Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/11/04

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Seeing Richard come to help Cassie from her spot on a balcony, Dinah pushes a large potted plant towards Cassie and RJ who are directly below her on the ground. Jeffery rushes towards Cassie & RJ moving them out of the way in just the knick of time.

At the park Marina returns to Josh & Reva and tells them that she can’t seem to find Shayne anywhere. Reva calls Sandy, thinking he might know where Shayne is. Sandy, who is at Company, tells Reva that Shayne is with him talking to Ross.

Ross and Shayne are talking about his future. Shayne tells Ross that what he wants to do is something that his parent’s won’t be too happy about.

Frank also comes into Company to tell his father and Harley that the tip of where Darcie was didn’t pan out. Harley tells Frank and Buzz that Gus left town.

Phillip and Alan, at the Spaulding Mansion talk business. Alan tells Phillip that he called Amanda and that she didn’t mention Roger. Phillip tells his father that his divorce is final.

Olivia goes to Bill’s to tell him that her divorce is final, that she’s single and that she’s ready to go through with their plan. Bill tells her that he doesn’t remember having a plan. Olivia tells Bill that she wants everything that Phillip has.

Dinah mad that Cassie is ok takes off, while Jeffery makes sure that Cassie and RJ are ok. Cassie assumes that it is an accident, while Jeffery thinks that someone was behind it. Edmond walks by just to see Jeffery, Cassie and RJ on the ground together and rushes over to see if they’re ok. Edmond takes off to look around the grounds while Jeffery checks upstairs inside the Beacon. Mrs. Chitwood takes RJ to the beach and Cassie warns her not to let RJ out of her sight. Dinah runs into Edmond outside the Beacon. Dinah implies that it is odd how Jeffery is always there to ‘do the saving.’

Reva, Josh and Marina find Shayne at Company and tell him the good news that the Chicago Cubs GM wants to offer him a contract. Shayne is not as thrilled about news as the rest of the family and tells them that he doesn’t want baseball anymore.

Alan and Phillip discuss how Phillip has changed since Ravenwood. Phillip tells Alan he doesn’t need to worry about Phillip or the company anymore, because he is going to solve their problems. Phillip tells Alan that the problem is that no one fears their family anymore. Phillip reminds Alan that Frank put a gun in his (Alan’s) face in their home, Gus was humiliated in their home and Alex was arrested in their home and that the Coopers walked away unscathed. Phillip tells Alan that soon people will fear them again and that they’re going to start with the town they used to own, Springfield.

Bill tells Olivia that he has no interest in helping her take down Phillip or trusting her. Bill asks Olivia to leave.

Dinah tells Edmond that she was watching Jeffery from afar, which is why she was there. Dinah asks if Edmond thinks Cassie is in danger. Dinah reminds Edmond that Jeffery was scheduled to leave town after Salerno was arrested and insinuates that he was looking for something to make him want to stay in town.

Jeffery is looking all over Cassie’s old room at the Beacon. Cassie freaks out and tells Jeffery that she wants answers, because RJ could have been hurt.


Cassie and RJ are just outside the lobby when a potted plant falls straight towards them. Jeffrey pushes them out of the way, just in time. Dinah, who is guilty of sending the pot down, heads down after witnessing Jeffrey’s rescue. Initially, Cassie blames herself saying that the pots were too close to the edge but Jeffrey is dubious that the Beacon staff are responsible for the accident. Edmund arrives to see Jeffrey with RJ and Cassie and learns what happened. Jeffrey leaves to check things out and Cassie sends RJ off to the lake with Mrs. Chitwood. She tells Edmund what is happening and he is less than thrilled to hear about Jeffrey’s latest heroic act. Edmunds goes outside and Dinah comes by. She tells him she was following Jeffrey and she saw him rescue Cassie. Dinah wonders out loud whether it’s a coincidence that Jeffrey is always there to help Cassie or perhaps it’s because he has arranged for things to be that way. Her words upset Edmund and he heads up to check on Cassie. He finds her with Mr. O’Neil, who just offered to stay very close by so there are no near misses. Jeffrey leaves and Edmund tells Cassie he always thought that it would him who would protect her and her family. Cassie tells Edmund that no one is going to take her from him; he saved her at a time when she needed saving the most.

Jeffrey and Ross cross paths and Jeffrey tells the mayor that he reviewed the file Ross gave him. There is no way Dinah could ever be saved. There are too many witnesses and no much evidence against her. Ross tries to make Jeffrey understand that Dinah made a horrible mistake at a low point in her life and she has a right to get her life back. Jeffrey is adamant and tells Ross that if Dinah steps foot in Springfield, she will be prosecuted. Jeffrey leaves and Ross calls Dinah, telling her they need to meet now. He heads off to meet her and Jeffrey, who eavesdropped on the call, follows.


