Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/21/04

By Naila
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Michelle is restless and has a rather ridiculous dream where Frank and an entire police team backs down from a raid on Tony simply because she told them too! She wakes up and Danny is there. Michelle asks Danny if he likes how the house is decorated. He tells her that he does and that she did too, when she bought everything. She tells him it still doesn’t feel like home for her and he says it is fine with him if she wants to change a few things. She tells him she’ll start small and wants them to go now. Danny tells her that she can’t because she has a meeting … with Robbie. She remembers that she has a play date with Robbie and decides to go to the park and then swing by the mall.


Reva meets Robbie and Michelle in the park. Reva is glad to see that they are spending time together. Michelle thinks he is a terrific child but she still doesn’t feel like he is hers. Michelle tells her about her plans for the house and that she intends to start small. Reva offers to watch Robbie and tells Michelle to go on and make a big splash. Michelle is glad for the opportunity and takes off in a hurry without even saying goodbye to Robbie.


Jeffrey runs into Tony and tells him it would be best for everyone involved if he didn’t involve Michelle in his problems. Tony tells Jeffrey he has no clue what he is talking about but Jeffrey knows that it was Michelle who tipped off Tony. Tony continues to deny it but when Jeffrey leaves, he calls Michelle and leaves a message telling her to keep away from his office (when did that become his office?!)

Jeffrey tells Danny about Michelle’s interference but Danny does not believe him. Jeffrey insists it is the truth and tells Danny he could get the phone records and prove it. Danny wonders if Jeffrey thinks Michelle needs more drama in her life and Jeffrey insists he does not want more trouble for Michelle. He advises Danny to tell Michelle to keep away from Tony. Danny has no intention of telling Michelle what to do and is certain that Tony would never do anything to harm Michelle. Reva comes by with Robbie and tells Danny Michelle went shopping. She did think that Michelle would have called by now though. Danny apologizes for Michelle but Reva says it is fine and takes Robbie out to see the ducks. Danny calls Michelle but there is no answer. He leaves a message then calls Tony and asks if he has seen Michelle. Tony has not but will call if he sees her.

Edmund thinks that Cassie is dissatisfied with her life but she assures him that she loves their life. She does mess part of being Princess Cassie. At the San Cristobel Festival she was reminded of all the good she had done back then and she misses being able to do that. Edmund tries to cheer her up. He tells her he has a surprise for her but that he will tell her later. First, she must go to Harley’s for her bride’s maid's dress fitting. Cassie returns later and is thrilled to learn that Edmund has an invitation to a reception in Venice. Cassie is looking forward to the party and also to facing her impostor.


Michelle buys herself a chair and takes it over to the lighthouse. Once there, she turns on some music and dances around. Tony walks in.


Gus tries to tell Harley about his knowledge concerning the accusations surrounding Frank but Harley misunderstands him and thinks he wants to put the wedding on hold to deal with the situation. She tells him that she thought they should postpone the wedding too but Frank insists that they go ahead with their plans. She tells him that she loves him and that despite her anxiety, their wedding is the only thing keeping her sane. Gus cannot bring himself to tell her. He leaves for his final tux fitting and the girls come over for their fitting. Marina learns, thanks to Blake, that Frank has been suspended. Harley explains the situation to her and tells her they didn’t say anything because they honestly thought it would all be over by now. Marina is furious and insists that the Coopers are going to find and deal with the person who is messing with them. Harley stands by her and promises that she and Gus will take care of things. Marina thanks her and is also supporting the decision to go ahead with the wedding. Alex seems a bit overly emotional and she tells them it is just the wedding preparations that are making her a bit sappy. While discussing the $1 million plant Harley wonders who could have the resources to do something that extravagant. Her eyes fall on Alex. Later, Cassie tells Harley she thinks the person framing Frank is someone he was getting close to busting. Harley agrees and keeps her eye on Alexandra.


Alex is afraid that she will end up in jail but Alan assures her that Gus would never sell her out. He is a Spaulding and he will stand by his family no matter what. Alex wonders if he will stand by them or by the Coopers.

Later, Gus comes by for his fitting. He and Alan discuss Frank’s predicament and Alan says he is sure that things will calm down for Frank soon enough. Just then Springfield’s former Chief of Police comes in, fulfilling his best man duties. Gus is a gracious host and suggests that Frank not rent a tux but let Alan spring for a very fancy, expensive one. Frank tells them both that he is more than capable of paying for his own things. Gus tells Frank that he knows things look bad right now but he will do everything in his power to find out who is behind the frame. Frank will not be the one to take the fall if Gus has anything to say about it.

When Alex returns, Alan tells her that he thinks Gus will have to choose between the Coopers and the Spauldings. And he is not sure that they will come out on top.

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