Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/4/04

By Elizabeth

At the farmhouse Dinah continues to talk and play with RJ until she hears Cassie’s voice.

At the Beacon Edmond receives a note from Dinah asking him to meet her on Fifth Street. While at the Beacon he runs into Tammy who is getting ready to head to the beach.

Lizzie and Joey are at the beach trying to sell Joey’s CDs. Lizzie surprises him with a CD stand, which Joey loves.

Marina, Shayne and Josh head to the park to play some ball when Danny shows up and wants to talk shop with Josh.

At the Beacon Michelle and Reva talk about the TV show, and their new guest, Vinnie Salerno. Reva tells Michelle she thinks that Michelle should sit this show out.

Jeffery arrives at the farmhouse to check on Cassie, who assumes that his checking up on her means that she’s in danger.

Michelle insists on working on the Vinnie Salerno show at the TV station. Reva tells Michelle about the rumor that Vinnie Salerno ordered the warehouse that Michelle was in to be blown up. Michelle wants to be the bomb that Reva drops on Salerno during the interview. Reva tells Michelle she needs to check with Danny first.

Danny and Josh talk about ‘redirected passion’ and how Michelle is much like a rebellious teenager nowadays. Danny asks Josh about when he should expect the first check from the condo redevelopment project. Josh tells him that everyone is lining up, because they want to do business with a hero. Danny tells Josh he’s not a hero and doesn’t like being called one.

Edmond is waiting on Fifth Street and Dinah doesn’t show up.

Dinah and RJ continue playing at the farmhouse. Outside Jeffery continues to worry Cassie by repeatedly asking if she’s ok. Cassie asks about her impersonator and Jeffery tells Cassie that they’ve ‘lost’ Cassie’s impersonator. Jeffery asks Cassie to testify at the Salerno trial; Cassie sees through his act and asks him if Jeffery thinks her impersonator is going to show up in Springfield. Cassie and Jeffery head inside, to find RJ. RJ tells Cassie he was inside playing with his imaginary friend, who has pretty hair like mommy and claims that his friend is real. Jeffery searches for RJ’s imaginary friend and doesn’t find anyone. Jeffery acts worried about RJ’s ‘friend’ and tells Cassie that her impersonator could show up in Springfield.

Lizzie and Joey are having good luck selling his CDs on the beach. Joey is convinced the only reason they’re selling CDs is because of Lizzie’s bikini. Joey asks why Lizzie why she’s so into him. Tammy shows up in a skimpier bikini to get Joey’s attention and tells Joey that Lizzie is the one who shut down her car wash.

Shayne and Marina play ball with a kid from Bosnia, while Josh and Danny discuss business.

Reva is at the prison for her interview with Salerno. Reva makes Michelle sit outside and doesn’t want Vinnie to even know Michelle is in the building.

Cassie freaks out to Jeffery about her impersonator coming to Springfield. Jeffery assures Cassie she’s safe, and offers to stay at the farmhouse to check things out.

Dinah finally shows up on 5th Street.

Joey apologizes to Tammy for Lizzie’s behavior. Joey gives Tammy a CD telling her most of the songs are about her anyway. Tammy apologizes to Joey when Lizzie butts in to tell Joey she has some good news.

Marina and Danny discuss how with their recent changes they sometimes don’t know how to feel.

At Reva’s interview Vinnie tells the warden to leave. Reva tells Vinnie he has delusions of grandeur and that he’s going to be spending a long time in jail. Reva shows Vinnie Michelle and he invites her into the interview room.

At the farmhouse Jeffery has milk and cookies with RJ and uses the time to question him about his imaginary friend. Jeffery realizes RJ’s imaginary friend is Dinah.

At the Beacon Tammy strolls in and complains to her mother about Lizzie and Joey.

At the beach Lizzie gets a record executive to come to the beach to see Joey. The so called record executive buys all of Joey’s CDs.

Josh tells Shayne he wants him to do whatever will make him happiest. Shayne tells his father that he wants to be part of a team, and baseball isn’t the most important thing. Shayne tells father how when he helped the Bosnian kid earlier that it was the greatest feeling in the world.

Danny tells Marina Shayne needs to figure out whom he is now and that she shouldn’t push who he was onto him.

Reva tells Michelle to stay outside and she doesn’t listen. Vinnie tells Michelle that even though she can’t remember anything, he does and that he’ll never forget that it was her who put him in jail.

Cassie is at the Beacon looking for Edmond.

Dinah tells Edmond that he should really think about why Jeffery showed up in Springfield and that if he tells anyone about their meetings she’ll disappear.

Lizzie and Joey continue to have fun at the beach. Joey leaves to tell everyone the good news and the ‘music executive’ shows up and Lizzie pays him and also tells him that she’ll put in a good word for him with her grandfather. Tammy is hiding in the bushes and gets it all on videotape.

Danny calls Reva and finds out that she and Michelle are at the prison.

AT the prison Reva tries getting Michelle to leave the interview room when there is a lockdown and they are all trapped in a room with Salerno.

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