Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/18/04

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Michelle tells Tony that the only way to get over his fear of being alone with her is to face them.  She takes him to the beach where she reveals a very tiny bikini and tells Tony to drop down to his underwear.  Tony is a bit reluctant at first but after some prodding on Michelle’s part, he drops down to his boxers.  They have a fun time and actually talk business some.  Michelle thanks Tony for saving her life and for making her feel that it was okay not to worry about everyone else.  She tells him that Danny seems to be accepting the new her and she owes it all to Tony.  The mention of Danny snaps Tony back to reality and he thanks Michelle for a fun day but leaves so he can get back to work.  Michelle receives a message from Danny and heads to Spaulding to meet him.


Danny goes to Spaulding to meet with Alan and Marina shows.  She vents to him about Alan and her family’s situation and tells him she plans on quitting the internship at Spaulding; Buzz will allow her to work extra hours.  Gus arrives at this point and Marina remains very cold to him.  Danny leaves to meet with Alan and Marina tells Gus that her family is suffering because of his.  Buzz is heartbroken; Frank has been left without a job or a fiancé.  Harley’s entire world collapsed around her.  Marina tells Gus she hopes Harley gave it to him good when she found and Gus is happy to hear that Harley wanted to see him.  Marina tells him it wasn’t about a reconciliation but rather about his family’s plan to railroad hers: Spaulding plans on knocking Company down.  Gus is surprised to learn of Philip’s plan but Marina won’t accept that he did not know.

Meanwhile, Danny makes his proposal to Alan but Alan sits there puffing away on his cigar.  Danny realizes that Alan is not taking him seriously so he packs up his things and turns to leave.  Alan stops him and tells Danny he has an offer.  Danny is not at all willing to accept but Alan tells him he should think about it.  After all, no one is willing to invest except Spaulding.  Danny heads outside and Gus joins Alan.  Danny tells Marina about Alan’s less-than-generous offer and Marina urges Danny to turn it down.  She tells him that living out of a cardboard box would be a step up from working with the Spauldings.  Danny agrees but has his family to consider.  In the end, Danny and Marina barge into Alan’s office.  Danny tells Alan to “kiss off” and Marina quits her job and tells Alan to watch out.

Gus asks Alan about Company and Alan tells him that it is Philip’s project.  Gus knows that Alan can stop it if he wants and tells Alan to stop the project but Alan won’t.  He will however, allow Gus to object to Philip’s plans.  All Gus has to do is return to Spaulding Enterprises.  Gus asks Alan if this is why Philip is charging at the Coopers.  To give Gus a reason to return to Spaulding?  Alan says that it is not but does want Gus to return.  Gus says the Coopers do not deserve this and is concerned about Harley.  Alan tells Gus it is time he forget about Harley because that will not work out.


Cassie thinks someone is following her in the parking garage and tries to get away but a car comes towards her.  She throws herself to the ground only to realize, when the car stops, that it was Edmund who was looking for her.  He asks Cassie what is going on and she tells him about the computer at home, her sunglasses and the tires.  Edmund becomes enraged that he has not been able to protect Cassie and begins to trash the place.  Cassie manages to stop him and is able to convince him to go to the farm and wait for her their.  He wants her to come with him but she needs to stay and fix her tires.  As she bends down to pick something Cassie sees something red underneath her car.  She hides it from Edmund and sends him on his way.  She then pulls it out from under the car and sees that it is her red cape, which was in her closet at the farm.  Cassie carries the cape up to the hotel where she finds Jeffrey O’Neil and confides in him that she is terrified for her children and for herself.  Jeffrey asks Cassie if Edmund knows what is going on and she tells him she did not tell Edmund.  She was too scared to because she has not seen him display rage in a long time and she would not want to be the one to bring that rage to the surface.  Jeffrey understands.  He tells Cassie that the best way he can think of to help her is for her to move back into the Beacon into the room across from his.  That way, he can keep an eye on her and the children and set a trap at the farm in case the intruder returns.  Cassie wants him to work with Edmund but Jeffrey is not willing to compromise her safety to sooth Edmund’s ego.  Edmund returns at this point and Jeffrey leaves.  Cassie tells Edmund about the cape and about Jeffrey’s plan.


Edmund returns to the farm after leaving Cassie in the parking garage.  Here, “Dee” comes by so see how he is.  Edmund, who is suspicious, angry and jealous, blames her for putting all these doubts in his head.  She tells him that if he thinks Jeffrey can be trusted then he has nothing to worry about.  Edmund tells her that he could care less about Jeffrey.  He cares about and trusts Cassie and he knows that she loves him.  Edmund leaves to go find Cassie and apologize for his behaviour.

Later, Dinah receives a call from Jeffrey who tells her to stay away from the farm and to get out of town.  She tells him that is her plan.  Jeffrey promises Dinah that she will not get to Cassie because the Winslow’s are going to be with him from now on.

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