Guiding Light Update Monday 8/9/04

By Sarah

Beth finds Gus passed out on the ground and thinking she is Harley he tries to kiss her. She pushes him away.

Harley heads to the police station to confront Alex, telling her that Harley has some unfinished business to tend to with her. Harley demands that Alex to Ross that she set Frank up. Alex tells Harley that she gave Ross a written confession of how she planted the file in Frank’s briefcase. Harley then wants to know why Frank doesn’t have his job back. Harley tells Alex that she wants her to suffer.

Bill sees Dinah at a bar and joins her. Bill tells her that she needs to go back to his house before someone sees her.

Cassie sees that the person who she thought was attacking her was Jeffery. She wants to know why Jeffery has been following her around and demands that he tell her. Jeffery says that she wouldn’t believe him even if he did tell her. And ends up telling her that he’s near her “simply because he needs to be near here.”

At the prison Danny continues to fight with the guard to let him into the interview room. Vinnie tells Michelle that Danny was the one who set off the warehouse explosion. Vinnie tells her that he even has a witness to Danny setting the bomb off. Vinnie challenges Michelle to ask Danny about the bomb. Reva’s interview is over and Michelle demands to know if Danny is responsible for the bomb. Reva tells Vinnie that she can’t wait for him to go to jail. Vinnie accuses Reva of ‘getting off’ on interviewing dangerous people like him.

At Company Josh tries calling Reva’s cell phone with Rick. Josh says how he can’t believe it was Danny who set off the bomb and Rick tells him that he’s not too surprised by the news. Tony walks in and Josh & Rick ask if what Vinnie said was true. Tony tells them that Danny loves Michelle and that he would never hurt her. He also says how Michelle supported Danny’s decision to try and frame the mob and had no clue that Michelle was in the building when the bomb went off.

Alex tells Harley that she’s suffering, and Harley tells her that she’s not suffering enough. Harley forces her to admit that she framed Frank to her face. Harley tells Alex that she’s giving all the anger and bitterness back where she got it from – to the Spaulding’s and that she’s washed her hands clean of them. Alex asks if says that she’s willing to suffer the consequences for her actions and asks Harley if she’s willing to face the consequences for hers.

Beth tries convincing Gus to go to the hospital, and when he refuses she makes him walk to the car so she can take him to the Spaulding Mansion.

Dinah and Bill talk about Hart. Dinah tells Bill that she needs to talk to him about it, so that she knows he’ll be there for her. Dinah says that there is no excuse, but when Cassie tricked Hart into being with her that it had been enough and she couldn’t take it. Bill tells Dinah that she has him and that they’re going to get past it and that he’s glad she no longer hates Cassie. Bill leaves to meet someone and makes her promise to leave after finishing her drink.

Cassie asks why Jeffery wants to be near her and tells him that she doesn’t like being followed. Jeffery tells her that he is tailing her, but it’s for her own good.

Danny admits to Michelle that he set the bomb.

Alex asks Harley if she’s willing to throw away her love for Gus over one mistake. Harley tells him that it is because of who Gus has become. Alex tells Harley that he was being pulled into 2 different directions. Harley tells Alex that Gus ruined her faith and nothing can change that.

At the Spaulding Mansion Beth ices Gus’s wounds and talks about how he screwed up but Harley will be fine. She talks about how she has been screwed over in the past by the Spaulding’s, but she’s fine.

At the Harley’s Angels office Jeffery tells Cassie about how they’re worried about the Princess Cassie impersonator, and how she could be in the area. Jeffery tells Cassie that it could be much more than a simple identity theft problem, and that it is a major international issue for many people. Jeffery tells Cassie that he’ll be following her and she tells him she’d prefer anyone but him. Bill knocks on the door just as Cassie is leaving and demands to talk to Jeffery. Bill threatens to blow the case against Salerno wide open unless Jeffery cooperates with him.

Michelle demands to know why Danny didn’t tell her that he was the one who set the bomb. Danny apologizes for Michelle having to hear about it the way she did and that he had to do what he did as it was a ‘test.’ Danny tells Michelle that she knew about everything when he was trying to frame the mob, and the bomb was the only thing he kept from her and that’s why he thinks that she followed him to the warehouse. He apologizes and tells her that what she does next is up to her.

Bill mentions the case against Dinah to Jeffery and tells him that he will tell the courts that Eden didn’t die unless Jeffery cleans Dinah’s name in the books as far as the legal system goes. Bill tells Jeffery that he wants his sister safe and that he does know where Dinah is.

Reva meets Josh, Rick and Tony at Company and tells them that Danny and Michelle are talking things out. Tony defends Danny by saying that he was keeping up appearances for the Feds, and Reva tells Tony that it was Danny’s choice to follow Salerno’s orders.

Danny asks Michelle for forgiveness. Michelle tells Danny she can see love in his eyes for her and she can’t be mad about what she lost because she doesn’t remember what she had. Michelle tells Danny that she forgives him because she can’t hold a grudge about something she doesn’t remember and that she can feel that he loves her.

Bill tells Jeffery that Dinah has paid for her actions and that she’s sorry. Cassie returns to the office and wonders what is up.

Gus tells Beth that he needs to leave, and Beth convinces him to go see Harley one last time before he leaves.

Michelle and Danny arrive at Company and Reva & the other give Danny a hard time about the bomb. Rick gives Michelle a hard time about the bomb. Michelle tells him that she doesn’t know any of them so she doesn’t need their opinions and doesn’t care what they say. Rick tells Michelle that she’s not being herself and he’s worried about her.

Reva tells Josh about Salerno’s comments and he brushes them off.

Michelle asks Danny not to turn his back on the family business because that’s who he was when she fell in love with him.

Cassie tells Jeffery that she kept looking over her shoulder after she left and that if he’s going to be around that she doesn’t want to frighten her children.

Harley goes to the Spaulding Mansion looking for Gus. Beth tells Harley that she missed him. Meanwhile, Gus heads to Harley’s looking for her.

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