Guiding Light Update Friday 8/5/04

By Elizabeth

Mel and Cassie discuss how watching Gus & Harleys almost wedding was like watching a train wreck when Harley arrives. She returns the wedding gift that Cassie gave her and tells them that she has to return everything that reminds her of Gus.

Jeffery runs into Gus in the park and Jeffery tells Gus that he still needs to testify at Salerno’s trial and that he’s only interested in putting away Salerno. Gus leaves and Jeffery picks up his phone to make a call.

On 5th Street Dinah is still talking to Edmond about Jeffery when her phone rings. She ignores the call. Edmond tells Dinah that he checked into Jeffery when he first came to town and found nothing. Dinah calls him a damned fool for not worrying about Jeffery and Cassie and leaves.

At the prison Reva is unable to get Michelle out of the interview room before they go live on TV.

Tony shows up at Danny’s and tells him that he’s received a subpoena to testify in Salerno’s trial.

At the prison the interview gets closer to going live Michelle tells Reva not to freak out as she’s not worried about being in the same room as Vinnie. Vinnie beats up a guard and them tells her that she should be very afraid. Reva threatens Vinnie that the interview won’t go live if he keeps the attitude up.

Danny tells Tony that his immunity deal with Jeffery should still stand but that it only covers crimes in the past.

Cassie tells Harley to chill out and unwind, but she refuses her offer of dinner.

Jeffery calls someone to get the ‘full report on Dinah’ and asks if she got into the US. Jeffery has a flashback to when he was training Dinah to be Cassie Winslow. In the flashback Dinah calls Jeffery “Richard.” Ross interrupts his daydream and tells Jeffery that he wants to talk to him about Dinah.

Edmond and Dinah go into a bar where they see Gus drinking. Edmond and Dinah sit down and Edmond demands to know all that Dinah knows about Jeffery. Dinah and Jeffery agree to stop Jeffery and Cassie from getting together.

Cassie drops in at Harley at Harley’s Angels. Cassie tells her that she’s moving to fast and Harley tells her she needs to wipe the slate clean. Cassie reminds Harley that Gus was the one that originally helped Harley heal her heart and Harley tells Cassie that as soon as he began involved with the Spaulding’s she should have known that they didn’t stand a chance. Cassie tells her that sometimes love hurts and sometimes things go wrong, but that doesn’t mean that they are mistakes.

Danny and Tony see Michelle on TV during the Vinnie Salerno interview. During the interview Vinnie tells Reva that he’s not worried about the trial. Seeing Vinnie single Michelle out on TV, Danny rushes over to the prison leaving Tony to watch Robbie. Vinnie tells Reva that there were mitigating factors in his case, one of them being Danny Santos. Vinnie tries telling Michelle about how she and Danny met originally when Carmen wanted Danny to whack Michelle.

Ross gets a phone call and then asks Jeffery to take a look at Dinah’s file. Ross wants to know how Jeffery would pursue the case if Dinah came back to Springfield. Jeffery tells Ross that the conversation is inappropriate and Ross tells Jeffery that he needs to know how to move forward where Dinah is concerned. Jeffery asks Ross if he knows where Dinah is, and Ross refuses to answer his questions.

Dinah leaves the bar, and Edmond tells her that she needs to give him more information. Dinah tells him that he needs to wait and that she will call him.

Gus ‘sees’ Harley while getting sloshed at the bar and asks what he should do. She tells him that it was that he couldn’t figure out whom to be loyal to. ‘Harley’ tells him that love is supposed to help make your priorities clear. Gus asks ‘Harley’ if she loves him and she says that she does, but its not enough.

Harley tells Cassie that as far as Gus is concerned it is too little to late. Cassie asks Harley if she loves Gus and Harley says that she does, but it’s not enough.

Gus gets into a fight with two guys who are complaining about their wives.

Harley receives a gift from Darcie with no return address. Harley tries calling Frank so that perhaps he can trace where Darcie is from the gift and gets mad that Alex ruined not only she and Gus but Frank and Darcie as well. Harley leaves telling Cassie she has one last thing to return.

Jeffery is on the phone with someone who knows that Dinah is in Springfield. He tells the person whom he’s on the phone with not to scare her and that he wants her to stay where she is. Mel runs into Jeffery as she’s leaving and he tells her that maybe it is good that Michelle has lost her memory. Mel gets very angry at Jeffery and leaves. Jeffery makes another phone call and tells the person he called to keep an eye on her until her gets there.

Outside Harley’s Angels Dinah makes a call and tells the person on the other end to stay put and use her credit cards.

At the prison the lock down is over and Michelle asks why Vinnie has such an axe to grind with Danny. Vinnie offers to tell everyone what it was that Danny did while he worked for the Salerno crime family. It is then that Danny shows up at the prison, visible through a window.

Gus is thrown to the ground and Harley finds him.

Cassie locks up Harley’s Angels and then we see her turn to kick someone. Cut to Danny at the prison trying to get into the interview room with Michelle and Vinnie. The guards won’t let Danny into the room. Michelle mentions the warehouse fire to Vinnie and he tells Michelle to ask Danny about the bomb.

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