Philip is back and he tells Alan he has big plans for the town. Philip admits to Alan that he felt like a new man when he got him from the hospital. He had a lot of time to think about things and now he knows exactly what he wants. Philip tells Alan that the Spaulding family have lost who they once were: a family who was feared by all, who ruled Springfield. He wants that back. He is disgusted by the fact that the entire town was at their home when Frank pulled a gun on Alan, Alex got arrested, Gus got his heart stomped on, and the Coopers walked out. In the old days, no one would dear do that to the Spauldings and it is time that they got that back. He is about to show Alan what his plans are when Olivia comes in and welcomes him back. He tells her he had a good trip and that Emma missed her. They have a perfectly civil conversation and Olivia tells him she is looking for a new place. When she leaves, Alan tells Philip that Olivia is up to something. Philip certainly hopes that she is. Philip unveils his plan to Alan. He shows him a model of Springfield as it is today. And another model of what it will be when they are through with it. The Spauldings will run everything.


Olivia comes by and shows Bill her divorce papers. She tells him her marriage is over and they can now renew their plans. Bill insists that he wants to have nothing to do with her plan for revenge. She tells him this is the perfect time: he has left Lewis and she has a generous enough settlement from Philip to make things happen. Bill can accept their friendship but he will not confuse revenge and success. All he wants is the success. Olivia tells him that there is no need to choose; the important thing is going after what you want.

Later, Bill is talking with Dinah and he lets her know that he and Olivia are just friends. He tells her that Olivia wanted his help to take down the Spauldings but he won’t be a part of it because he does not care to go up against them. Dinah decides to steer her brother in the right direction. She tells him a story about when she was in prison. During the inmates’ social time, she marched right on up to the biggest, ugliest woman there and punched her in the face. She got the pulp beaten out of her but after that that woman knew she was tough and she respected her. Dinah tells Bill that the Spauldings are the big uglies and that going up against them is what he should be doing. Bill really listens to her and calls Olivia. He tells her that he has changed his mind and he is ready to join forces with her. Olivia is happy to hear it because she knows Philip is up to something.


Harley and Buzz are there to meet Frank when he returns from his trip to New York. He tells them that the tip was good and that Darci was there but she left. Harley is amazed that one week ago their lives all seemed perfect: Frank had gotten engaged to Darci, Buzz and Alex were solid and she and Gus were days away from becoming man and wife. Now, thanks to the Spaulding family, everything is gone. Harley tells her family that she went to see Gus and the mansion but she realized that that house, that family has hurt her for the last time. Ross comes in and the Coopers ask him about getting Frank reinstated. Despite Frank’s obvious innocence in the Antimonious case, dozens of people saw him pull a gun on Alan at the wedding and that will take some time to clear up. In the mean time, Ross suggests that Frank use this time to sort out some things. Frank is overwhelmed thinking it is going to take him just as long to get his job back as it will to get Darci back. Harley offers Frank a place to stay and then asks Buzz to come too. They can all recover together and rely on each other’s strength and support. Buzz suggests that they take some time to decide. Just then, Buzz receives a delivery. A document informing him that the state has reclaimed his property and they will take Company too.

Shayne gets some help from Ross in making some tough decisions then meets with his parents, Marina and Sandy. Josh tells Shayne that he got accepted by the team and is surprised that Shayne isn’t more excited. Shayne tells Josh and the others that he has made a decision about some things that he has been thinking about for a while. He has realized that baseball is not what he wants to do. He wants to help others and he has decided to head to Bosnia, aided by Ross and Springfield, to set up and run a youth group. Reva is completely thrown by his decision and has a hard time accepting it. Josh sees how important this is to Shayne and knows that he truly wants this. Marina is in shock and takes off. Shayne follows after her.

Reva cannot understand Shayne’s desire to head around the world and wonders what it is that they did wrong that has cause their children to go so far away. Josh thinks that perhaps they did something right. He tells her Shayne is headstrong like she is. Reva tells him not to blame this on her. She might have been headstrong but she has selfish motives. Shayne’s motives are completely selfless and that’s all thanks to Josh. Reva is worried that Shayne could get hurt out there and Josh reminds her that the know all to well that Shayne can get hurt at home as well. With each other’s support, they are able to at least understand why Shayne needs to go.

Shayne catches up to Marina and apologizes for not telling her separately. He just really needs to do this and he hopes that she understands. Marina thinks that his actions prove just how much he cares about them, how much she means to him. Shayne assures Marina that she is the most important thing and that is why he wants her to go with him. Marina is completely floored but tells Shayne she can’t leave her family. Shayne thinks her family will be all right for a while and he wants her with him. He promises not to pressure and tells her she can come whenever she is ready. As Marina checks out passport requirements, Shayne returns to his parents. They tell him that they accept his decision and that they love him and are very proud of the man he has become.

