Guiding Light Update Friday 8/13/04

By Elizabeth

Tony is working out at the gym when Ray arrives and tries talking to him. They head to the boxing ring when Tammy and Cassie come into the gym. Ray asks Tony about Michelle.

Michelle keeps hounding Danny about taking Tony’s job. Danny tells Michelle he doesn’t want to take a step back. Danny tells Michelle that she was the reason he left the mob in the first place. Michelle says that she doesn’t remember and isn’t sure if she wants to.

Inside the Beacon Phillip tells Harley that he is the head of the ‘New Springfield Corp.’ and Harley tells him that it’s good, because he can help them figure stuff out. Buzz asks Phillip to explain. Harley shows Phillip the papers that Buzz was served. Phillip tells them that he knows that the papers were served and that he’s not going to help them. Phillip tells them that he has big plans for that part of town and Company is simply “in the way.” Buzz and Harley have shocked looks on their faces.

Bill joins Cassie and Tammy at the gym. Cassie asks Bill to update the security system at the Beacon. Cassie then tries showing Tammy how to defend herself.

Edmond is met at Company by someone who was doing research on Jeffery. His ‘informant’ tells Edmond that it wasn’t exactly easy to get the information. Edmond takes a look at the file and then the shot is cut away.

Jeffery breaks into Bill’s house, and Dinah inside watches him plant a bug.

Harley tells Phillip that he can’t bulldoze over Company. Phillip tells them that he can because the governor ok’d it since they’re redeveloping the land near Company, but that they’ll be paid well for it. Buzz tells him that he wants his restaurant not money. Phillip tells him that its business and nothing personal. Marina walks in and laughs at the thought of bull dozing over Company. Marina attacks Phillip and tells him to leave her family alone.

Bill walks in on Jeffery and tells him that it looks like he needs to change his locks again.

Edmond finds out that Jeffery hasn’t been a federal agent for weeks as he’s been on indefinite leave of absence at his own request. Edmond wants to know what he’s doing in Springfield and why he said he was investigating Cassie’s imposter if he’d cut all contact.

Ray asks Tony if he’s had anymore dreams about Michelle and Tony tells him to forget it and the dream was just that – a dream. Tony asks Ray to talk to Danny, because he’s in financial trouble and won’t accept Tony’s help.

Michelle tells Danny that she may never get her memory back and she has to know that he can live with her the way she is now. Danny tells her that he’s just trying to make life easier for her. Michelle tells Danny that she just needs him to be honest with her. Danny tells her the truth about the loans coming due. Michelle offers to help and Danny laughs at her. Michelle gets angry and tells him that she’s done.

Harley tells Phillip that she feels like she’s talking to Alan. Phillip tells her that it’s business and nothing personal. Buzz rushes towards Phillip to attack Phillip, and Harley hold him back.

Tony tells Ray that he doesn’t want Michelle and Danny walks in on the conversation telling Tony and Ray that he doesn’t buy it. Danny tells Tony to stay away from him and Michelle. Tony leaves and goes to Company.

Michelle is at the lighthouse and is moving furniture around. Michelle calls Tony and asks him to come to the lighthouse.

Bill kicks Jeffery out of his house and Jeffery tells Bill that he needs to talk to him about Bill’s jail time. Bill asks what he means by that and Jeffery tells him that he could arrest him on ‘criminal conspiracy’ because contacting ‘her’ is criminal. Jeffery then informs Bill that the ‘her’ he was talking about is Eden. Dinah overhears them talking from inside. Bill goes inside and asks if she really came to Springfield to turn herself in or not.

Tony shows up at the lighthouse and Michelle tells Tony she has an idea. Michelle says that she has come up with an idea to solve some problems. Michelle tells Tony that she wants to make the lighthouse into an all ages restaurant/club. Michelle tells Tony she needs him to go in on it with her.

Dinah tells Bill she wanted to turn herself in, but has lost her nerve. Bill tells Dinah that she needs to disappear because she’s going to be safer not in Springfield. Dinah tells Bill that she will never forget what he did for her. Bill runs out to get some food for their last dinner together.

Edmond runs into Cassie and Tammy at the Beacon. Edmond makes a snide comment about Jeffery and he and Cassie get into an argument.

Tony tells Michelle her idea is a bad idea. Michelle accuses Tony of being afraid, and he tells her that he’s just playing it safe. Tony warns her that his money isn’t clean anyway, and Michelle tells her that it’s what you do with the money that counts.

Danny stops Bill on his way into Company and asks if he wants to get into a partnership again. Bill basically tells Danny to go screw himself.

Buzz tells Harley and Marina that Company is just walls and a roof and that perhaps Phillip is right. Marina tells them that they should fight the Spaulding’s. Buzz tells Harley and Marina that he doesn’t think he has it in them to fight them again. Harley tells Buzz they have something on their side that she’s going to go after with everything she has.

Cassie and Edmond make up and agree that the security system should be upgraded at the Beacon. Dinah picks up the phone and doesn’t say anything. Cassie tells Edmond that she’s going to go over to Bill’s to take care of this ASAP. Edmond agrees to go with her.

Jeffery walks in on Dinah and tells her that when she’s trying to hide she should lay off the perfume. Dinah has a dagger in her hand behind her back.

Harley tells Buzz that she can use Gus, as he owes her and already has Alan wrapped around his finger. Harley tells Buzz that they need him and she’s going to get him.

Bill and Danny argue about the past and how Danny wasn’t on the up and up with Bill. Danny maintains that he’s clean now. Bill tells Danny that he will soon lose Michelle. Danny throws Bill up against the wall.

Michelle tells Tony that they can set up an office for Tony. Tony tells her that it’s not a no and they try thinking of some names and come up with “Light.” Michelle hugs Tony and kisses him, innocent at first and then continue to kiss.

Jeffery tells Dinah she’s gone too far. Dinah asks Jeffery to allow her to walk out the door. Dinah and Jeffery kiss while Cassie and Edmond are outside.

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