Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/15/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Dinah calls Ross. Ross tells Dinah that he doesn’t want to know where she is. Dinah tells her father she is homesick and sorry for what she’s put him through.

Cassie does an online search for the imposter when Edmond walks in. Tammy rushes in freaking out about being late for the dance.

Lizzie, standing outside the Beacon is listening to the tape she made of Tammy bashing Joey the day earlier. She is greeted inside the Beacon by Alan, Gus and Beth who are there to see her off to the dance.

Alex calls someone on her cell phone and tells that everything is in place for the “Frank Cooper Situation.”

Harley walks in on Frank trying to fin incriminating evidence on Alex when she pops by the police station. Harley tells Frank to let it go and Frank tells Harley that he simply has a ‘feeling’ about Alex’s guilt.

Olivia wants Phillip to stop the car, but he won’t until they discuss the terms of Olivia’s ‘surrender.’ Phillip tells Olivia that he wants her on his side that he no longer wants to get even. He tells her his ‘thirst for revenge has run dry.’ Phillip tells Olivia she has no choice but to help him, as it affects Emma’s trust fund.

Lizzie wants her family to find her father. Alex tells everyone she’s waiting for an important phone call. Gus is videotaping the whole thing. Alex and Alan have a drink while waiting for Lizzie to get ready. Gus asks why Alex is acting weird, and Alex tells Gus that she doesn’t like the way he looks at her - with anger. Gus reiterates that he will take the secret with him to his grave.

Frank tells Harley he’s closing the case on the Brad Green situation. Buzz pops in and tells Harley and Frank that they have to see Marina off on the dance. Frank wants to work on one more file.

Tammy tells Cassie about Sandy’s ‘therapy’ and that the reasons she listed earlier of the things that annoyed her about Joey are the reasons she likes him. Edmond tells Cassie that Joey loves Tammy by the look on his face, and also tells Cassie to let Jeffery O’Neill handle the imposter situation.

Phillip throws it in Olivia’s face that Bill no longer wants her. Phillip tells Olivia to find out as much as possible about ‘Lewis Construction’ or else he’ll put her in jail. They arrive back at the Beacon to see Lizzie off to the dance.

Alex gets a phone call tells someone that “its time and that the file is in place.”

At the police station Ross gets an anonymous phone call warning him that someone high up in Springfield PD is working with the mob, and concealed evidence about Antimonious. Ross asks for more details and the caller hangs up.

Harley pulls Gus into an empty room at the Beacon and shows him the honeymoon suite. Harley tells Gus that she needs to come clean about something before they get married.

Springfield PD can’t trace the anonymous phone call and goes to see Frank. Ross tells Frank about the phone call. Frank isn’t worried about and Ross is. Frank assures Ross that his department is clean and he has to get home to Marina. Frank leaves and Ross stays at the police department.

Harley admits that she investigated Alex, and about her meeting with Marie Green. Harley also tells Gus that she believes Marie, and that Alex is innocent. Harley tells Gus that she is so committed that she needed to tell Gus. Harley & Gus initiate the Beacon’s honeymoon suite.

Olivia feels out of place while the family spends time together watching Lizzie/Joey leave for the dance. Phillip reminds Olivia how important her cooperation is.

Remy & Tammy go to the dance together.

Cassie gets the idea to track her imposter through European gossip columns.

Joey tells Tammy how amazing she looks when Lizzie drags Joey off to the dance.

Alex gets another phone call letting her know that “the mayor was alerted and everything went as planned.”

Ross walks into Frank’s office and calls internal affairs to check up on the accusations he was called about.

Cassie gets online and finds an article about Richard and Cassie from when Richard was still alive. The article state that they were spotted in San Moritz and Cassie claims to have never been there, which leads Cassie to believe the imposter isn’t working alone.

At a party, pretending to be Princess Cassie Dinah is surprised by Jeffery O’Neill.

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