Guiding Light Update Friday 7/23/04

By Suzanne

At Infierno, Tony asks Ray what he thinks of the new look. Ray says they are fine but wonders why Tony really asked him there. Tony tells him that he had a dream. Ray reminds him that he's not a shrink. Tony replies that he's the closest thing he has. After a while, he reluctantly tells Ray that it was a sex dream about Michelle. Ray gives him advice and suggests that it may have other meanings than the obvious one. He says that Tony should be fine as long as he doesn't act on it.

Danny and Michelle go to Company but are told by Marina that it is closed for a private party. Michelle is kind of blunt to Marina gets annoyed by her, especially when Frank's name comes up and Michelle remembers that he is the "dirty cop" in the newspaper. She notes to Danny that Marina doesn't like her much. Danny, a little embarrassed, says, "she used to". He suggests some alternative dinner places. She wants to go see Tony. He doesn't and she can tell that they had a fight. He won't tell her what it was about but just says they fight all the time, so it's not a big deal. She insists on going to see Tony so she can show him her new tattoo. Danny rolls his eyes and makes comments but goes along. They are holding hands throughout.

Tony is surprised when Danny and Michelle show up. He tries to hide his emotions and not be too friendly. Michelle tells him that he's a punk for fighting with Danny. He doesn't tell her what the fight was about, either, and tells her the same thing that Danny said. She tells them both that there is to be no more fighting. Then she changes the subject and shows him her tattoo. She turns around and pulls down her pants a little so he can see it. He is clearly affected by it but tries not to show it. She is very excited about it and makes him ask her whether it hurt. He does, so she replies that it hurt a lot and she was sweating like crazy. He tells them that he is expecting Bill for a meeting so they need to leave. Outside, she tells Danny that she is disappointed that Tony was not more enthusiastic about her tattoo. She tells Danny that she is sorry for dragging him down there, but he says he would follow her anywhere. She is touched by his being romantic. They start kissing. Tony watches them through the window and she seems to watch Tony a bit, too. He turns away.

Alan, Phillip, and Olivia get ready to leave for the engagement party for Harley and Gus. Alan is not pleased that Olivia is going. Olivia tries to beg off, but Phillip insists that they show family unity. He is much happier now that their animosity is out in the open, but she's not so sure.

At Company, Buzz tells Alexandra that Frank thinks she is the one who framed him. She is shaken by that. He assures her that he doesn't agree. He thinks Vinnie Salerno is behind it. They plan to enjoy the party.

Also at Company, Frank, Marina and Darci get ready for the party. Frank starts drinking beer.

At home, Gus and Harley get ready for the party. They talk about Frank's troubles as Gus reads the paper and Harley gets ready. She has been avoiding reading the paper. Gus says that he doesn't want to take Frank's job, but he wants to stay there to prove him innocent. Darci phones Harley. She is a bit worried about Frank and how he's acting. Frank takes the phone away from her and assures Harley that he is fine. She doesn't believe him but he assures her that the party will go fine.

The Spauldings and Coopers get together at Company for their party. There is a lot of tension in the air. Frank keeps drinking. Gus tells Alexandra that he's decided to keep lying to protect her. Buzz tells Frank that he'd better be nice. Olivia notices how in love Gus and Harley are. She can't remember being that happy. Phillip says he can remember being that way with Beth and Lorelei. She wonders if they shouldn't strive to be that way. Phillip and Olivia both agree to sneak out early, so they do. She points out that they actually agreed on something. Toasts begin and things go fine during Buzz and Alan's toasts. Then Alan suggests that Alexandra say something. She demurs, saying he covered it all. Frank jumps in and insists on giving a toast. He is pretty drunk and very angry. The words he says are not so bad but the tone he uses clearly mean something else. He also says that nobody had better stab each other in the back because they're all facing each other. Buzz drags him off to stop him. Outside, Buzz yells at Frank for being selfish. Gus comes out and lends a hand. They all feel bad for Frank and what he's gong through, but Buzz tells him that if he can't be nice for his sister, he should leave. Inside, Darci makes a toast to Harley, frantically trying to lighten the mood. Then she thanks Alan for everything he's done, and she toasts Alex. Then she slips and calls Alex "Mrs. Godfrey". Harley's eyes widen and she asks what that means.

Edmund and Cassie fly on a private jet to Venice, Italy for a charity gala. She is thrilled about the prospect but wants to make sure and get back in time for Harley's wedding. He surprises her with a bunch of fabulous gowns and a person to do her makeup. She is very touched and surprised. Meanwhile, Dinah phones to turn down the invitation to a party, saying she has another engagement. Cassie and Edmund arrive at the gala. She tells him that she doesn't want to be announced, in case the fake Cassie is here. There is a silent auction. They look at one of the items, an old dagger that was from the Old Globe, that Shakespeare may have used. Edmund picks it up and looks at it lovingly. He tells her that he has always wanted it. She urges him to bid on it, but he says it's too rich for his blood. Dinah arrives, too, with a handsome escort. She and Cassie almost bump into each other several times. Edmund accidentally bumps into her and apologizes, so she sneers at him. Cassie secretly bids on the knife for Edmund but loses to "bidder number 3". She is bummed because she was way outbid. They try to find that bidder but miss her. Cassie inquires as to who the winner was and is told it was Princess Cassandra Winslow.

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