Guiding Light Update Monday 8/16/04

By Elizabeth

Josh and Reva are getting ready to say goodbye to Shayne at the airport. Josh tells Reva that it’s important for them to be supportive of him. Marina comes to the airport to say goodbye to Shayne and tells him that she wants to be with him and that she’s going to Bosnia with him.

Danny and Bill continue to fight until Olivia breaks it up.

Michelle and Tony continue to kiss, Michelle pulls away, Tony pulls her back and Michelle tells Tony that it was a surprise. When they finally stop kissing, Tony is obviously more affected than Michelle who goes on as nothing has happened.

Jeffery and Dinah, in Bill’s house continue to make out while Cassie and Edmond are outside. Cassie knocks and interrupts them. Jeffery opens the door (Dinah is hiding in the closet) and then tries to rush Cassie and Edmond out the door. Once Jeffery, Edmond and Cassie leave Dinah calls Edmond telling him that they need to meet.

Buzz and Frank are outside of Company arguing about Phillip when they see Olivia and Bill. Bill is upset that Phillip wants to bulldoze over Company. Olivia wants to know why the property that Company is on is so valuable. Bill and Olivia head to Bill’s to spy on the Spaulding’s and Bill tells Olivia he needs to clean up his place some more.

At the lighthouse Tony tells Michelle that they should talk about what happened while Michelle wants to brush it off and tells Tony it wasn’t a big deal.

At the airport Josh and Reva are shocked that Marina is going to join Shayne in Bosnia. Reva questions that Marina really wants to go. Reva asks Shayne if Marina is feeling pressured to go and Shayne assures them that he only told Marina he wanted her to go. Buzz and Frank show up at the airport to say goodbye to Shayne and it is apparent that Marina hasn’t told her family that she’s going to Bosnia yet.

Edmond runs into Danny at Company and mentions the past due loans that Cassie co-signed with Danny. Edmond warns Danny that he’d better take care of the loans ASAP because he doesn’t want Cassie to end up the same way Michelle is – as collateral money.

Michelle tells Tony that she knows he has a lot more to offer and is excited about their new business venture. Rick comes in with Robbie and surprises them. Michelle tells Rick about her idea for the lighthouse. Rick is mad to hear that Tony will be bankrolling the business. Rick asks Michelle if she has a death wish.

Dinah (Dee as Edmond knows her) meets with Edmond outside of Company. Edmond questions when Dinah was going to tell him about when she was going to inform him of Jeffery’s status with the federal government. Dinah tells Edmond she didn’t know he wasn’t working for the feds. Edmond tells Dinah not to ever call him again. Dinah tells Edmond that it goes to show that she was right about Jeffery – that you can’t trust him. Edmond warns her that if she holds back any more information that she will live – but only to regret it.

Bill arrives home to not find Dinah.

Jeffery and Cassie are at the Beacon talking about the security at the Beacon. Jeffery assures Cassie he will take care of her and her family. Edmond walks in and sees Jeffery with his arms around Cassie, comforting her.

Marina is surprised to see Buzz and Frank at the airport. Shayne questions Marina about not telling her family. Marina tells him that she simply hasn’t had the time with everything that is going on with Company. Marina tells Shayne about Phillips new plan to tear down Company. Shayne asks her why she is going to Bosnia and she tells him that it’s because he asked her to. Shayne tells Marina that she needs to ask herself what is right for her to do, and tells her that if he had known what was going on with Company that he wouldn’t have asked her to go. Shayne tells Marina that he has to go because that is his passion, and Marina tells him that he is her passion. Shayne asks Marina if that is true or if she is afraid of letting him go. Shayne tells Marina she needs to figure out where she needs to be without listening to him. Marina tells Shayne she’s going to miss him. Shayne reassures her that everything is going to be ok. Everyone says goodbye to Shayne and he leaves.

Rick accuses Michelle of ignoring her son for Tony. Rick tells Michelle that if she cares for Tony then Danny can’t find out about her and Tony. Michelle tells Rick that it’s not what he thinks. Rick leaves telling her that she doesn’t care too much about what he thinks anyway.

Cassie sees Edmond and tries talking to him. Edmond tells her he has business to tend to and heads upstairs. Cassie is told she has a phone call at the front desk. RJ heads outside and we see Dinah watching him.

Bill thinks back to earlier in the day when he told Dinah to leave. Olivia shows up interrupting his daydream, and walks around demanding to know who the ‘other woman’ is. Olivia finds a note from Dinah on the bed, and asks Bill who Dinah is.

Robbie and Michelle run into Danny outside of Company. Michelle tells Danny about her idea for the lighthouse. Danny tells her that her idea is a good one, but that she needs capital. Michelle tells Danny that she has a backer – Tony.

Tony goes back to the lighthouse to pick up his cell phone and imagines him and Michelle getting together again.

Danny tells Michelle that her idea is a lot to think about, but that she should take the deal with Tony. Danny tells her that it will be her business and her deal. Danny also says that when it comes to family she should do what she has to and he’ll do the same.

Bill tells Olivia that Dinah is his sister. Olivia acts shocked that she’s in Springfield. Olivia asks if Cassie knows and Bill makes her promise not to tell anyone.

Jeffery finds Edmond in his office at the Beacon. Edmond tells Jeffery he wants to discuss the level of concern he is showing Cassie. Edmond tells Jeffery that he hasn’t exactly transformed from monster to model citizen and that he is waiting for someone to push him over the edge.

Dinah approaches RJ outside the Beacon and tells him that she was going to leave but has changed her mind.

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