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Danny sits on the beach waiting for Michelle to arrive, while she is wandering around the lighthouse.

The Spaulding Interns, with Lizzie taping, decide to send Alan a message letting him know that they're all blowing him off. Remy thinks they should all stay inside and work instead of going to the beach. Tammy thinks they should all simply do some work at the beach.

At the Beacon, Tony and Bill get ready for a meeting about a "union shakedown." Olivia meets up with Bill in the lobby and asks why he hasn't returned any calls. Bill tells her he's not sorry for avoiding her.

In Olivia's Bar, Phillip offers to buy Josh and drink and they sit and chat about being married to Olivia, and making marriage work. Phillip tells Josh the secret is having surprises, and says that Olivia is in for one big surprise today.


The interns consider blowing off the rest of their day and heading to the beach. Shayne thinks there is no problem; he doesn’t really think it all matters anymore. Joey decides to take a poll before deciding and points straight at Tammy. It is clear to all present that Tammy and Joey are still very much interested in each other including Lizzie, who tries to distract Joey by grabbing his phone and running off with it. Remy and Sandy both offer Tammy their arm and escort her to the beach.


Michelle arrives late for her date with Danny because she was at the lighthouse. When he asks what delayed her, she tells him about the man who had the heart attack and how she was able to help him. Danny is hopeful but Michelle tells him she did not actually remember anything; it was more instinct that anything else. As they start their picnic, Michelle tells Danny to stop staring at her but he defends his actions by saying that it is habit. They then begin people watching but Danny cuts that short and gives Michelle a present: a beautiful string of pearls. She asks him if he is trying to buy her but he tells her he realizes that as far as she is concerned, he has never given her anything. He just wanted her to have something from him. Michelle asks him to put it on her and just as he finishes, the Spaulding interns walk onto their beach, putting an end to their private picnic. They tell Danny and Michelle all about the summer dance and how they’re at a loss for their after party. Michelle offers her home for the party and Danny agrees (not like he had a choice).

Tammy cannot help but keep her eye on Joey all afternoon. Sandy, tired of seeing her mope, offers her a suggestion: for a few minutes, just focus on Joey’s flaws. Tammy does not see the point but Sandy tells her it can’t make her feel any worse. After going thought a fairly thorough list, Tammy feels a bit better and is able to say, “it’s his loss”. She and Sandy leave and Lizzie, who recorded their entire conversation, plots her next devious move (with a friend like her, who needs enemies?).

Shayne and Joey toss a baseball and Marina encourages Shayne to try his best to get back to where he was before the accident. Shayne wonders if Marina wants this more than he does. Bill comes by and has a chat with his cousin. He advises Shayne to be careful not to fall into the Lewis trap; the family may mean well, but often they push instead of guide. He tells Shayne he needs to forget about everybody else and focus on what he wants for himself.


Josh comes in and runs into Philip who offers to buy him a drink. Philip starts talking about marriage to Olivia and Josh wishes them well. Philip says his secret to success is keeping one step ahead and always being ready to surprise her. Josh is a little confused as to what he is talking about but must leave.

Josh approaches Tony who has just had a productive meeting with Bill. Josh does not want Tony working with Bill and would like Tony to be the one to end things. Tony has no intention of stopping his work because of Josh. Josh tells him that the project will not go through; if Tony does not stop it, he will. Tony will not take threats and warns Josh that he may just have to reciprocate. Josh assures Tony that he is not afraid of Tony’s mob connections and hopes that, like Danny, Tony can get his act together.

Josh gets up to leave and spots Michelle, who witnessed the exchange. He apologizes and assures her that nothing he said was about Danny. She understands. Josh leaves and Michelle joins Tony (Danny had to take a phone call). She wonders about the tense exchange but Tony does not share much. Michelle invites him to the house for the party.

Josh runs into Danny and proposes a joint business arrangement. At first Danny thinks the offer is charity but Josh promises him that he does not give handouts. He trusts Danny and does want to work with him. Danny then asks Josh about his experiences with Reva and her bought of amnesia. Josh cannot talk for very long but does hope that he and Danny can get together later on. He does tell Danny that he and Reva had to redefine “normal” before they could find each other again.


