Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/17/04

By Elizabeth

Tony is at the lighthouse pouring over some plans with Michelle.

Danny goes to see Ross and tells him he needs to do something about Michelle.

Zach is at Company spending time with Buzz & Frank. Frank tells Buzz that someone called wanting to rent Company out for a private party, but he doesn’t think that they want their business.

At the Beacon Phillip and Lizzie are talking about Joey. Phillip says that he wants to see what Joey’s intentions are. Phillip tells Lizzie that he’s worried that Joey just wants the Spaulding money and that he heard it from Tammy.

Josh and Reva are both on their phones sounding busy. They run into one another and talk about how they’re staying busy to forget that they miss their kids.

At the farmhouse Cassie is on her computer checking the balance of the ‘Princess Cassie’ imposter’s credit card and is on the phone with Bill, trying to get a referral for a new security system from him. Cassie runs into the room for a moment and Dinah sneaks in opening the laptop and typing on it. Cassie returns and knows something is weird.

Phillip tells Lizzie to meet him at Company and Tammy uses the hotel phone to call someone from the hotel lobby.

Josh tells Reva that their kids are out in the world doing good things, so that means they’ve done something right as parents. Reva tells Josh that she misses being a mother just as Sandy walks in.

Ross tells Danny he’s not going to help him. Danny tells Ross he wants to do it for Michelle’s own good and that if he helps Danny that he will be making a certain enemy.

Michelle is fooling around and tells Tony that he should drop the blueprints and that they should go have some fun. Michelle tries giving Tony a fresh perspective about the lighthouse.

Buzz tells Frank that they can’t turn away paying customers. Buzz thinks that it might change Phillip’s mind about leveling the place if they sit down, have a good meal and everything.

Outside of Company Phillip tells Beth that Buzz isn’t going to have Company for much longer, because he is going to build something better in its place. Beth is shocked and tells him that a good chunk of their history took place inside at that counter, and that he shouldn’t bulldoze the past. Phillip tells her that it’s only a building and that he can have lovely memories without the building. Beth asks Phillip if they came here so that Phillip could gloat. Phillip denies that. Phillip walks in to see Zach helping Buzz set the tables. Zach tells Buzz he’s helping and we can see Phillip is thinking about what he’s doing.

Cassie speeds away in her car and leaves Dinah there. Dinah looks over Cassie’s photos and things. While she’s looking over photos someone grabs her shoulder.

Tammy comes downstairs to see Lizzie and tells her that she doesn’t enjoy being summoned. Lizzie tells Tammy she doesn’t enjoy it when he friends lie to her father. Tammy denies lying to Phillip, and says that she meant to tell Phillip that Lizzie is ‘buying’ Joey not the other way around. Lizzie tells Tammy she’s going to give Joey what Tammy couldn’t. Tammy calls Lizzie a skank and the two start fighting like cats. Cassie has to come over and break the fight up.

It turns out that Joey is the one who found Dinah at the farmhouse. Dinah tells Joey that her name is Elaine and that she was taking a look at the farmhouse. Dinah tells Joey that she’s a realtor, when Joey tells her the house isn’t for sale she pretends that she simply got the wrong address. Joey tells Dinah/Elaine that he works there and used to date Tammy. Joey leaves as his ride is there, Dinah pretends to leave and then sneaks back inside. Dinah finds a red cape in a closet and leaves with it.

At Company Alan arrives and makes a comment to Frank about him putting Frank in jail. Alan then tells Buzz that he should keep Frank away from the steak knives. Buzz asks Alan if he signed off on the order to get rid of Company and Alan tells him that Phillip doesn’t need him to sign off on anything. Buzz brings up all the good times that Alana and Phillip have had there, and Alan tells him that it’s simply about business. Beth and Alan make comments about Zach being a helpful little waiter and Phillip gets angry. Phillip goes over to Buzz and tells him that he rented the place out in good faith, but that he will not let his son be used as a pawn.

