Guiding Light Update Friday 7/16/04

By Elizabeth

Everyone is dancing & having a good time at Michelle's after party. Tony doesn't show up, and Michelle calls looking for him. Tony tells her he can't show up and Michelle tells him to come or she's coming looking for him. Tony gets a suitcase load of money to give to the zoning commission.

Lizzie & Joey are having a good time which gets Tammy sad and angry. Sandy tells Tammy to move on or fight for Joey.

Alex runs into Gus at the Beacon, and seems to be in a good mood. Alex tells Gus that everything will be behind them soon. Gus says that he has to go to the Police Station to tie up some loose ends and Alex protests.

Frank arrives at the Police Station only to see Ross and Internal Affairs clearing out his office. Frank protests and tells Ross again that his department is clean, and asks why Ross doesn't believe him.

Cassie, Harley and Reva are getting massages at the farmhouse.

Dinah and Jeffery are at a party when Jeffery tells Dinah that she can no longer impersonate Princess Cassie. Dinah alludes to the fact that she and Jeffery were part of the "same game" at one point and possibly lovers.

Frank asks why Ross thinks the PD is crooked, and Ross says that he needs to investigate each allegation. Frank tells him not to antagonize the police department that early in Ross's mayoral career.

Gus asks Alex why he shouldn't go to the police station. Alex tells Gus to spend more time with Harley.

Harley tells Cassie and Reva that she and the Spaulding's are now getting along, which surprises Reva and Cassie. Cassie remembers her marriage with Richard as a fairy tale.

Dinah tells Jeffery that she's missed him. He tells her that he knows he can't trust her and that she HAS to stop. Jeffery also tells her that Cassie is on to her (Dinah) and brings up the fact that Dinah "shot and killed the man that Cassie loved." Dinah then replies with "I loved Hart too." Dinah tells Jeffery that she should have known he would eventually move to Springfield - right after Cassie.

Tony makes it to the after dance party. Danny seems surprised to see Tony. Michelle tries setting up Tony with the "ladies over 18." Joey tells Lizzie not to try so hard because he's there with her. Michelle wants to dance and asks both Danny and Tony to dance with her. Danny laughs it off.

Alex goes to the police station and tells Frank that she's looking for Gus. Alex asks Ross what all the men are doing at the police station and Ross tells her that they are there from internal affairs.

Cassie tells Reva that she's not too worried about her imposter because Jeffery is on the case. Reva tells Cassie that she should be more disturbed than she is.

Jeffery points out the fact that Dinah is still facing murder charges in Springfield, and that he "gave Dinah her freedom and he can take it away" unless the Princess Cassie routine ends. Jeffery also mentions the fact that he yanked her out of a prison, and if she's not careful she could end up in another prison.

At Michelle's party Tammy asks Sandy to play a spotlight dance for Romeo/Juliet. Lizzie makes a big deal and yells at Tammy. Tammy pulls Joey near her to dance with him. Michelle asks either Tony or Danny to dance with her one last time and neither wants to, so she begins to strip. Danny then goes over to dance with her.

Cassie tells Reva she's blowing everything out of proportion. Reva asks Cassie if she's happy with the way that her life has turned out.

Dinah and Jeffery dance & kiss.

Darcie meets up with Gus at the Beacon and explains to Gus why she had to tell Frank about her relationship with Vinnie and her suspicions of Alex. Darcie tells Gus that she could get engaged to Frank with Frank not knowing everything. Darcie tells Gus that the way he's talking that it sounds like he's hiding something from Harley.

Harley runs into Alex at the police station, and Harley asks Alex what's going on. Harley says that she came to talk to Frank and asks what is up with internal affairs. Frank fills her in on the phone call and investigation. Ross comes over and Harley sticks up for Frank. Internal affairs are looking for a specific file and when Frank is distracted by Ross & Harley he tells them to just look through his briefcase. Internal affairs find the file that was planted by Alex.

Joey tells Tammy how nice she looks. Danny and Michelle go outside for some air and Danny apologizes for being too forward inside. Michelle tells him that she liked it and that's why she wanted to come outside - so that they could be alone. Shane comes out and interrupts them telling them that the party blew a fuse. Tammy tells Joey that she misses him. Joey tells Tammy that he doesn't think he can be what she wants, because he's nothing like Edmond. Tammy asks Joey if they can try to figure things out. The lights come back on. Marina asks Sandy if Shane has been acting weird lately. Lizzie is out in the garden throwing dirt on herself and then comes into the party. Danny goes back outside looking for Michelle only to see she's vanished. Michelle is seen outside of Tony's office. There are police there as well hiding in the shadows.

Gus tells Darcie that things are fine between him and Harley and that he just wants everything to work out. Darcie tells him that they love each other and that's the most important thing.

Ross sees the file Alex planted and asks Frank if there is anything he wants to tell Ross. Ross tells Frank that according to the file found in Frank's briefcase that Darcie was intimate with Vinnie Salerno and Brad Green, as well as receipts and statements. Frank & Harley both say they don't know anything about the file. Ross asks Frank if he concealed the evidence to protect Darcie.

Cassie tells Reva that she sometimes misses the life she used to have as 'Princess Cassie.' She misses being able to help people. Reva tries to convince her that she still helps people and that she can't love Edmond fully if she misses her old life.

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