Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/13/04

By Elizabeth
Proofread by Angie

Beacon: Rick, Mel, Michelle and Danny all have breakfast together at the Beacon. Michelle tells Mel and Rick of the revelation that she and Danny achieved last night: "He doesn't understand me, and I don't understand him."

Farmhouse: Marina tries to convince Tammy to go the beach, even though Tammy simply wants to stay home and be mad about Joey taking Lizzie to the dance. Marina tries to convince Tammy that Joey will "come around," and that it is Lizzie that Tammy should be worried about. It is then that Lizzie shows up to apologize to Tammy, in case she thought Lizzie was going after Joey.

Police Station: Buzz pops in with some food for Frank. Frank tells Buzz how he has a lot of work stuff on his mind, and that much of it is Alexandra; Frank doesn't trust her, and neither should Buzz.

Olivia's Bar: Gus meets with Alexandra, who wants to celebrate Gus' promotion. Gus wants to know what Alexandra loves about Buzz and to warn her about Frank. Harley comes in while the two of them are talking and proclaims that they have a big problem - she can't find the right wedding rings. Harley tries to explain the significance of the rings and what they need to express. Alex leaves to let the two of them sort things out.

Police Station: Buzz asks Frank why he doesn't trust Alex and asks if Frank caught her in any lies. Frank tells his father that it is simply a gut feeling, and Buzz tells Frank that his gut is overactive and that he's simply being overprotective about Harley marrying another Spaulding.

Farmhouse: Lizzie apologizes for the way she and Joey left the farmhouse last night and tells Tammy that she was talking her up the whole way last night. She is interrupted by Marina's laughing and tells Marina that she is not helping matters. Lizzie asks if only she and Tammy can talk, and Tammy tells her she's sick of Lizzie stabbing her in the back. Lizzie then says that Marina isn't innocent, as she and Sandy just spent the night with one another.

Beacon: Danny tells Rick and Mel how glad they should be that they don't need to pretend to know everything about one another, that they get to start from scratch. Mel and Danny take off after Danny and Michelle agree to meet at the beach in an hour. When Mel and Danny leave, Rick asks Michelle to tell him what's really going on between her and Danny. He asks why she's trying so hard to make everyone think they're so happy.

Olivia's Bar: Harley and Gus look at wedding rings, and Gus tells Harley how surprised he is at the sudden excitement about the wedding. Harley tells Gus how she talked with Alan and he welcomed her into the Spaulding family, and that she thinks that Gus is a good influence on the Spaulding family. Alan walks in and tells Harley and Gus he's found exactly what they've been looking for.

Police Station: Alex finds Buzz, and they talk about how they want the Cooper and Spaulding families to get along. Buzz tells Alex that Frank thinks she's hiding something. Buzz tells Alex to simply tell the truth, and Alex tells Buzz that "nothing seems to hurt her when you're around." She then tells Buzz she needs to make a call to the office; instead, she calls Marjorie and tells her she needs the file on Frank Cooper.

Farmhouse: Marina admits that she and Sandy spent the night jail. She makes fun of Lizzie's accusations. Lizzie accuses Marina and Sandy of spending a lot of time together. Tammy tries to break up Marina and Lizzie's fighting and brings up her mother's identity theft problem.

Beach: Mel and Danny set up a picnic on the beach, and Mel tells Danny that Michelle is a very lucky woman. Danny then shows Mel some pearls that he bought Michelle. Mel tells Danny to slow things down and get to know the new Michelle.

Beacon: Michelle claims that Rick doesn't know her anymore, and then Tony walks by. Rick takes a call and leaves Tony and Michelle to talk. We then see a man at the front desk of the Beacon named Mr. Mitchell who won't let anyone touch his bags; the scene cuts back to Tony and Michelle, who are talking about Michelle running away. Then we see Jeffrey yelling to Mr. Mitchell, who is now passed out on the floor. Michelle rushes over to Mr. Mitchell to help. She tries CPR and asks for Tony's help; they are successful, and Mr. Mitchell wakes up.

Beach: Mel tells Danny that Michelle needs to find out who she is on her own and that Danny can't force anything. Danny thanks Mel for her advice and tells her that nothing is going to get in his way, as he's been lucky enough to find his love with Michelle twice.

Police Station: Marjorie shows up with a file and Alexandra tells her that the conversation never took place. Alexandra looks into the file and the audience sees compromising photos of Darci with Brad Green and Vinnie Salerno. Alex puts the file in her purse.

Olivia's Bar: Alan shows up with two wedding rings that Harley thinks are gorgeous. Alan tells Gus that they are Brandon and Penelope's wedding rings. Alan tells Harley that, since he's accepted Harley into the family, they can have them. Gus pulls Harley aside and asks if she's okay with wearing them, as they have a lot of Spaulding history. She tells Gus she needs to make a phone call and walks away. In the meantime, Gus tells Alan that every time he sees the rings he will think of when he had to lie to Harley to protect his family, and that he can't put that ring on her finger.

Beacon: Tony tells Michelle she was amazing when she saved Mr. Mitchell's life. Michelle tells Tony that she feels like she's in a thick fog and needs a lighthouse. Tony then tells her that her family owns the lighthouse, and that you can see the whole town from it. Michelle tells Tony that the lighthouse seems familiar.

Farmhouse: Lizzie tells Tammy that she didn't mean to steal her boyfriend, and that the only reason she's going to the dance with Joey is because they're partners in the Spaulding intern contest. Lizzie asks Tammy if she and Remy are friends or "friends with benefits." Tammy tells Lizzie to "bring it on" when it comes to Joey.

Olivia's Bar: Harley is on the phone with Blake; she talks about how beautiful the rings are and asks if they should wear them. Alan tells Gus that the rings stand for family and love and signify the family and his love for Harley. Harley comes back into the bar and tells Alan that the answer is yes to the rings, and that if Alan is accepting Harley into his family then it is time she accepts Alan into her family.

Police Station: Alex and Buzz confront Frank, and she tells him that she is willing to lay it all on the line. Frank tells them that he doesn't have anymore questions. As Alex is about to leave the file on the desk, Frank comes back into the room and asks Alex what she is doing.

Olivia's Bar: Alan tells Harley and Gus that he is proud that the two of them will wear the rings. Harley agrees and says that wearing the rings is about letting go of the bad stuff.

Police Station: Alex tells Frank she was looking for her sunglasses when Frank gets a phone call from Gus. The interruption gives Alex the opportunity to leave the file on a desk. On the phone, Gus asks Frank to be his best man, and Frank accepts. Frank apologizes for being so hard on Gus and tells him that he just wants Harley and him to be happy. Alex makes a phone call and tells someone that "everything is in place," and Buzz comes in and takes the phone out of her hand.

Lighthouse: Tony and Michelle explore the lighthouse, and Michelle is amazed at the amount of the town she can see.

Beach: Danny waits for Michelle.

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