Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/20/04

By Elizabeth

At the Beacon Olivia is given a broken red rose as a gift from an admirer. Phillip wants to know when she is going get what he needs done and Olivia tells him that she’s having trouble getting in contact with Bill. Phillip tells her he doesn’t want excuses, just results.

Jeffery refuses to tell a worker at the Beacon whether or not his European trip was for business or pleasure. Jeffery calls Dinah and we see her with a ‘Bank of San Cristobel’ credit card.

Cassie is going through her purse, picks up a credit card and calls up the credit card company asking for the most recent transaction that was made on her account. She also has many European tabloids, with articles on ‘Princess Cassie’ and she vows to find her.

Gus is still trying to get ahold of Alex and is unable to do so as he is told she is at a spa. Gus then leaves for the police station. Gus and Harley’s caterer comes to the house and tells Gus that Alex made changes to their wedding menu that morning. Gus questions her as to when she (the caterer) had last seen Alex.

Alex is getting ready to leave when a butler comes in to tell her that Gus has called for her again. Alex calls ‘Fritz’ and tells him that she’s ready to go through with their plan, which is $1 million transfer to be deposited into a private account in a Zurich Branch under the names Brad Green and Frank Cooper. She also says that she wants it to be traceable.

Harley yells at Gus about Alex giving her more grief on top of the plans and everything with Frank. Gus offers to postpone the wedding. Harley tells him that she’s waited too long to be his wife.

Ross invites Frank to the police station for a few questions. Frank tells Ross that the file was planted and Ross tells Frank that he has two strikes against him - the file & motive. Ross asks Frank to confess and Frank wants to know why he would lie.

Olivia tells Phillip that the reason that Bill is avoiding her calls is because of Phillip threatening Bill. Phillip tells Olivia that Lewis is a threat and her job is take care of finding out what they are up to.

Jeffery tells Dinah that the only reason he is calling is to make sure she ‘hasn’t flown the cage’ and to remind her to stop impersonating Princess Cassie. Dinah agrees to do what Jeffery wants as long as he tells her whether or not he thinks of her. Jeffery hangs up on her.

Cassie looks through her tabloids. RJ comes over and asks her to tell him a story. While Cassie is telling him a story they notice one of the tabloids has a photo of ‘Princess Cassie’ but only has a view of her backside. Edmond comes along and tells Cassie that they have to get ready for their date.

Jeffery is at the Beacon looking at photos of Dinah when he has flash backs of when he rescued Dinah from prison. In the flashback Jeffery tells Dinah that he works for the United States Gov’t and that he needs a wife. Jeffery tells her that he might be able to pass her off as royalty and that he can be her saviour. Edmond walks in as Jeffery is day dreaming and asks what is going on with his investigation into the person impersonating Cassie.

Olivia goes to Bill’s house and he reminds her that he’s not looking for a partner. Olivia refuses to leave.

Ross tells Frank not to lie, but that he understands that Vinnie could have been threatening him. Harley walks in and tells Ross to leave. Harley asks Frank if she has any clue who might have framed Frank. Frank tells Harley he wants to keep Darcie out of it. Harley tells Frank that the person who framed him has to still be around and have a vested interest in the case going away and that it must be a Spaulding.

Gus heads to the Spaulding Mansion looking for Alex. Gus demands to know why she's leaving and tells her he knows she is the one who planted the evidence to frame Frank.

Harley thinks Brad Green’s dying words were meant to tell Harley he had an accomplice. Harley claims to think it was Alan or Alex. Frank tells her to drop it as its her future in laws and he doesn’t want him to come between her and her wedding.

Alex tells Gus to drop it, and let the investigation take its course. Gus tells her she doesn’t understand that Frank will soon be his family. Gus tells Alex that he is done protecting her.

Frank tells Harley to protect Gus.

Alex asks Gus where his loyalties lie, and points out that if he comes clean he has to tell her the whole truth, even the part where Gus lied to her.

Ross comes in and tells Frank that IA’s case is now iron clad.

Olivia rolls up her sleeves and helps Bill wallpaper. Phillip calls Olivia to check up on her. Bill once again tells Olivia that he’s not getting in the middle of her and Phillips marriage.

Jeffery tells Edmond that he has someone working on the identity theft case. Jeffery tells Edmond that Interpol is working on the case and is about to make an arrest as long as no one spooks the suspect. Jeffery tells Edmond that Cassie hasn’t given up her investigation and Edmond defends Cassie. Jeffery starts going through her purse and to prove Jeffery wrong Edmond pulls out her wallet to prove that she got rid of her Princess Cassie credit cards. Cassie walks in to find the two of them going through her purse. Jeffery takes the blame and leaves.

Bill and Olivia get close as they spend time together.

Alex blames Gus for having to frame Frank. He blames her.

Ross tells Frank and Harley that Frank has an overseas bank account with $1 million in it, and Brad Green’s name on the account as well.

Alex tells Gus that she’s sure Harley will forgive him. Phillip walks in and Gus leaves saying that he needs to have a conversation with Harley. Phillip asks Alex what is going on.

Ross has Frank hand over his badge & gun. Frank maintains his innocence and tells Ross that he will prove it.

At the park Jeffery has another flashback where Jeffery tells Dinah that she will be impersonating Princess Cassie. Dinah flips out that ‘the tramp’ could marry a prince. In Europe, Dinah reads about the beacon and what a success Cassie has made it into.

Cassie is mad that Edmond went through her purse. Edmond apologizes and then asks why she lied to him. Edmond asks if she misses her life as a Princess and that why she can’t let it go.

Harley arrives home to find Gus and tells him about the bank account. Gus tells Harley that he has to tell her something.

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