Shayne tells his family that he wants to give back to the community and he has to leave Springfield to do so. Ross is there and tells everyone about a program he (Ross) began with Springfield’s sister city, Sarajevo and that Shayne knew all about the program before talking to Ross. Shayne tells them that he wants to set up a youth program like a youth corps, and wants to go to Bosnia. Ross tells them that he’s going to sponsor Shayne and that he’s impressed that he wants to do a good thing. Sandy tells Shayne that he’s awed by him and Marina walks away without saying a word. Reva doesn’t want to let Shayne go, and Josh tells her that he doesn’t think that they have a choice.

Inside Ross tells Frank, Harley and Buzz that he’s glad to see them all ‘surviving’ and asks about Darcie. Frank tells Ross that Darcie is still gone and Harley asks when Frank can have his job back. Ross tells Frank that he has a problem since he pulled a gun on Alan. Harley offers to let Frank & Buzz move in with her.

Alan tells Phillip that he’s piqued his curiosity and Phillip tells Alan that he will show him what he meant. Olivia walks in and tells Phillip that he looks good, Phillip tells her that she looks well too and that Emma missed her. Olivia tells Phillip she’s not rushing out to get back to business and Phillip tells her that he’s in the same boat. Olivia leaves and Phillip tells his father that he hopes Olivia comes after them.

Edmond asks Dinah what she was trying to imply, and she simply asks him why Jeffery is working on the case instead of the police. She also tells him that if Jeffery wants something he usually gets it. Dinah tells Edmond that Jeffery could have planted the accident, Edmond sticks up for Jeffery and then Dinah leaves.

Upstairs Jeffery tells Cassie that she needs to be prepared. Cassie asks Jeffery to stay closer to her to keep the kids safe. Edmond walks in as Jeffery is brushing some dirt off of Cassie. Edmond asks why Jeffery is always around when something goes wrong. Jeffery heads downstairs to check things out.

Buzz tells Harley to let things settle before rushing into things. Harley tells them that they’re a family and should stick together and perhaps together they can get Frank his job back as well as Darcie.

Phillip is on the phone telling someone that it is all simply business and that they should ‘move on it’ now.

Reva tells Josh that she can’t send Shayne away and Josh tells her they have no choice. Shayne follows Marina to the park and apologizes for not talking to her about it first and then asks if she will go to Bosnia with him. Sandy tells them that they’re being selfish and that they need to think of what the world would be like without guys like Shayne.

At Bill’s Dinah makes Bill a snack and they chat about Olivia. Bill tells Dinah that Olivia wants him to help her bring down the Spaulding’s, but that he wants nothing to do with it. Dinah calls him stupid.

At the Beacon Jeffery flashes back to a memory of dancing with Dinah. Ross breaks his concentration by surprising to him.

Cassie tells Edmond that having Jeffery around will be good, especially since she doesn’t know who wants to hurt her. Edmond tells her that perhaps Jeffery is the danger.

Ross asks Jeffery if he looked at the file. Ross explains that Dinah made a mistake when she was young. Jeffery tells Ross that the case is air tight…forensic evidence, eyewitness testimony and motive. Jeffery tells Ross that he will put Dinah on trial for murder if she steps foot in this time.

Dinah tells Bill that if he wants to make a name for himself he has to think big. Dinah tells Bill that sometimes you need to slap the biggest and ugliest to gain their respect.

Shayne tells Marina it’s not about what he’s giving up, but more about what they could do. Marina doesn’t want to leave her family and Shayne tells her that he won’t make her go. Shayne tells her to think about it.

Josh tells Reva the reason their kids keep leaving is perhaps they did something right.

Edmond tells Cassie that he thought it was his job to protect Cassie and her family. Not Jeffery.

Reva and Josh talk about how they’re proud of Shayne. Shayne comes by and apologizes for the timing. Reva and Josh tell Shayne that they’re behind him 100% as long as this is what he wants to do.

At the park Marina is calling about getting a passport.

Bill meets up with Olivia at the park and tells her that he’s changed his mind and wants to work with her.

Phillip unveils plans to Alan of a new Springfield that will belong to the Spaulding’s.

Buzz gets a letter from the State of Illinois claiming that the land Company on is ‘eminent domain’ and they want to tear Company down.

Cassie tells Edmond not to be jealous, and he tells her that he’s not jealous just worried about people taking advantage of her.

Ross tells Jeffery that Dinah would never come back to Springfield. Jeffery tells Ross that Dinah committed murder and needs to be punished. Ross calls Dinah and tells her that he needs to see her in person. Jeffery overhears the call and follows Ross.

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