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Harley answers the door and is surprised to see Gus on the other side. Buzz and Frank immediately step up and tell Gus to leave Harley alone. They advise him to leave before they throw him out. Marina walks in and prevents an awkward moment by closing the door in Gus’ face. Harley finally speaks up and tells her family the she will speak with Gus. They don’t think she should but Harley thinks it will be all right. She opens the door and Gus is still there, waiting to talk. He asks how she and the boys are and then gives Frank a lead on Darcy. Frank accepts the information but tells Gus that it changes nothing between them. Harley asks the family to leave so she and Gus can speak alone. They really don’t think that is a good idea but Harley assures them that she will be fine and asks them not to go far. Gus makes an emotional plea, begging Harley not to turn her back on their love. He tries to get her to see things from his point of view; if it was her and she had confronted Gus, wouldn’t she have done everything to protect him. He doesn’t think she should be so surprised. She has always known that he was willing to bend the rules if the ends justified the means. Harley tells him that she never approved of his deception in the past but did understand that he made those mistakes in the name of justice. He was fighting for his father then. Gus tells her that he was fighting for his father this time too: Alan. It was his sister who would have been arrested and he could not handle that. Harley thought he would always be that man that she fell in love with but he went and became a typical Spaulding. He tells her not to lump him in with all her other Spaulding mistakes. Harley thanks Gus for showing his true colours before the ceremony. It saved her the heartache of going through yet another divorce. Gus makes another plea, telling Harley how much he loves her and her boys and her family and the life they were building together. She tells him that he broke her heart and now that life is over forever. Buzz comes back in and Harley tells Gus that she’ll pack up his things. He leaves and Buzz follows him out. He tells him he made the wrong decision when he chose the Spauldings over Harley. Gus asks him what he would have done and Buzz says he would and did chose Harley; as soon as he saw that tape, he turned Alex in. Alone with Harley, Buzz tells her that Gus never deserved her. After he leaves, Harley finds one of Gus’ shirts and finally breaks down.

Later, Gus makes plans to temporarily move into the Spaulding mansion.


Bill finds Dinah and she tries to grill him about the good people of Springfield. He tells her that she is supposed to be laying low in his apartment and he does not want her to risk getting caught. She tells him she went to the cemetery to see Hart’s grave and she saw Eden’s. She asks him what happened and Bill remains vague. She asks about Olivia and Bill offers to take her home. She tells him to go on with his day and promises him that she is heading straight home.

Cassie sees Tammy walking across the lobby in her skimpy car-washing ‘uniform’ and reads her the riot act. She tells her that despite wanting to win the competition and Joey’s heart, she cannot lose herself. If Alan Spaulding is teaching them to win at all costs then she had better learn her limits. She tells Tammy that if she has to lose herself in order to win Joey back then it will not be worth it. Tammy tells her that Lizzie is doing everything she can to win and Cassie hopes that Tammy is not aspiring to become another Lizzie Spaulding. She tells Tammy to change before she goes outside.

Reva witnesses the exchange and is worried that Cassie’s frustrations over the identity theft has made her lash out at those around her. Cassie realizes that this is true and wants it all to stop. She wants to find out who is invading her life and make them stop. Later, Reva learns that she has landed an interview with Salerno.

Bill sees Olivia and tells her that there will be no deal. Her situation is too complicated and he will not get involved. Olivia tells him her situation is now a little less complicated because Philip has given her a divorce; she’s finally free. Now they can work together. Bill wonders how long Olivia will need him for and she asks what the difference is as long as they both get what they want. He remains firm and Olivia finally tells him that without him she cannot make Philip pay. Bill agrees to think about it. Soon after, he runs into Reva who tells him to stay away from Olivia. Tired of all the free advice, Bill tells Reva to butt out. He’s not afraid to make mistakes and does not need her and Josh running around trying to protect him. He leaves and comes across Olivia in tears. She tells him her divorce papers have been filed. He thought she’d be happier about things but she says that it just feels like another failure.


Tony is with Sheryl but he is having steamy dreams about Michelle. He wakes up and Sheryl heads to her car for something. Shortly after, Michelle walks in. Tony tries pushing Michelle away, telling her to stay out of his club, his apartment and his dreams. Danny hears him and Tony says the dream was more of a nightmare. Michelle has been popping up all over the place and it is beginning to seem like she is stalking him. Tony laughs it off telling Danny that Tony is just sore because she interrupted him when he was trying to score with the naughty nurse. Danny tells Michelle he’ll catch up with her in a minute or two and when she leaves he asks Tony if he has a thing for Michelle. Tony thinks that is ridiculous and tells Danny that maybe he is just frustrated because he has not been able to connect with Michelle yet. Danny tells him that things are just fine with him and his wife and warns Tony to stay away. Sheryl returns but Tony is too distracted by seeing Danny and Michelle so he tells Sheryl he is ready to leave. Michelle and Danny spend a productive afternoon together and get more intimate with each other. Danny tells her (but assures her that he is not pressuring her) that they were incredible together and that he misses being with her. Michelle is getting quite comfortable in his arms when Danny pulls away. He reminds her that he has a meting and she has to meet Reva and the TV station.


Dinah lies to Bill and breaks into the farm. She remembers Hart’s final moments and then looks around the farm, noting that Cassie has erased every memory of Hart. It is clear that Dinah still harbours an immense hatred for Cassie. She is holding the dagger to a picture of Cassie when she hears the door open. She sees RJ standing there and tells him that she is her imaginary friend, sent to play with him alone. She makes RJ promise that they can play as long as he keeps it a secret from everyone, including his mommy. Dinah hears Cassie calling for RJ and she pulls out the dagger.

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