Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/3/04

By Sarah

Olivia is in a cheery mood because Alexandra is in prison and she is ‘free.’ Olivia also finds Emma’s crib empty.

Alan goes to see Alex at the police station and tells her that the judge has denied her bail because she’s a flight risk. Alex begs Alan for his help and tells him he’s the only one who can help her when Buzz shows up.

Frank is asking a fellow police officer for help in finding Darcie as she’s gone missing. The police officer puts out an APB. Ross overhears the conversation and warns him not to do anything to put Ross in a bad position.

At Harley’s she has her answering machine on and listens to a call from Marina. Gus calls Harley and tells her he won’t give up. Harley leaves the house when she hears his voice.

Alex tells Buzz that she didn’t think he would have come and he says he was planning on it. Alan starts preaching to Buzz about forgiveness and then leaves. Buzz tells her to start explaining.

Frank tells Ross he can’t stop him from looking for Darcie with the departments help. Alan threatens Frank for holding Alex hostage at gunpoint. Ross tells Alan and Frank to leave. Frank doesn’t want to leave and Ross threatens to have him kicked out.

Harley shows up at Harley’s Angels office, sees Blake who has a client who suspects his wife of cheating on him. Harley manages to upset the client and he leaves.

Beth walks in on Gus leaving another message for Harley and tells him he should change his strategy, because the phone calls aren’t working. Beth tells Gus to talk to Cassie or Blake, as that’s the only way to win her back. While they’re talking Olivia bursts in and accuses Beth of helping Phillip steal Emma and demands to know where she is. Olivia asks why no one told her what was happening and why she had to find out from Thomas that Phillip packed his bags and headed for the airport with Emma. Beth tells her that she thought Olivia knew what was going on and to check her email. Olivia checks her email to see a video message from Phillip. He’s sitting in, tropical drink in hand and tells her where he is isn’t important and that she should check the small print in her divorce agreement.

Harley talks to Blake and tells her that the worst part is that she hasn’t told the boys that she didn’t marry Gus. Blake tells her to be easier on herself and that it’s not her fault. Harley says that lying is in Gus’s genes as it was in his blood to lie to her.

Frank goes to the Beacon and asks about Darcie checking into the hotel. The desk clerk refuses to help Frank and he asks for Cassie. Gus walks into the Beacon.

Ross goes to Harley’s Angels and tells Blake that it’s not a good day for the Coopers. Harley comes out of a back room demanding to know where Frank is. Harley asks if Alan is pressing charges against Frank. Ross tells them that he can’t discuss an ongoing case. Harley asks Blake to call when the kids are ready to come home later and then leaves. Blake tells Ross how glad she is that they no longer have lies between them and how lucky she is to have him.

Frank walks over to Gus and tells him to stay away from him as he has nothing to lose. Gus tells Frank that he was looking for Cassie and Frank blames Gus for Darcie leaving. Gus apologizes and offers to help and Frank tells Gus he’s lucky he isn’t in jail.

Buzz tells Alex he thought she was different from the rest of the Spaulding’s and asks why she did it. Alex tells her she doesn’t know and Buzz tells her he doesn’t buy that.

Gus tells Frank he cut the drug pipeline off and Frank tells him that he lied. Frank tells Gus that he could have said something when Ross took his badge and Gus tells Frank of how he went to see Salerno on his wedding morning. Frank tells Gus that it probably would have just been simpler to tell the truth.

Alex tells Buzz that she’s always felt second to Alan and that it was too late by the time she found out from Brad Green about the Antimonious.

Gus tells Frank that the lies got too out of control. Frank tells Gus that he could have stopped the lies and Gus maintains that he never had proof that Alex set up Frank. Frank calls him a liar, and Gus tells him that he didn’t want to hurt anyone. Frank tells him that he hurt a lot of people by lying.

Alex tells Buzz that the mob threatened her and her loved one if she turned Brad Green in. Alex tells Buzz that she simply got in too deep and couldn’t get out.

Gus tells Frank that he’s going to do whatever it takes to make up for his mistake. Frank tells Gus that he can never forget the look on Harleys face when she saw the tape and will never forgive him.

Alex asks for Buzz to forgive her and he says that he does.

Harley goes home, sees a photo of Gus and tells it that she will never forgive him.

Olivia tells Phillip that he’s sick and not to keep her from Emma. Phillip tells her that he’s simply on vacation and using Gus/Harley’s honeymoon package.

Marina shows up at Harleys with ice cream and a homemade dart board complete with photos of Lizzie, Alan, Alex, Phillip and Gus on it.

Buzz tells Alex that he forgives her for getting trapped with Brad Green & getting caught up in everything. He then tells her he can’t forgive her for hurting his kids, because no one hurts his kids. Alex apologizes and Buzz tells her that he doesn’t think she’s truly sorry and if she had the chance she’d do it again. Buzz also blames her for ruining Harley’s chance at happiness and screwing up Frank’s career & love life. Buzz tells Alex that he loved her and walks out. Alex begs for a second chance and wants to know what she can do to make it up to him. Buzz tells her to let Frank off the hook and to confess to setting Frank up.

Ross brings up Dinah and Blake asks if he’s heard from Dinah. Ross’s phone rings and he’s let off the hook.

Frank gets a phone call and is told that the police officer can’t help him. Gus offers to use his connections at the FBI to help Frank find Darcie and Frank can help Gus talk to Harley. Frank tells Gus to stay away and he should have known that Gus’s help would have come with strings.

Buzz shows up at Harleys, followed by Frank.

At the Spaulding Mansion Olivia tells Alan that she and Phillip are finally divorced and that once she finds a place she will move out.

At Harley the Cooper Clan all play with the ‘Spaulding Darts’ when Harley offers to help Frank find Darcie. Blake comes over with Zach and Jude and the kids ask where Gus is.

Alex is making a scene at the police station and when Ross tells her to shut up she tells him that she wants to make a deal.

Alan calls Phillip and tells him how happy he is that Phillip got rid of Olivia. Phillip tells Alan that he has a few surprises for Olivia up his sleeve.

Ross tells Alex that if she wants to make a confession that her lawyer must be present. Alex refuses, claiming she has nothing to lose. Alex tells Ross she wants to help Frank, and Ross tells her that he doesn’t think anyone can help Frank since he pulled a gun on Alan in public.

Harley tries explaining to Zach and Jude why Gus isn’t going to be around when Gus shows up at the door.

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