Guiding Light Update Friday 7/9/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo


Gus confronts Alex about Marie and she tells him she has given him a gift. She has arranged for Marie to convince Harley that Brad was working alone. Gus is sceptical but does not have a chance to question Alex further as Ross interrupts them. Ross tells Gus that he wants to speak with him soon. Ross then goes inside where Harley and Frank are waiting for him. He tells them that they will know soon enough what is going on. Harley is happy to report to Frank that Brad was working alone and now they can put this case to bed and she can get on with her life. Gus and Alex join them followed soon after by Buzz and Darci. Ross then addresses the room (the press is also there). He thanks everyone for coming by on such short notice then announces some changes that will soon be taking place in the Springfield PD: Gus has been promoted to Chief of Detectives and Frank has been promoted to Commissioner of Organized Crime. Both men are taken aback by the news but Frank is certainly happier about it. Gus cannot even feign enthusiasm and when Harley congratulates him, he tells her he does not deserve the promotion; she did more for the case. When Harley tries to convince him that no one deserves it more than he, he tells her he does not even deserve her. Frank announces to the press that his first priority is making certain that the Antimonious case is really over; he will be performing his own thorough investigation. Gus and Alex are both nervous and Alex tells Gus that he has to keep protecting her. While Gus is speaking with Harley, Alex notices that Marie has arrived. She heads her off at the door where Marie says she is leaving town as planned she just wanted one night out before she left. Alex tells her that the money she received obligates her to do a few things, one of which is to stay away from half the people in the room. Marie agrees and leaves, but not before Frank notices their exchange. Later, he tells Alex he wants to take her to the station to ask her a few questions.

Ross gets a phone call and is shocked to hear Dinah on the other end. She tells him that she thinks about him often and Blake and the children as well. She also asks about Cassie. Dinah tells Ross that she often thinks about what happened with Hart and she feels horrible that his children are now being raised without him. Ross thinks that it is a positive sign that Dinah is remorseful. She tells him that Vanessa and Matt send her money but she is always so terrified that when she picks it up, the police will arrest her. She tells Ross that it is getting so bad that she cannot even go out anymore. Clearly she is lying though; when she hangs up with Ross she enters a room, dressed to the nines and announces that Princess Cassie Winslow is there.


Michelle learns that tonight is her and Danny's date night and is very happy to get all dressed up in some new clothes she bought. Danny is more than happy to take his wife out. When they arrive at Company, they run into Tony and Bill, who have wrapped up business for the night and are now competing for the attention of a nurse from Cedars. The three of them take off leaving Danny and Michelle to their date. Michelle says any girl who has a choice between Bill and Tony is a lucky girl. She then explains to Danny that she knows she is a married woman and that she was not talking about herself. Unable to restrain herself, Michelle kisses him. Michelle wonders if Danny was at all like Bill and Tony. Was he the type of man who'd pick up someone in a bar and expect to get lucky? Danny pleads the Fifth but this just furthers her curiosity. He tells her that before her, no one meant anything to him. His life begins and ends with her. He then tells her that if had his way right now, he'd take her home and show her just how much he loves her. Michelle wonders why they don't do that. She's not dressed for burgers anyway. Danny is hesitant but Michelle tells him to stop trying to protect her. She knows what she wants. They leave the restaurant and head home, where Michelle tells Danny she wants him to make love to her.

Cassie and Edmund are having dinner but Cassie is more than preoccupied by the woman who is living life off her name for so long. Edmund thinks that perhaps she is missing the life she had in San Cristobel when she was the Princess. Cassie assures him that she loves her life and she is happy. However, she is still insanely curious about the woman who has been posing as her. Edmund sees Jeffrey enter the restaurant and asks him to join them. Jeffrey tells Cassie that she needs to forget about this woman as she is probably a pro who will soon be moving on to her next identity. Cassie decides to take his advice and calls the credit card companies to cancel the cards. She gets through most of them but cannot bring herself to cancel the last card. She really cannot help but wonder who this woman is and she hopes she can find out.


Blake and Ross are having a drink when Jeffrey runs into them. He asks them about their family then starts fishing around for information about Dinah. Ross tells Jeffrey that he needn't worry; if Ross knew anything about Dinah he would report her.

Bill and Tony take their nurse friend out for a drink and try their best to one-up each other. It is all for naught though as she is paged and has to return to the hospital because there is an Emergency. Bill leaves and Tony is just about to when she returns, telling him that she got someone to cover for her. He asks her which one of them she was hoping to find when she got back and she asks if it matters. They discuss possible plans for the evening before deciding to head upstairs to Tony's room.

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