Guiding Light Update Monday 7/26/04

By Suzanne

In Venice, Edmund and Cassie search for the fake "Princess Cassandra Winslow" at the charity auction. They split up to look for her. Edmund is a bit worried that Cassie may be in danger. Dinah looks at the knife she won in auction. She overhears Cassie's name and hides from her and Edmund. Cassie and Edmund meet back up, no luck in finding Dinah, who is sneaking around behind them. Dinah talks to the woman who was running the auction about the knife, wondering what secrets it might hold. She then apologizes for having a "dark side". She tells her that she will be going back to her hotel to put it in her safe. the woman offers to have her escorted, but she turns her down and leaves. They ask the woman who was in charge of the auction to introduce them to Princess Cassandra. She turns around, but Dinah has just gone out the door. Outside, Dinah's red cape has caught in the door. Edmund and Cassie go out there, just missing her. They find the cape and also her hotel room key. They rush to find the hotel. They break in the room, calling first that they are from room service, but they have somehow beaten her to it. They look around and notice there is a lot of Cassie's favorite perfume and some expensive dresses. They hear Dinah returning with a bellhop. He tries different keys while she chats about how she can't imagine where she lost her key. They hide, but then Cassie sneezes. Dinah hears it but the bellhop doesn't. Dinah tells him sweetly that she will go downstairs for a nightcap so he can forget about trying his keys. She tips him. They both leave. Cassie and Edmund come out. Dinah hides nearby, listening. They are sorry they missed her and figure she's long gone. Edmund tells Cassie that they will hire a private eye to search for her. He kisses her hands and suggests they go for a gondola ride before they fly home.

Jeffrey is at Towers, talking to someone on the phone about how Princess Cassie is going to be handled. He knows how dangerous she is, but he assures the person that she wouldn't dare cross him. He holds a picture of Dinah as he talks about her. He tells someone else on the phone that he has a meeting with the mayor. He meets Ross. Ross says something that makes Jeffrey think that he's on to him, but Ross says he's talking about Frank's problems. Jeffrey covers when Ross wonders what he thought he meant. They talk about Frank's case. Jeffrey says it's pretty much open and shut. They discuss some details and then Jeffrey promises Ross that he will look into it to see if he can help Frank. Ross thanks him. Jeffrey leaves. Dinah phones Ross. He hopes she's still in Venice. She tells him that she wants to come home. He tells her it's not safe; she will be arrested right away for murder charges. She thinks that since he's mayor, he can help her out. He says that the D.A., Jeffrey O'Neill, will not go easy on her. She stops in her tracks when she hears Jeffrey's name. Ross tells her that Springfield is no longer her home. She assures Ross that she will stay out of danger. She phones someone else to book a flight back to Springfield.

Frank, Buzz and Gus are outside of Company still. Buzz is telling Frank to knock it off at his sister's engagement part. Inside, Darci has just toasted Alexandra but called her "Mrs. Godfrey". Harley is shocked and asks Darci what she said. Darci tries to cover but Harley knows she heard right. Harley questions her. Darci admits that was a name that Alexandra used a long time ago. Alan and Alexandra try to cover it up, but it doesn't work. Harley suggests that she and Alex go outside for a walk. They meet the guys outside and tell them they just have some girl talk, so the guys go inside. Harley asks Alexandra to tell her about her years in Paris with Brad Green. Alexandra doesn't want to dredge up the past. Harley has a flashback to Brad's death. She tells Alexandra that the last words he said were "not alone" and "Godfrey". She accuses Alex of being Brad's partner in drug trafficking. Inside, Alan tells Gus what Darci said, so Gus is convinced that the sh*t has hit the fan. He wants to go outside and tell Harley the truth, but Alan stops him. He tells Gus that Alex won't give him up. Gus is appalled that Alan is not concerned about Alex now. Alan says that Gus is his son and Alex knows that his children come first. Buzz is curious as to what is up. Frank keeps drinking. Darci worries about him. Outside, Harley yells at Alexandra and asks if she set up Frank. Buzz goes outside, asking what's going on. Harley and Alex tell him it's nothing. Alex wants Harley to go back inside, but Harley insists they keep talking. Alex covers by saying she wants to talk about wedding details. Buzz goes back inside. Harley demands to know the truth. Alex keeps denying it. She says that Harley shouldn't treat her family this way. Harley says she is not her family. Alex counters that when she marries Gus, she will be as much family as the others. Harley says there is no way Alex will ever be her family. Harley is just sick that Alexandra was involved in this and worse, that she has been lying to poor Gus. Inside, Darci tries to talk to Frank, who is upset that this mess is hurting the people he loves. She says they love him and will get through. She makes him give her the car keys. Finally, Gus goes outside, despite Alan's protests. He tells Harley to stop and that he can't let her do this anymore. She gets a shocked expression on her face.

Reva and Josh are also at Towers. They attempt to have a family dinner with Sandy and Shayne. Sandy has his laptop with him; he is working for Alan to pay him back for his hacking. Reva mentions that since Sandy's birthday is coming up, that means he will be getting his inheritance from his father. Sandy acts like he just remembered something. He tells them he has to check his email, so he takes his laptop over to the couch area. Josh is suspicious of him. He wonders why he has to go over there and why he is also so secretive at home. Reva and Shayne stick up for him, saying it has to do with how his family treated him growing up. Reva and Josh praise Shayne for how dependable he is and how they can always lean on him. Marina comes up and says hello, saying she's glad to sit with a normal family after being at Harley and Gus's engagement party. She says it was a disaster, and they are not surprised since it involves the Coopers and the Spauldings together. She mentions Shayne being interested in playing pro baseball, so Reva and Josh are shocked. Marina realizes she let the cat out of the bag, so she goes over to where Sandy is sitting to let Shayne talk to his parents. Shayne is cautious when speaking to them (and just a little vague). He says he has been pitching a little with Remy. He is thinking about the future and he might consider the big leagues.

Marina wonders if Sandy is hacking again, but he says he's not. He tells her about his inheritance and says that's what he's been looking up. She is happy to hear it. They talk about Shayne and his parents for a minute. Shayne comes over in a bit. She wishes that after all they'd been through the past year, they could just go back. Sandy says that's not possible. Reva and Josh wonder what happened to their family dinner. They chat about their sons. She tells Josh that she was babysitting Robbie yesterday and how great it was. She is rueful that she missed that time with her own sons. He says he was thinking about getting a puppy. She says she wants something bigger, so he thinks she means she wants to have another baby. After teasing him for a moment, she assures him that she's not interested in that. She just wants something new and exciting, like Michelle is having right now, able to start over. Or like she and Josh had when they were young and just starting out. He says he likes it the way they are now. She wants to know if he will take risks with her.

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