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Santos house:

Michelle and Danny are going at it on the bed, and Michelle really wants to make love. Danny gets into it at first but then puts the brakes on. Michelle is confused and thinks she is doing something wrong. Danny tries to explain that he thinks they would just be moving too fast too soon. Michelle continues to push for the real reason. She has a hard time believing any man would turn down sex. Danny tries to assure her that he wants her very badly, but he just thinks it isn't the right time. Michelle thinks that maybe before she used to just lay there and not participate. Danny again tries to explain to her that he loves her and wants nothing more than to make love to her, but he just thinks it is the wrong time. Michelle finally seems to accept his explanation. Danny asks if they are okay. When Michelle assures him that they are, he announces that he is hungry and leaves the room to find something to eat. After he leaves, Michelle picks up a picture of the two of them and sarcastically says to herself, "Danny and Michelle, greatest love story of all time." She tosses the picture on the bed, grabs her shoes, and heads out.

Danny comes back to the room later with ice cream and two spoons, expecting to find her. He realizes that she has taken off again and heads out to look for her.

Some ball room:

Outside, Dinah is on the phone with Ross, telling him how strange it is that life on the run means she can't really go anywhere or do anything. Ross tells his daughter that she can always count on him. Dinah assures him that she knows that and promises to call him again soon. She wipes tears from her eyes before entering the ball room. She is dressed to the hilt and enters telling the host, "Cassie Winslow, party of one." A man tells her that it is good to see Her Highness, and that she is looking good. Dinah vainly tells him that she knows. As Dinah chats with several men, one man approaches and asks her to dance. She accepts his offer. During the dance he notices that she is not her normal jovial self tonight. She explains that she talked to her family back in the States tonight, and it has made her a bit homesick.

Olivia's Bar:

Harley finds Tammy drowning her sorrows in ginger ale. Harley tries to cheer her up, but Tammy is really down on herself. Harley explains that she has been trying to pick out the perfect wedding ring. Tammy comments that she can't even keep a boyfriend. Harley advises Tammy to go after what she wants. Edmund shows up and Harley makes a quick retreat so that Edmund can talk to Tammy. After Edmund makes sure that it isn't him Tammy is trying to hide from, he sits down to have a heart-to-heart about her "Joey problem." After explaining how men sometimes let their pride get in their way, he convinces Tammy that Joey took the job on the farm so that he would have an excuse to be close to her on occasion. Tammy is skeptical at first, but Edmund's little pep talk finally cheers her up. She is anxious to get back to the farm now and tries to rush Edmund out. Edmund gives her keys to the car so she can listen to the radio while he has a short word with Jeffrey. Edmund tells Jeffrey that he appreciates his support on the identity theft thing with Cassie. Jeffrey guesses correctly that Cassie didn't take his advice. They both express concern over the problem; they know how Cassie gets when she has a mission to accomplish.

After Edmund leaves, Jeffrey remembers walking into a dungeon-like place and finding a lady in cuffs and chains.

Harley is sitting at the bar with Ross, still trying to pick out the perfect wedding ring, when Michelle comes in. Ross excuses himself to make some calls. Harley and Michelle exchange a bit of small talk. The conversation gets around to why Michelle is there without Danny. Michelle tells Harley what happened in the bedroom at home. Harley tries to get Michelle to understand that Danny was probably just trying to protect her. Michelle still doesn't get it. She doesn't understand how a man can turn down sex from a woman that he is supposed to be in love with. Harley isn't sure how to answer, but she assures Michelle that she is the love of Danny's life and that he was probably just trying to protect her. Michelle asks if she looks fragile to Harley. Harley admits that she doesn't. Michelle just doesn't see the point in all of this. Harley tries to explain that all couples have problems understanding each other some times. She tells Michelle that she knows she can't really understand what Michelle is going through, but she does know that, whatever life Michelle will be living now, she needs to find someone to connect to. Michelle thanks her for listening and leaves the bar. Ross rejoins Harley and asks if Michelle is okay. Harley tells him she is just confused, and she can't imagine what it would be like to be thrown into a life that you can't remember. Ross comments that it would be better if Ed were there to help.

When Harley agrees that dads always make things better, she obviously upsets Ross. Talk turns to Dinah. Ross denies having heard from Dinah anytime recently. Harley knows that Dinah made a horrible mistake, but she tells Ross that she only has good memories of her. Ross thanks her for that and says good night. Alan then approaches Harley and guesses that she is trying to pick out a perfect ring. He suggests that she let Gus pick out the ring. Harley thinks that is the perfect solution. Alan then tells a surprisingly pleased Harley that he is very happy she is marrying Gus. He knows that he has caused problems in her family before, when she was with his other sons, but he assures her that this time it will be different.

He makes her feel like he is welcoming her to his family this time. Harley is very pleased to hear this. She thanks Alan for his apology and agrees with him that family is everything.

