Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/10/04

By Sarah

Danny is on the phone can telling people that he can only pay them when he has some money. Michelle walks in, reads the paper and tells Danny he shouldn't feel he has to try to prove himself to anyone because no one in the town is worth a damn.

Josh and Reva are in the park talking about Danny. Reva seems shocked that Danny could be the one that set the warehouse bomb off and Josh isn't too surprised because of Danny's past. Marina rushes over with Shayne and tells them that he's pitching in the low 90 which is better than he was before the accident.

RJ rushes out of the Beacon for an ice cream truck and Cassie rushes after him. Edmond shows up, wanting to know what is wrong and Cassie tells him that it has to do with Jeffery. Edmond does not seem shocked and says that it always has to do with Jeffery.

At Company Jeffery is reading the paper, and talking to himself about how he wishes that sometimes Danny could just get a break. Inside Blake and Ross are talking about Danny. Ross expresses concern over having to call Ed and tell him that it was Danny who created the accident. When Jeffery comes in Ross asks what will be done about the warehouse bombing and Jeffery tells him that it’s been taken care of.

At the Beacon Edmond asks Cassie what Jeffery has done this time and Cassie tells him that Jeffery simply freaked her out and told her that she was in danger. Dinah overhears this conversation and smiles. Edmond follows Cassie inside and she tells him that Jeffery thinks that Cassie's imposter is more than one person and that they may be in Springfield. Edmond seems discouraged that Jeffery will be even around more. Edmond thinks back to his conversation with Dinah and tells Cassie he would like to be the one who protects her. Cassie tells him that Jeffery will be fine as he's an FBI agent. Tammy comes in and tells Edmond that she needs his help and wants to take him to lunch.

Michelle keeps asking Danny why he cares so much about what the people of Springfield think of him. He tells her that he's a businessman and that he needs to care what other people will think if he wants to make money. She tells him that she thinks he's sucking up, and she doesn't want any part of it.

Shayne tells his family that he doesn't want them making a big deal about everything with his baseball career. Marina tells Josh that he needs to give Danny a second chance because she's sure that he didn't mean to hurt anyone.

Tammy tells Edmond that she needs help with the Spaulding Intern Contest and revenge. She tells him that she needs a crash course in getting even.

Ross and Blake give Jeffery a hard time when he says that Danny will be handled by the Feds. Ross gets upset that Danny will never see the inside of a court room and he gets a call from Dinah. Dinah tells him that she's concerned about Jeffery O'Neill, and Ross tells her that he's working on it. Jeffery asks if Ross wants to discuss the 'other matter' and Ross brushes him off as Blake is there.

Reva tells Shayne that she's proud of him. Marina and Shayne have a fight about him not wanting to make a big deal about anything anymore. Reva tells Shayne she can tell he's miserable and that it’s obvious.

Tammy tells Edmund about Lizzie's scam with Joey. Edmond tells her the important thing is how she felt when she and Joey were together. Sandy overhears the conversation and tells Tammy that if she tells Joey about this that it will hurt Joey. Tammy tells Sandy she doesn't care if he joins in the conversation as long as he helps, and Edmond tells Tammy that Sandy had a good point about this information hurting Joey. Edmond asks her if she wants to win the contest or Joey. Sandy and Edmond tell Tammy that she can't beat Lizzie and not hurt Joey.

Blake asks Ross what his phone call was about and Ross blows up at her telling her that city business is not her business. Michelle walks in and Ross and Blake ask her if she's ok. Michelle tells them that she doesn't know them and doesn't care what they think and that they should mind their own business.

Danny goes to the Beacon for a meeting when Cassie confronts him about Salerno's accusations. Cassie tells him that she gambled when she went into business with him, and hopes that he has the money to fix this. RJ sneaks outside. Danny tells Cassie that the reason he went undercover was to protect Cassie from prosecution. She tells him that if defaults on the loans that she will lose the hotel. Outside Dinah gives RJ an ice cream cone.

Sandy and Edmond tell Tammy that she needs to decide between revenge and getting Joey back.

Blake tells Michelle that they were friends, and Michelle tells her that the town is full of hypocrites. Michelle tells them that maybe Danny did her a favor because she was probably as uptight as they are.

Danny tells Cassie that he has a meeting with Josh, which should secure the money to pay off the loans. Cassie tells Danny that he shouldn't be having meetings and that he should be home with Michelle. Danny tells her that Michelle is handling the news better than anyone else in the town and Cassie tells Danny that if she were Michelle she would never forgive him. Danny then reminds her that she is living with Edmond.

Dinah and RJ talk a bit about Hart, and he like the same kind of ice cream as RJ. Dinah then tells RJ she needs his help delivering a message.

Josh comes to the meeting and tells Danny that they won't be meeting with investors and that neither he nor anyone in the town wants to do business with Danny.

Dinah gets RJ to call Jeffery and tells him that he's with his imaginary friend. Jeffery freaks out and calls Cassie telling her to call him back. He heads to the Beacon, which Edmond sees. Edmond tells Cassie that when someone goes after the people you love you need to take action.

At the Beacon Cassie is still looking for RJ. Dinah and RJ split up, and Cassie arrives outside and sees RJ with his ice cream. RJ tells her that his imaginary friend bought him the ice cream.

Danny tells Josh that he's the same man as he was last week. Josh tells him he has no choice and that the investors have backed out as they no longer want to do business with Danny.

At Company Blake and Ross hassle Michelle some more about Danny.

Reva tells Shayne that he's worked hard to get where he is. Shayne tells her that he understands but he wants to do more than play baseball. Shayne takes a walk and Reva tells Marina that Shayne is overwhelmed. Marina tells Reva she has no clue what Shayne is thinking now. Josh tells everyone that the Cubs want to offer a pro baseball contract to Shayne.

Cassie sees Danny leaving and he assures her that she will not lose the hotel. Cassie asks RJ again who bought him the ice cream cone and he maintains that it was his imaginary friend.

Michelle finds the past due loans, then Danny comes home and tells Michelle that Josh backed out on their business deal.

Tammy asks Sandy what she should do about Lizzie/Joey. Sandy tells her that she should fight FOR Joey and not against Lizzie.

Marina rushes to tell Shayne about the good news. Josh tells Reva that he still feels guilty about the accident, and she tells him that he should simply learn from his mistakes.

Blake points out to Ross that they don’t have to like the new Michelle and they get into a fight about Ross not apologizing.

Shayne goes to Company and talks to Ross about giving back to the community. He tells Ross that his parents are not going to like his plans as they are far from what they used to be.

Dinah watches as Cassie questions RJ about his imaginary friend and as Jeffery shows up. Dinah then pushes a plant off the ledge towards where Cassie is.

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