Ross visits Michelle and Tony and the lighthouse and tells them he wanted to check out the newest ‘hot spot’ in Springfield. Ross tells them that the lighthouse is considered a landmark and that they’re going to face a lot of opposition from the local government and him in particular. Ross tells them that he doesn’t want a landmark being used as a mob front.

Josh takes a phone call and Reva tells Sandy that she didn’t mean that he wasn’t her son. Sandy tells her that she doesn’t need to explain and he understands their relationship is different.

Outside the Beacon Tammy tells her mother that she doesn’t need to go over the birds and the bees again and Cassie tells Tammy that they need to move on to the next topic – “why you should have sex.” Cassie tells Tammy that it should be about love and commitment and not about pressure; Tammy blows up at her mother and tells her she doesn’t want to have the talk because she’s not having sex. Cassie presses the issue and Tammy thinks that it means that her mother doesn’t believe her. Tammy runs off.

Dinah is in a parking garage and pops Cassie’s tires.

Ross tells Michelle he wants to keep her from making a mistake. Michelle tells Ross that she wants to make her family and the town proud because she wants to give back. Ross tells her that he’ll think about helping them out.

Sandy tells Reva that she doesn’t know much about him, and Reva asks him if that’s a challenge. Reva then tells Sandy that they should spend some time together.

Cassie runs into Danny outside of the Beacon and Cassie tells Danny that she received a fax from the bank. Cassie tells Danny that she can’t lose the hotel, and Danny tells her that Cassie & Edmond have both made it clear he has to deal with the loans. Danny tells her that the look in Edmond’s eyes reminded him of the old Edmond. Cassie can’t find her sunglasses and starts freaking out, she mentions it to Danny who offers to help and Cassie just tells him to get the money. Cassie heads to her car thinking she might have left her sunglasses there. In the garage we see Dinah putting on Cassie’s sunglasses.

At Company Phillip is questioning Joey about his intentions and what he wants to do with his future. Tammy is outside of Company and sees the Spaulding’s inside.

Tony tells Michelle that Danny is lucky to have her.

Joey tells Lizzie that he stayed up trying to study about business so that her family would like them. Alan and Beth overhear the conversation and are impressed. Alan and Beth pull Joey aside and tell him that he was impressed with his attitude. Beth tells Joey that she thinks he’s a good influence on Joey and Joey tells her that Lizzie’s awesome on her own. Alan tells him that he’s in good company since they all think that. Joey runs outside to put his tie in the car and runs into Tammy. Meanwhile inside Company Zach is still pretending to be a waiter and getting Phillip more and madder. Buzz tells Phillip that he wanted to show him how much his son; Zach would miss the place when it was gone. Phillip admits to Buzz that it was personal and that Buzz needs to understand what he did. Phillip tells Buzz that what happened at the wedding was unacceptable and that humiliating his brother and aunt and putting a gun in his father’s face is not ok. Buzz tries reasoning with Phillip telling him that what Alex did was against the law. Phillip tells Buzz he should have destroyed the tape and not shown it to Harley and Ross and that you don’t do that to the Spaulding’s anymore and get away with it. Phillip tells him that it couldn’t be anymore personal.

Cassie goes to her car to find her tires slashed and hears someone knocking on something in the garage. Cassie yells out to see if anyone is there and no one answers.

Josh tells Sandy that they should look after Reva now that Marah and Shayne are gone. The three head to Olivia’s Bar for dinner.

Ross meets with Danny and tells him that he met with Michelle and that he didn’t have the guts to break her heart on the spot. He then assures Danny that the project will not go through.

Michelle accuses Tony of freaking out every time she gets near him. Michelle tells Tony that the only way to conquer his fears is to face them head on, and then takes her shirt off.

Tammy tells Joey that he looks like he’s happy without her. Lizzie comes out looking for Joey and tells Tammy that her family loves him. Then Lizzie tells Tammy that she has big plans for her and Joey tonight.

Buzz tells Phillip that he might want to check back in to the mental hospital for a tune up. Buzz tells Phillip that he’s in for the fight of his life.

Cassie grabs a tire iron and challenges her imposter to come out and face her.

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