The Beacon:

Alex starts to freak out a little bit about Frank wanting to take her down to the station. He tells her that it is just to tie up some loose ends. Alex asks if it can wait until later, since she is there to celebrate Gus' promotion. Frank says it can't wait, but he will give her time to go and say good-bye to Gus. Alex tells Gus what is going on. Gus tries to get her to stop acting so nervous. She calls Alan and tells him what is going on. Alan also tells her just to keep her cool, and he will take care of things on another front. After Alan hangs up on Alex, Gus again tries to get her to stop acting so nervous. He tells her that he will be in the room with her during the questioning. Frank overhears him and quickly corrects him. He rushes a still-flustered Alex out to go to the station.

Outside, Jeffrey catches Ross just as he gets off the phone with Dinah. Ross isn't happy to see him and immediately becomes hostile and defensive. Jeffrey tries to tell him that for once he was genuinely trying to be nice. Ross doesn't believe that for a second and says that his family means everything to him. He warns Jeffrey to keep his distance.

Back inside, Michelle goes to Tony's room and tells him that she really needs his advice. Tony isn't too happy because he was engaging in a little romance with Sheryl. Sheryl quickly gathers her clothes and heads out. Michelle tells Tony what happened with Danny. She is still very upset.

Tony tries to calm her down and tells her that, from what he can see, all of this is normal. She and Danny are just having a problem communicating with each other, and all couples go through this. Michelle seems to calm down and thanks Tony for his advice. She comments that it is the same thing Harley told her.

In the lobby, Michelle comes down the stairs as Danny comes in looking for her. She apologizes to him for running off like she did. Danny wonders if he did anything wrong. Michelle tells him that she thought she was the one that did something wrong. Michelle seems relieved to accept that they just don't understand each other.

At the farm:

Joey is trying to finish up work on the porch when Lizzie shows up. She tells him that she thought he might need to be rescued from "Little House on the Prairie." Joey tries to explain that he just wants to get the job done before Tammy gets home. Lizzie offers to help, but it is obvious that Joey doesn't really want her around. Lizzie doesn't get the hint, however, and insists that she can help him finish up, and then they can go get something to eat and work on their project.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Cassie is looking at her credit card and wondering who is using her name. She daydreams about being Princess Cassie again.

Back out on the porch, Lizzie is still trying to get Joey to take off with her when Cassie joins them. Lizzie tells her that she has dinner plans with Joey. When Cassie comments that it is a little late for dinner, Joey jumps on the idea to get out of hanging out with Lizzie. Lizzie finally leaves, and Cassie offers Joey something to drink. When he comes into the house to accept the offer, Cassie uses the opportunity to talk to him about Tammy. She tells him that she knows Tammy still cares about him. Joey finally admits that he still cares about Tammy and that he took this job so that he could see her now and then. He doesn't think that makes any difference, though. He thinks that he will never be able to fill Edmund's shoes in Tammy's eyes. Cassie tries to explain to him that he is the one that Tammy really cares about. She has almost convinced him when Edmund bursts into the room carrying Tammy. Tammy explains that she fell and twisted her ankle, but seeing the two of them together like that just sets Joey's insecurities off again. He storms out of the house telling Cassie good-bye. Tammy follows him to the porch where she tries to explain. Joey just can't get past the way she always puts Edmund first. He tells her that he deserves to be thought of as number one in her life. Lizzie shows up again, saying she is there to pick Joey up so they can work on their project. This time Joey is more than willing to go with her. As they leave, Joey makes sure that Tammy can still hear him as he announces to Lizzie that he will be taking her to the dance. A dumbfounded Tammy watches them leave hand in hand.

Police Station:

Gus listens outside the interrogation room as Frank tries to get answers out of Alex. Alex tries to stay calm but doesn't do a very good job of it. Frank still doesn't understand how Alex could have worked so closely with Brad Green and still not know what he was up to. He informs Alex that he knows they had an affair. Alex tries again to explain that it is a big company and she can't keep tabs on everyone. Frank continues to pressure her, and she finally breaks. She yells at him that she is going to tell him the whole truth because she is guilty. She puts on a big show about how she is guilty of being stupid and feels like such a fool; Brad was such a snake and pulled the wool over her eyes so well. She goes on and on about something being wrong with her judgment. Frank pretends to believe her for now and lets her go. When Alex leaves the interrogation room, Gus stops her and asks her what the hell she thought she was doing with that little act. He rushes her out of the station just before Frank confronts him about watching the whole interrogation through the mirror. Gus is a bit embarrassed that he was busted.

Harley comes bouncing into the station and finds Frank and Gus talking. Frank explains that he had brought Alex down for a few more questions. He tells Harley and Gus that he believes Alex. Harley and Gus are both happy to put the whole thing to rest, and they head off to get something out of Gus' office before going home to celebrate Gus' promotion together. After they walk away Frank talks to himself, saying that he is so sorry to Harley. He knows that Alex is guilty, and he hopes that his proving it doesn't destroy her life.

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