammy she wasn’t. Alex picks up Lizzie’s phone to make a phone call.

Joey tells Tammy that they broke up because he wasn’t good enough for her not because they didn’t sleep together. Tammy tells Joey she was wrong and his phone rings. Alex is on the other line telling Joey that Lizzie went to the jail and left very upset and that he should head to the Beacon to check on her. Joey leaves the beach.

Sandy tells Reva that they shouldn’t work together because they keep arguing. Reva tells him that she needs his help and advice and she’s simply doing what mothers do. Reva tells Sandy she’s not going to take ‘no’ for an answer. Sandy tells Reva he’s working for Spaulding, and he doesn’t think he can get out of that job. Reva tells Sandy she’ll handle Alan.

In Alan’s office Phillip and Alan are talking business when Bill and Olivia stroll in. Bill gives Alan his card from Slingshot Enterprises.

Gus apologizes to Harley for what he did as well as what Phillip is doing. Harley asks Gus what he’s going to do and he tells her that he’s going to try and help her. Gus tells Harley that the only way he can help her is that if goes back to work for Spaulding. Harley tells Gus that while he was looking for her she was looking for him.

Phillip tells Bill and Olivia that he’s not scared, and that Olivia’s real talent isn’t in the boardroom. Bill reminds Phillip that it was Olivia who kept Spaulding going while Phillip was at Ravenwood. Bill compares Slingshot and Spaulding to David and Goliath, and gives Alan/Phillip a slingshot reminding them that it only took David one rock. Once they leave Phillip tells Alan that it’s all a game and Olivia/Bill are in the correct position.

Sandy joins Tammy at the beach and asks if guys like girls that ‘give it up.’ Sandy tells Tammy that Joey is interested in skanks. Sandy tells Tammy that there has to be another reason the two are together.

Joey meets up with Lizzie at the Beacon. Lizzie pretends to be upset and not know that Alex called Joey.

Gus asks Harley why she was looking for him and she tells him that she missed his face. Gus tells Harley that he missed the kids and Harley and that’s why he was looking for her. Gus notices that Harley is still wearing her wedding ring. Harley tells Gus that they are doomed, and Gus kisses her.

Olivia thanks Bill for defending her to Phillip. Olivia tells Bill that she’s not sure about Harley.

Reva meets with Phillip he excuses Sandy from the intern program. Phillip asks Reva not to run the story/interview she’s doing on Company. Reva laughs it off and tells Reva that he’s her new boss and that it was him who bought the station.

Joey runs inside to get a drink for Lizzie when Joey’s phone rings. Lizzie doesn’t answer the phone knowing its Tammy. Tammy leaves a message for him telling him that she loves him and hopes they can finish what they started at the cabin. Lizzie breaks into Joey’s voicemail and laughs at the message. Lizzie tells Joey she wishes they could get away from it all together.

Harley asks Gus what the kiss was all about and if it is them getting back together.

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