Guiding Light Update Monday 7/19/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Lizzie stumbles into Michelle’s party looking for Joey. She is dirty and crying claiming that drunken boys tried to force her into a car. Danny comes in, and tells Lizzie he’ll take care of whomever it was that tried to hurt her.

Outside Tony’s office police prepare raid Tony & the club. Michelle is outside calls Tony and warns him that the police are outside as well.

Gus goes into the Spaulding mansion study and surprises Beth who is waiting up for Lizzie to come home.

Alex meets up with Buzz in the park. Alex tells him that she just called him because she had to see his face.

At the police station Harley maintains her brother’s innocence. Ross claims that Frank was hiding the evidence; Harley tells Ross someone was trying to frame her brother.

Tammy obviously doesn’t believe Lizzie’s story. Lizzie claims that she doesn’t know who the guys were and begs Danny to leave the guys alone. Tammy tells Joey she misses him and that she only came with Remy to see Joey. Joey tells Tammy he misses him too. Joey takes Lizzie home.

Alexandra tells Buzz that she wants him & his family to be happy.

Ross tells Harley and Frank that he wants to believe that Frank is innocent. Frank tells Ross that he knew Darcy slept with Vinnie & Brad Green, but maintains he never saw the file that Ross is talking about. Frank threatens a mouthy IA detective.

The police raid Tony’s club only to find Tony in his office alone going over his books. Michelle enters the club after the police leave, Tony acts pissed that Michelle called. Tony tells Michelle that the less she knows the better.

Danny finds two drunks in the park, and assumes that they’re the guys that attacked Lizzie. He tells them that he’s going to teach them that actions have consequences.

Tony asks Michelle to leave.

Danny warns the two drunks, and when they maintain their innocence he lets them go.

Gus comes to the police station just in time to break up a fight between Frank and the IA detective. Harley explains to Gus what is going on and tells him that she thinks someone set her brother up and asks Gus who he thinks would do such a thing.

Sandy and Tammy talk about how they think Lizzie made up the story about getting attacked.

Joey and Lizzie have one last dance and then kiss after he brings Lizzie home. Joey tells Lizzie that he just wants to be friends and he still cares for Tammy.

Alex and Buzz go to the Beacon where he questions her about why she’s feeling sorry for herself. Buzz tells Alex that she shouldn’t worry about Frank questioning her, because Frank honest and decent and has it in him to do everything by the book. Buzz talks about how much he admires Frank, and how Frank is his hero.

Gus calls Alex, as he thinks she is the one who planted the file. Alex ignores the phone call.

Ross temporarily suspends Frank, and tells him that he believes Frank. Gus sticks up for Frank and Harley talks about how they have to get through it all together as they’re family.

Michelle comes home and Sandy/Tammy tells her that Danny is looking for her. Danny is inside, Michelle apologizes for leaving. Michelle asks Danny what his life was like in the mob.

Tammy tells Sandy she thinks things will turn out the way they’re supposed to because she cares so much for him.

Lizzie tells Joey she doesn’t want to break his heart, but that Tammy no longer cares for him. Joey laughs it off and Lizzie shows him the video she took of Tammy bashing Joey.

Frank packs up his desk. Ross tells Gus that he needs to talk to him in private and Gus tells him to say whatever it is he has to say in front of everyone. Ross asks Gus to be interim chief.

Joey is pissed about the tape and leaves; before he goes he kisses Joey.

Danny asks Michelle what it is that she wants to know and begins to tell her about the life he was born into. Michelle asks him if he’s glad he’s out of that life and then asks about Tony. Danny tells Michelle that Tony tried to get out and that he either didn’t have it in him or didn’t want to get out.

Gus tells Ross that he doesn’t want to turn against Frank, and to find someone else. Frank tells Gus he’s the right man for the job and that he’d consider it a personal favor. Gus accepts the job. Harley tells Gus that she’s not going to rest until she figures out who planted the file on Frank. Harley and Frank leave. Gus stays at the police station and tries calling Alex again. Alex ignores the call again.

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