Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/22/04

By Suzanne

Bill is in a restaurant on the phone to someone about revisions on the lakefront property as he holds the plans in his hands.  Olivia comes up behind him, surprising him.  She flirts.  Then Phillip comes up and gives them a hard time about being together.  They argue.  Bill leaves the two of them to argue together.  Phillip tells Olivia to slap him, hard, so Bill can see.  She has no trouble doing that.  Phillip wants to know if Olivia is giving Bill inside information about Spaulding, or how else would he be able to buy that property out from under them?  Bill and Olivia both deny it, but Phillip remains suspicious.  Later, Josh finds Bill and tells him that they have a problem.  He says he met with Tony and found out just how much Bill was working with him.  Bill doesn't know why Josh is so upset.  Josh tells him that Tony and he had it out and he doesn't want Bill working with him.  They argue about it.  Josh wants to work with Danny, not Tony, but Bill won't work with Danny.  Josh tells him they have to sell the lakefront property.  Bill says his name is on the property and proves it to him by showing him the deed.  Josh is annoyed.  Bill quits, saying he's tired of Josh and Billy doubting him about everything.  Josh doesn't know who Bill is anymore.  Olivia comes up right then and tells Bill he made a smart decision.  She congratulates him.  He tells her he's about to do another smart thing, so he walks away from her.

Tony watches Michelle dance around to rock music in her new place.  She is chewing gum, too.  He lets her know that he's there.  He tells her that he heard from Jeffrey and that he knows she warned Tony about his arrival the other day.  He doesn't want Michelle to get into any trouble, so he suggests that she stay away.  She doesn't want to take his advice.  She tells him to take his shirt off.  He's surprised.  She says she wants to see his tattoos.  He takes off his shirt and shows them, telling her about each one as she asks.  She touches his back as he talks about the one there, that translates to "My life depends on you".  She asks him who that is, but he says he just depends on himself.  She wants to do that, too.  She tells him that she doesn't want Danny to know about this place, so he agrees not to tell her.  She shows him the new, comfortable chair she picked out that goes well there.

Alan chats with Lizzie at their house before his meeting with the interns.  He notices that she seems very happy.  Shayne, Kyra, Tammy, and Remy arrive for the meeting.  Shayne asks Lizzie for coffee, so she goes to get it.  Tammy starts to talk about Lizzie and how she has been after Joey.  She starts to say that she and Joey had a great talk yesterday, but then he walks in.  He is very cold to Tammy, who is surprised.  Joey tells Shayne that he heard Tammy calling him a loser behind his back.  Shayne, who thinks Lizzie is behind it all, advises Joey to talk it out with Tammy.  Tammy tries to talk to Joey, but he is rude to her.  Lizzie eavesdrops on them, happy to hear they are not getting along.   Tammy rushes out, upset.  Lizzie offers fake sympathy.  She tells Tammy in a hesitant way (as if she cares) that Joey kissed her last night.  Tammy yells at her for stealing her boyfriend.  Lizzie tells her that she should just let her and Joey be together.   Alan meets with the interns, telling them that for the last phase they will be working on their own, not with partners.  Lizzie is disappointed about that part.  They are to set up a business and make money with it.    Afterwards, most of them have left.  Lizzie tries to kiss Joey, but he pulls away.  He tells her that they can't be together that way.  His head is messed up and he just needs a friend.  She is very disappointed but is forced to agree.  He asks her to get a CD he loaned her, so she leaves.  Tammy returns for her bag in the meantime.  He hands it to her and their hands touch.  She asks him if he kissed Lizzie.  He replies that he did.  She is upset, crying.  She asks if he meant the things he said to her about wanting to be back together.  He asks her angrily if she means everything she says.  She replies that she does and she never wants to see him again.  She runs out, upset.  He looks upset too.  Lizzie is eavesdropping as usual, so she is very happy.

Michelle runs into Olivia at the park.  Olivia is amazed that she really doesn't remember anything.  Olivia introduces herself.  Michelle asks if they were friends, but Olivia says she doesn't have any friends.  She tells Michelle that most people think of her as a manipulative, husband-stealing witch.  Michelle appreciates her honesty and her attitude.  Olivia tells her about all the men she was married to and some of her history.  Michelle shakes hands with Olivia, saying she thinks they will be friends and she can learn a lot from her.  Olivia talks about how she gets what she wants.  Later, Alan comes by and sees Olivia.  He is about to leave, but she tells him that he can sit on her bench since she was leaving.  He tells her that he was just with his interns and how that is going.  She is a  little philosophical and talks about how it must be great to have a fresh start like Michelle.  They discuss whether it's better to be able to do that, or remember your past mistake.  She digs at him about Phillip and how Alan molded his mind like he is trying to do with the interns, making it sound like Alan ruined him.

Danny goes to Infierno, yelling around for Michelle.  No one is around.  He has a flashback to a romantic talk he had with Michelle before her accident, then he has one about pushing the button that caused the explosion.  Ray comes in and tells Danny to calm down.  Danny is very frustrated about Michelle.  Ray suggests that he may be trying too hard and needs to ease up on her.  Danny confesses that the explosion was his fault and tells him how it happened.  Ray still suggests that maybe Michelle just needs time.  Tony comes in, so Danny starts giving him a hard time about Michelle.  Tony gives it back to him, saying that he wonders if Danny knows where his wife is.  They have a heated argument.  Ray has to keep them apart physically.  Danny leaves.  He goes to Company (?), where he leaves another message on Michelle's cell phone.  He runs into Phillip, who asks how 5th Street is going.  Danny says he has other things to worry about.  Phillip asks after Michelle and learns that she still doesn't have her memory back.  He tries to give Danny some advice, but Danny is not interested, since Phillip has had so many failed relationships.  Phillip doesn't blame him but claims he sees things in a more pragmatic light.  Michelle comes in so Danny inquires as to where she's been.  She tells him and Phillip that she ran into Olivia and that she's really something.  He mentions that he saw Reva with Robbie.  She hopes he didn't mind her letting Reva babysit, but she just had to get some time to herself.  He says he doesn't mind.  She leaves, saying she will meet him at home, but he pays his tab and goes with her.  Olivia comes by to tell Phillip that Bill is no longer with Lewis, but he still wants her to keep spying on Bill for him.  She is disappointed.

Danny is on the phone at home with the bank, who tells him that he's overdrawn.  He promises to move some funds in from another account.  Michelle comes in.  She tells him that Robbie is out like a light.  He assures her that she can tell him anything and he can help her if she needs any help with getting away.  It is an awkward moment.  She really doesn't answer but claims she's tired.  She bends down to pick up a toy and he sees that she has a tattoo (much like Tony's but smaller) in the small of her back.  He sounds a little angry as he asks what she did.

Meanwhile, Tony has a dream about Michelle coming on to him and undressing him.  They start to kiss.  He awakens, shocked.

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