Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/12/04

By Elizabeth

Harley tells her father that they will take Company from him over her dead body. Someone sitting in Company tells the Cooper’s that if they’ve already gotten the notice then it’s too late to do anything about it. Harley accuses the guy of being s spy and grabs him.

Outside of Company Sandy asks Tammy whether or not she’s decided to drop the ball on Joey. Tammy tells him that she still can’t decide. Joey and Lizzie show up at Company just as Sandy and Tammy are talking about them.

At the gym Tony has another fantasy about Michelle while working out. Michelle walks in, trips over a barbell and lands on top of Tony.

Danny sees Phillip at the Beacon and tells Phillip he was trying to get a hold of him, but was unable to. Phillip makes a snide remark about not wanting to blow up warehouses, Danny tells Phillip he wants to partner up with Spaulding. Philip tells Danny he doesn’t want to get burned.

Ross meets someone who we think is Dinah in the park while Jeffery watches. Jeffery comes out of the bushes and grabs the person, and it turns out to be a volunteer from the hospital. Jeffery tells Ross not to get drawn in with the wrong people and Ross leaves.

Meanwhile Dinah is on the phone with someone pretending to be her in Europe.

Tony tells Michelle to watch where she’s going, and then Michelle asks Tony if she and Danny are in financial trouble. Tony tells Michelle to make Danny tell her the truth. Olivia walks in the gym and tells Michelle the good news about being divorced. Olivia tells Michelle she’s going to keep things simple now, and Michelle tells her that she must be up to something really interesting if she’s (Olivia) lying to her (Michelle) face so easily.

AT the Beacon Danny continues to try and convince Phillip to partner up with him and Phillip continues to say no.

Sandy drags Lizzie inside so that Tammy and Joey can talk. Tammy tells Joey that she’s afraid if she shows him something he’ll get hurt, but if she doesn’t show him he'll get even more hurt. She ends up showing him the photo on her camera phone and tells Joey that Lizzie was paying off the ‘record executive.’

Buzz pulls Harley off the random guy in Company. Harley tells Buzz that she wonders who would do such a thing, and Buzz tells Harley that he never thought he would find a place that felt like home after he lost the diner. Harley tells Buzz that she doesn’t know who the “New Springfield Corporation” is but she’s going to stop them and then heads out the door.

Sandy tells Lizzie that Tammy knows about the fake record executive. Meanwhile, outside Joey questions how Tammy got the photo. Joey asks Tammy what it was he did to make her hate him so much.

Michelle tells Olivia that she thought they could be friends, but Olivia, just like everyone else is giving her the run around. Olivia tells her that she can’t tell her anything and Michelle tells Olivia that she thinks it’s cool that she goes after what she wants. Michelle also tells Olivia that there’s something she’s trying to do as well. Olivia asks her what is stopping her and Michelle tells her that it’s not knowing what she wants and Danny/Rick not treating her like an equal. Olivia tells Michelle that she needs to act like their equal to be treated like an equal.

At the Beacon Phillip scoffs at Danny accusation that Phillip is afraid of Danny. Tony meets up with Danny at the Beacon as Phillip is leaving. Tony offers to help Danny with his cash flow problem. Tony offers Danny a job that’s on the up and up. Danny tells him “not in this lifetime.”

Harley meets up with Jeffery and tells him she needs his help with something important.

Dinah is looking at photos of Cassie when Ross comes over. Ross tells Dinah that nothing is ok, and that she needs to leave Springfield. Ross tells Dinah that Jeffery has been pumping him for information and that he was tailing Ross.

Harley shows Jeffery the letter from the State and tells him that she wants him to do something. Jeffery tells her that she needs to get a real estate lawyer and that there may or may not be a hearing. Harley yells at him for not wanting/being able to help her out.

Tammy tells Joey she doesn’t hate him and that’s why she showed him the photo. Joey tells her that he’s sure she’s the one lying since he and Tammy were just in the record exec’s office at Circle Records and that he’s for real. Joey tells Tammy that he thought she was the one, and no longer gets her and what she’s doing. Joey also calls Tammy a bigger game player than Lizzie. Lizzie goes outside and Joey tells her to give him one good reason not to get rid of her for good.

Tony tells Danny he’s rude for saying ‘no’ to the job before he’s even heard about it. Danny tells Tony that he knows it wouldn’t be legit, and Tony tells him that it truly would be legit. Danny tells Tony that he’s sure Tony is offering him the job to be the big hero to Michelle. Tony tells Danny he’s backed off, and it’s Michelle who keeps coming to him. Tony tells Danny that if he wanted Michelle Danny wouldn’t even see it coming. Michelle walks into the Beacon and wants to know what’s going on.

Harley and Jeffery have an argument about how everyone in the town blames him for everything.

Ross gives Dinah some cash and tells her to leave town. He also blames himself for not being there when she needed him. Ross leaves and tells Dinah he will think about her everyday. Dinah tells him that she’ll think about him everyday as well.

Joey questions Lizzie the record executive. Lizzie tells Joey that she only gave the record executive some singles for parking. Lizzie apologizes to Joey for pulling strings on his behalf and that it will never happen again. Joey forgives her.

Phillip runs into Tammy at the Beacon. Tammy tells Phillip exactly what Lizzie did to get Joey. Phillip calls Lizzie who is with Joey and demands to talk to Joey. Phillip invites Joey to the house for dinner.

Harley calls up the “New Springfield Corporation” and sets up a meeting at the Beacon to discuss Company.

Michelle demands to know what Tony and Danny are arguing about. Danny tells Michelle about the job offer and Michelle is mad at him for turning down a job. Michelle gets angry at Danny for lying to her about their financial troubles.

Joey asks Lizzie why her father wants him to come to dinner.

Michelle tells Danny that she knows about the overdue loans. Michelle tells him until the loans are paid he should take the job Tony offered him.

Buzz and Harley are at the Beacon for their meeting and run into Phillip. Harley tells Phillip about their dilemma and asks what the new CEO of the “New Springfield Co.” looks like and Phillip tells them that he is the CEO.

Dinah is at Bill’s packing up her belongings, when she has a flashback to when she and Jeffery were pretending to be Cassie & Richard. In the flashback she calls him Richard and he calls her Cassie. Jeffery/Richard also seems very obsessed with the real Cassie. Meanwhile Jeffery is trying to break into Bill’s house.

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