Olivia asks Bill why he has been avoiding her and he tells her he does not want to get into the middle of things with her and Philip. She is not sure what he is talking about and he tells her that Philip wants his family to stay together; he wants to make things work with Olivia. She tries to make Bill see that Philip is only saying these things because he is afraid that together Olivia and Bill could do serious damage to him and his company. She tries to convince him that what they can give each other what they need but Bill won’t bite. He refuses and leaves. Philip, who overheard the conversation, speaks with Bill about apple picking and how he learnt a long time ago that it is best to wait for the perfect moment before you try to grab onto something. He hopes that Bill learns that too.

Later, Olivia is on the phone with her broker who informs her that her account is being closed as per Mr. Spaulding’s suggestions. She attempts to stop them are futile and she gives in. She storms out of the hotel and there is a man outside. She thinks he is a new guest and directs him to the lobby but the man grabs her and throws her into the back of a limo. Olivia panics then sees that Philip is sitting beside her. He tells her it is time they talk, now that she has lost everything and he is the only person she can turn to (Prove him wrong, Olivia!!).

Back to Olivia and Bill, where Bill tells Olivia that things change and whatever she may have thought was going to happen was all in her head. Bill thinks its time Olivia got serious with her husband and he's not getting involved.

Josh asks Phillip about the surprise he has for Olivia, and Phillip changes the subject. Phillip asks how Bill is doing when Tony walks in. Josh tells Tony, who is pouring over blueprints that his (Tony's) partnership with Bill isn't going to work and that he isn't going to let it happen. Josh threatens to break up the Tony/Bill partnership if Tony doesn't.

Back at the farmhouse, all the kids are arguing. Tammy proclaims she's going to wear a bikini whether or not they work at the beach. Shane asks what the point is of everyone working at Spaulding, since none of them really need it.

Michelle finally meets Danny at the beach where she is surprised by the picnic lunch. Michelle tells Danny about saving Mr. Mitchell's life at the Beacon as her excuse for being late. They sit on the beach talking about all the other people on the beach who are in and out of love. Danny gives Michelle the pearl necklace and Michelle asks Danny if he's trying to buy her. He tells her no and she asks if he's bought her in the past.

The Spaulding interns arrive at the beach and Michelle offers the use of her house for the after dance party for the interns.

Josh & Tony continue talking and Tony tells Josh that Bill is a big boy and can take care of himself and that every time he is threatened he has an urge to threaten back. Josh tells Tony that unlike Danny, Josh doesn't think Tony will ever change.

Bill tells Olivia that Phillip came to talk to him and that's why he no longer wants anything to do with her. Phillip overhears them talking. Olivia calls Phillip and tells him that she got his message and that she hopes 'he rots.'

Phillip and Bill run into each other and Phillip talks to Bill about 'timing' and how it's important in life.

The interns are at the beach and Lizzie talks about how much cooler Michelle is now. Shane and Michelle practice pitching. Marina thinks he should try for the big leagues again and Shane doesn't seem too thrilled. Bill joins them at the beach. Tammy watches Lizzie and Joey. Sandy asks Tammy why she wastes her time being sad all the time.

Danny and Michelle head to Olivia's Bar and sees Josh and Tony arguing.

Bill and Shane talk about everything that has happened to Shane/Marina in the past year. [Bill, the accident] Shane tells Bill that he thinks Marina wants to get back the fun that they missed. Bill tells Shane to go for what he wants, and that he needs to make his own choices.

Sandy thinks that in order to get over Joey that she should admit everything that it is about Joey that annoys her. Lizzie overhears and tapes the conversation.

Josh apologizes to Michelle about anything she might have overheard, and on the way out pulls Danny aside to "talk business" with him.

Olivia is on the phone arguing with a broker about closing out her accounts when she is kidnapped.

Josh confronts Danny about the 5th Street project loan payments that are coming due. Josh proposes a deal/partnership with Danny. Danny asks Josh about how Reva was when she lost her memory. Josh tells Danny that the only advice he can give Danny is that Danny will have to adjust his definition of what "normal life" now is for them.

Michelle invites Tony to the party at her house.

Joey tells Shane he is lucky to have Marina. Shane agrees with Joey, but says that sometimes he thinks Marina wants more for him than he does. Sandy tells Tammy to perk up as there will be other guys.

Olivia's kidnappers throw her in a limo with Phillip. Phillip tells her now that they have a business deal to negotiate now that Olivia doesn't have any money in her brokerage account and now that Bill isn't helping her.

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